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NetVanta Unified Communications

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1 NetVanta Unified Communications

2 Evolution of Unified Communications
NetVanta UC NetVanta 7000 Series Total Access 900 NetVanta 6000 Series Infrastructure Data, voice and video convergence Unified Communications Evolution of Communications Business Value Switches Routers T1/E1 connectivity Unified Communications: NetVanta UC, Security Appliances, Network Management Data, voice and Video convergence:7100, 7060, 6355, Total Access 900, Integrated Switch Routers, Optical Systems Infrastructure: Switches, Routers, T1/E1 connectivity

3 What is Unified Communications?
Telephony Conferencing Messaging Instant Messaging/Presence Clients Business Enablement Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) Consolidated Administration Many different definitions but Unified Communications vendors tend to agree: Multi-modal Integration of real-time and non-real time communications Sense of urgency and quality of experience Transcends normal boundaries of time/space *Source: Gartner “Critical Capabilities for Unified Communications”, August 10, 2009

4 What is the Business Value of UC?
The business definition of UC is somewhat simpler: Communications integrated to optimize business processes. The key point about UC from a business perspective is not what it is, but rather: “What can UC actually do for me and my business?” “How can UC fit my business, not the other way around?” “Does it have to be complicated?” UC improves the processes that a business uses to make it more efficient or to provide competitive advantage. Increase revenue Lower costs Improve service Increase productivity UC allows businesses to significantly improve their operations by changing how communications tools are used and by eliminating communication-related “hot spots” – those places where the operational activities are blocked, delayed, or complicated by communications issues. UC provides an ROI and business opportunity rather than being a cost center: For-profit companies can earn more revenue with less cost and greater profits Non-profit organizations can lower costs while improving service deliver

5 ADTRAN Unified Communications
IP Telephony & UC Bundles Business Communications System Enterprise Communications Server NetVanta 7060 NetVanta 7100 UC & Application Servers Unified Communications Server Business Applications Server Desktop Clients NetVanta UC Client ADTRAN Softphone Gateways NetVanta 600 Series Partner gateways: Dialogic Audiocodes IP Phones ADTRAN IP 700 Series phones Partner phones: Polycom Snom Grandstream Aastra Branch Office Extension NetVanta 6355 NetVanta 6240 Series Total Access 900/900e Series Network Infrastructure Switches Routers Wireless Access Points

6 Internetworking Product Portfolio
Unified Business Solutions Converged Access Solutions IP Business Gateways (IPBGs) Integrated Access Devices (IADs) Access Routers GPON Unified Communications Premise-based IP PBX IP Phones LAN Switches Wireless Access Points (WAPs) CLEC – XO, Nuvox IOCs, MSOs, NSPs VARS Office in a box niche Add UC functionality Expanded number of users Phone strategy Product pull through Lead versus follow 6

7 Addressable Market Segments
Single Site Multi Site Distributed Enterprise Solutions for 10 to 2,000 users at a single location Several locations, potentially equal in size Sites connected using SIP or traditional trunks Numerous business locations Large headquarters with smaller branch offices The NetVanta 7100 is a complete voice and data networking solution for business locations of up to 100 stations. Vertical Markets: Banking and Brokerage Manufacturing Media and Entertainment Government Non Profit Organizations Retail Healthcare Professional Services Utilities Education Technology Transportation Legal Insurance 7 7

8 NetVanta Unified Communications
NetVanta UC Server NetVanta Unified Communications (umbrella brand for all of ADTRAN’s new UC products) NetVanta Unified Communications Server NetVanta Business Communications Systems NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server NetVanta Business Application Server Core functionality and feature set is almost exactly the same between different product editions Different editions are targeted towards different channels NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server is fully featured NetVanta Unified Communications Server supports a subset of ECS features NetVanta Business Application Server supports a subset of UCS features This presentation will focus on NetVanta Unified Communications Server

