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1 IHS ON-SITE SUPPORT PERSONNEL (Computer Technicians)

2 Challenges What are some of the Challenges you face in running HMMS? o Understanding HMMS o Increased work load on existing manpower o Entering/maintaining the data o Training new users o …

3 Challenges Some of the most successful HMMS sites utilize IHS on-site support personnel.

4 ON-SITE SUPPORT PERSONNEL My CT at Eglin AFB, FL, is an integral part of our Hazmat Cell Team. She has learned not only how to load MSDSs, which at one time was all they were supposed to do, but she has the knowledge base to answer any and all questions about our Hazmat Program. She goes into the field and does audits on our Issue Points, and does training when required. She is competent to run the day-to-day business operations of this office when others may be absent. She is competent, and looked to as an expert on HMMS. Having worked in this office for almost eight years, her dedication, loyalty, and trust are her best attributes. With only three personnel assigned to this office, losing her would be like losing an arm, or leg. Thomas O. Prier HazMat Program Manager Eglin AFB, FL

5 Categories/Roles Computer Technician (CT) refers to a labor category in the GSA Schedule Work performed by these on-site personnel is determined by the site

6 Categories/Roles Application (HMMS 4.0) Support Personnel Data Input & Retrieval Specialist - CT1 Environmental Program Specialist - CT2 Hazardous Material/Waste Specialist - CT3 Senior Hazardous Material/Waste Specialist CT4

7 Categories/Roles Data Input & Retrieval Specialist - CT1 HMMS inventory research & identification MSDS data input HMMS system data entry and retrieval (e.g. buildings, zones, licenses, profiles,… ) Execute and print standard HMMS reports General record keeping Performs other duties as assigned

8 Categories/Roles Environmental Program Specialist - CT2 Perform CT1 duties Verification of material classification and labeling HMMS application specialist/expert HMMS research & problem solving HMMS document & processing workflow Data maintenance associated with software updates & releases HMMS inventory reconciliation Assist with Material Authorization Request (Form 3952) Peripherals support Performs other duties as assigned

9 Categories/Roles Hazardous Material/Waste Specialist - CT3 Perform CT1 & 2 duties HMMS application/functional guidance Ad hoc data queries & reports (Oracle Discoverer) Knowledge of sites Hazmat/Hazwaste business & operational practices Knowledge of sites supply ordering system Assist the site in documenting how local business practices will work utilizing HMMS Ensure data integrity through inventory reconciliations and verifications Train new site personnel on HMMS

10 Categories/Roles Hazardous Material/Waste Specialist - CT3 (continued) First point-of-contact for HMMS related questions & problems Assist Site System Administrator with: o Installation of HMMS releases, patches, bug fixes, upgrades, etc. o Maintaining HMMS application, software & system configurations o Periodic & routine HMMS system/data backups Assist Site POC in maintaining Employee/User Accounts & Profiles Work with the MMS Field Engineers, Customer Service and Site to identify and fix system problems Assist the site to investigate and document HazMat/Waste mishaps associated with HMMS Performs other duties as assigned

11 Categories/Roles Senior Hazardous Material/Waste Specialist - CT4 Perform CT1, 2 & 3 duties Prepare & conduct briefings, training programs and conference Analyze data and prepare reports under the direction of the POC Participate with the site HMMP team Conduct facility investigations and inspections under the direction of the site environmental management Assist the site management with the creation of critical environmental regulatory reports Conduct customer satisfaction survey as related to HMMS

12 Categories/Roles Senior Hazardous Material/Waste Specialist - CT4 (continued) Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the sites environmental program. Working knowledge of government environmental regulations System data integrity Other duties as assigned

13 Government Sites Using CT Resources Brooks AFB, TXCT3 Corpus Christi AD, TXCT3 Edwards AFB, CACT3 Eglin AFB, FLCT3 Elizabeth City, CGCT4 Fort Rucker, ALCT1, CT3, CT4 Hill AFB (Army), UTCT1 (3), CT2 (3) Kirtland AFB, NMCT3 Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) CT3

14 Government Sites Using CT Resources Letterkenny AD, PACT3 MCAS Yuma, AZCT3 MCLB Albany, GACT3 Robins AFB, GACT1, CT3 Rome Research Lab, NYCT3 Tinker AFB, OKCT3 Tobyhanna AD, PACT4 (4)

15 I'm sure every other Program Manager out there will say this. My CT is the program hub. Her ability to take care of business, keep the data input up to speed, train the users and troubleshoot the problems allows me, the program manager, the ability to work the non-computer related issues having to do with running a HazMat Cell and the Hazardous Materials Management Process Team (HMMPT). Her ability to learn chemicals and their placement in our system allows her to make decisions without consultation. Steve Kitt Hazardous Materials & Solid Waste Program Manager Kirtland AFB ON-SITE SUPPORT PERSONNEL


17 CT Training Certification ON-SITE SUPPORT PERSONNEL


19 Thanks for coming! ON-SITE SUPPORT PERSONNEL

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