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By: Kenan Logan and Salina Carrillo LET THERE BE LIGHT!

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1 By: Kenan Logan and Salina Carrillo LET THERE BE LIGHT!

2 The 2,001 acres Surroundings consist of large, open meadow, locally known as the Great Meadow. Very little neighborhoods, lots of forest areas. located 75 miles south of San Francisco. The campus is in a small city. Some ranches

3 Sammy The Banana Slug!! Some students decleared the mascot to be Sea Lions Then students had a vote for Banana Slugs!

4 * residence halls (Dorms), 15 to 20 students per floor, common bathrooms, lounge areas. *apartments-shared by 4 to 7 students *living/dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and a combination of shared and private bedrooms. *UC Santa Cruz provides on-campus housing for 7,428 of its 15,466 (full-time) students

5 $1,332$11,571 Books & Supplies $1,357 On-Campus – Room & Board $12,483 On-Campus – Other Expenses $3,342 Off-Campus w/out Family – Room & Board $9,483 Off-Campus w/out Family – Other Expenses $4,460 Off-Campus with Family – Room & Board $8,697

6 Ethnicity, 2007Under- graduates Graduate students White51%49.3% Asian American16.6%9.2% Filipino American3.9%1.3% Mexican-American11.8%5.4% Hispanic or Latino (Non-Mexican)4.7%3.9% African American2.5%1.6% American Indian0.9%0.6% Not stated (U.S. residents)7.9%15.2% International0.5%13.7%

7 Looks at SAT scores Must have a 3.5 GPA or better

8 14 Varsity Sports National ranked in tennis and soccer 6 Mens tennis team championships Runners up in mens soccer in 2004

9 The art major offers an intergrated program of study in theory and pratice Provides means to pursue this imagery with a foundation in visual studies Courses: drawlings, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture etc.. Pursue careers in areas, arts management, gallery pratices, communication tech. etc..

10 Mostly Bachelors and masters degrees! *bachelors in plant sciences *bachelors in ecology *masters in computer information sciences doctorates in Environmental Toxicology

11 *UC Santa Cruz is currently ranked #71 in the list of Best National Universities in the United States *The campus offers 63 majors, 35 minors, and 52 concentrations in the fields of Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical & Biological Sciences, and Social Sciences

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