9 Adding Business Value Communications Systems Enabling other systems
NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server NetVanta Business Application Server NetVanta Business Communications System NetVanta Unified Communications Server NetVanta Unified Communications Server Software that adds unified communications capabilities to existing PBXs one or more NetVanta 7060/7100 3rd party PBXs Supports multi-site implementations - centralized messaging and UC administration Add UC to existing or net new customers Major features*: Unified messaging, click-to-dial*, conference server, fax server, personal call control, auto attendants, inbound/outbound IVR, Active Directory integration Channels: Telecom channel Scalability: up to 2000 users (PBX dependent) Licensing: Bundles specified by user NetVanta Business Communications System Bundle that combines NetVanta 7060/7100 with NetVanta Unified Communications Server NV7060/7100 retains existing branding, but is brought into the NV UC brand through the NetVanta Business Communications System products Makes ordering UC with the 7060/7100 easier Supports multisite implementations - centralized messaging and UC administration Major features: Unified messaging, click-to-dial, conference server, fax server, personal call control, auto attendants, inbound/outbound IVR, Active Directory integration Channels: Network, Microsoft, and Telecom Scalability: up to 100 users Licensing: bundles based on users NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server Unified communications software solution All-in-one software Windows based SIP PBX Major features: SIP based PBX, unified messaging, click-to-dial, fax server, personal call control, auto attendants, inbound/outbound IVR, Active Directory integration, conference server, paging server Channels: Microsoft, converged resellers, telecom Scalability: from 75 to 2000 users Licensing: Bundles based on users NetVanta Business Application Server Point solution for business process integration Differs from other solutions because this solution is sold by the number of connections to the application server – no users (non expandable) Major features: inbound/outbound IVR, outbound dialing/notification, conference server, paging services Channels: ISV, Telecom, IT Scalability: up to 200 simultaneous calls Licensing: Bundles based on channels or ports

10 NetVanta UC Cross Selling Matrix
Communications Access Gateways & Branch Office Solutions Phones Network Infrastructure IP700 NetVanta Business Communications System NetVanta 7060/7100 NetVanta 6355 Polycom IP700 NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server NetVanta 7060/7100 NetVanta 6355 Polycom NetVanta Unified Communications Server Dialogic NetVanta Business Application Server Dialogic

11 ADTRAN and the UC Market
75 – 2,000 users per location Process -Centric applications (CEBP) NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server NetVanta Business Application Server New PBX Keep PBX 10 – 100 users per location Add UC to Existing PBX The notion here is that you have sold the prospect on the value of UC, now what’s the right product? If he’s happy with his existing PBX, you’d go with one of the “PBX-adjunct” products – NetVanta UC Server is a fit when they’re wanting to deliver UC functionality to the users (click-to-dial, voic -to , find-me follow me, etc.). Business Application Server is a fit when they’re not so much interested in the users as they are in delivering some enhanced IVR and/or CEBP functionality. If they are interested in UC in association with a new PBX, then either the Business Communications System or the Enterprise Communications Server will fit, depending on the number of users. NetVanta Business Communications Server Or 7100/7060 NetVanta Unified Communications Server Unified Communications Prospect

12 Customer Applications
How to connect to customers – their needs Unified Messaging Fax Inbound/Outbound fax Single number DID fax Inbound IVR Outbound IVR Notification services Paging and alerting Database Integration Call redirection Customers will have their own names – business problems. Partner’s often put their own spin on a business problem, but it’s amazing what happens when you use a customer’s language to articulate their business problems. Avoid the square peg in a round hold.

13 Unified Messaging Plug-ins Additional Client Support
Microsoft Outlook (Exchange Server) Lotus Notes (Lotus Domino) Google Gmail Additional Client Support Outlook Web Access (OWA) RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server Windows Mobile® Smartphones Other Smartphone Devices (ActiveSync) Telephone User Interface Return on Investment (ROI) Time Savings Travelling employees save on average 55 minutes/day through more efficient message management. Mobile device support – Blackberry, iPhone, Windows ActiveSync – increase those savings. No longer calling into voic to see if there are any voice messages. Office employees save on average 43 minutes/day managing voice, fax and messages from their inbox Savings of 12 minutes/day managing voice, fax and messages over the phone using their client makes it easier to forward, reply to messages from a single interface

14 Click to Dial Outlook integration Click to dial from Outlook Contacts

15 Visual Auto-attendant
Reason for visual auto-attendants Human’s are visual by nature Visual management allows call flows to be created that does not require logical or spacial leaps. WYSIWYG ROI Visual management of automated attendant Quick to prototype, test and deploy Integrated audio management

16 Fax Services Reasons for fax services Industries
Privacy / confidentiality Productivity improvements Legislation (HIPAA) Environmental – Green initiatives Industries Healthcare Legal Financial Real Estate

17 Fax Services Return on investment (ROI) Maintenance savings
$60 - $200 per month maintenance contracts Personal productivity improvements / Time savings 2 minutes / fax to distribute incoming faxes 5 minutes / fax to send an incoming fax Waiting for busy fax machine Waiting for fax confirmation report Resource savings Estimated 3¢ / page (Paper, Ink and maintenance) Facilities savings Share lines for voice and fax Convert analog lines to PRI DID ($40.00/line vs. $4.00/DID)

18 Fax Services Outbound fax Inbound fax Fax on demand Fax print driver
Personal DID fax Shared voice/fax number Fax-to- Fax on demand Caller selects fax number

19 Notification Services
What is the impact when someone misses an appointment? Dental offices Doctors Offices Automotive Dealerships ROI = å value of missed appointments / cost of the solution Reminder services Lets you drive existing and new business Many offices employee office staff to remind people of an appointment. No shows in the health care world costs taxpayers/insurance companies moneys – Drs lose revenue. Often waiting list. Automotive – An empty is garage bay loses money – Paying for mechanics, shop time and overhead.

20 Find-me follow-me Individual User Notification Find-me follow-me
Active Message Delivery notification

21 Notification Services
Integrated with service environment Import lists of calls Sequential calling Parallel calling Beneficial Features Answering machine detection Priority scheduling Reporting Live status Pause

22 Multi-National IT Equipment Vendor Service Department
High level Management of after hours schedule Allow callers to leave message after hours On duty technicians notified Call escalation to managers if not responded to in a given amount of time Call traceability and logging Benefits Allowed company to honor service level agreements (SLA) with customer Real time notification, increased efficiency Consistent customer experience Eliminated errors ROI Savings of 6400 Euros/Month by not employing new people System payback <4 months

23 Inbound IVR Customer self-service ROI
Each business’s data is its own and therefore unique Every business has customers that can help themselves ROI Staff efficiencies:- eliminate providing same answers over and over again Retrain staff for higher value duties 24x7 customer self service

24 Inbound IVR Customer’s Experience Partner’s Expertise

25 Outbound B2B Call Center
High Level Agent transfers outbound call to UC Server when they encounter an answering device UC Server waits until the end of announcement and then leaves a message Prototype – 3 hours service development Benefits Agents spend roughly 20-30% of their time leaving messages on an answering machine ROI 100% increase in the number of calls, 50% increase in the number of call completions. The expression on an agents face when they don’t have to repeatedly leave the same message on an answering machine: PRICELESS

26 Paging and alerting solutions
Industries Schools Hospitals Retail Car Dealerships Overhead paging Integrate different paging techniques Existing PBX VoIP Speakers, Amplifiers

27 Paging and alerting solutions
Paging devices Paging connected to PBX Set paging on PBX IP speakers Unicast paging Multicast paging SIP Phones Paging groups can contain devices from different groups Types Live paging Queued Paging Pre-recorded audio On-the-fly

28 Call Redirection Industries Route callers to the correct location
Territory based customer facing organizations Route callers to the correct location Time of day Calling telephone number Area code, office code to a specific person or group E.g. last time you called you spoke with ... E.g. Territory mapping based on phone number

29 Call Redirection Redirect calls based on information from the caller
Telephone number Information entered by caller Area code database – by region.

30 Rubber Stamp Company Rubber stamps manufacturer for large national retail outlets (Staples, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, etc...) High level Calling line ID match to store location If not match then prompt for store Route selected customers to live operator Enter in order number UC Server provides a status to the caller Benefits Provides selective service levels Provides 7 x 24 service Reduced man power

31 Real Estate High level requirements Real Estate – “Talking house”
Never miss a call Simplified management Heavy faxing Notification Real Estate – “Talking house” Specific details on a property Audible walk-through of a property RE Agent captures information about the caller Offers the caller to transfer to Real Estate Agent Vertical market example that touches on many aspects of business enablement

32 Talking House Customer’s Experience Agents Experience
Partner’s Expertise

33 Business Communications System Bundles – 100 User
After market bundle (after initial system sale) Bundles include: 100 Advanced Users, 8 Ports, 2 Fax, Data Source Connector, Click-to-Dial, Conference Server Products can be expanded by licensing Server sold separately Product Part Number Price (MSRP) 7100 with NetVanta UC (100 User) G1#UC $ ,345.00 7060 with NetVanta UC (100 User) G1#UC $ ,645.00 Software Only (100 User) BSG1 $ ,750.00

34 Business Communication System Bundles – New 30 User Bundles
New Value-Based Bundles for small business customers needs! 7100 only bundle Includes 7100 chassis limited to 30 users maximum 30 users includes IP devices, analog lines, virtual mailboxes, remote phones and soft phones Add any cards for T1, FXO, or more FXS at standard pricing 7100 bundle with 30 UC users Includes 7100 chassis limited to 30 users maximum, plus 30 UC licenses 30 users includes IP devices, analog lines, remote phones and soft phones. 30 Advanced Users, 8 Ports, 2 Fax, Data Source Connector, Click-to-Dial, Conference Server Does not include the server. Specifications are available Limited time offer: Begins April 5 through Sept 30, 2010 Product Part Number Price (MSRP) 7100 only (30 User) G1#VSMB $ ,195.00 7100 with NetVanta UC (30 User) G1#UCVSMB $ ,695.00

35 ACES Suite of services for successful initial deployment and ongoing support Installation services (Gold, Silver, Bronze) Project communication and management Pre-installation visit Stage and configure equipment On-site deployment with test and turn-up support Training Software Assurance Access to software updates Technical support assistance Professional Service Vouchers Design changes and new feature implementations Business integration services Database integration IVR systems Notification Systems

36 Need Additional Support?
Quote Assistance Applications Engineering Price List/Quote Tool ACES Business Office +1 (888) 87-4-ACES [+1 (888) ] General questions and order status Installation questions and order status

37 Question and Answers 37

38 Sales Strategies – 7000 Series
SP Value All-in-one business communications solution: PBX with auto attendant and voic , PoE Switch, Firewall, Router Single device to install, configure and manage One solution that scales from 10 to 100 users No hidden costs or per user fees Free software upgrades ACES Service offerings Customer Value Reliability: Solid state, no moving pieces Small footprint Flexible service options: Analog, T1, PRI and/or SIP trunks Simple upgrade path to Unified Communications with NetVanta UC Flexible and easy to use Five-year warranty

39 Sales Strategies - BCS SP Value Customer Value Competitive Highlights
Offer a competitive offering against other competitors in their space Attractive margins Sell a complete end-to-end solution ACES Service offerings Customer Value True Unified Messaging Visual voic and automated attendants Integrated fax support Flexible and easy to use Competitive Highlights ShoreTel – Doesn’t have true Unified Messaging, doesn’t have visual auto-attendants or IVR; no integrated fax; no integrated switching, routing, PoE, VPN Cisco – changes Active Directory to integrate with Exchange; doesn’t have visual auto-attendants IVR; no integrated fax


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