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Telling Time in Spanish

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1 Telling Time in Spanish
¿Qué Hora Es? Telling Time in Spanish

2 La Hora The word for time (referring to clock time) is hora.
The verb ser is used to express the time of day. Use es when referring to "one o'clock" and use son when referring to all other hours.

3 Por Ejemplo… Es la una. It's one o'clock.
Son las dos. It's two o'clock.

4 La Hora The feminine article (la, las) is used before the hour because it refers to "la hora.“ Es la una. It's one o'clock. Son las dos. It's two o'clock.

5 La Hora Minutes can be added to the hour by using the word y (and).
Es la una y cinco. It's five minutes past one. Son las tres y doce. It's twelve minutes past three.

6 La Hora Minutes can be subtracted from the hour using the word menos (minus). Es la una menos cinco. It's five minutes till one. Son las tres menos doce. It's twelve minutes till three.

7 EXPLICACIÓN Minutes from the hour to the half hour are added to the hour and connected with y. Between the half hour and the next hour, minutes are subtracted from the next hour and connected with menos.

8 Por Ejemplo… 1:24 Es la una y veinticuatro 6:10 Son las seis y diez
1:40 Son las dos menos veinte 12:42 Es la una menos dieciocho 3:57 Son las cuatro menos tres 6:48 Son las siete menos doce

9 La Hora In addition to treinta and quince, you can also use the words media (half) and cuarto (quarter). 5:15 Son las cinco y cuarto 3:30 Son las tres y media

10 La Hora To say something occurs at a specific time, use the formula a + la(s) + time. La fiesta empieza a las nueve. The party begins at nine o'clock. El banco abre a las ocho y media. The bank opens at half past eight.

11 La Hora To differentiate between a.m. and p.m. use the expressions de la mañana, de la tarde and de la noche. Son las dos de la tarde. It's two in the afternoon. Son las dos de la mañana. It's two in the morning. Son las diez de la noche. It's ten in the evening.

12 La Hora Mediodía and medianoche are used to express noon and midnight.
Tengo una cita al mediodía. I have an appointment at noon. El autobus sale a la medianoche. The bus leaves at midnight.

13 A Practicar… 2:07 10:22 It is 4:30 It is 1:19 It is 7:49
It is 11:11 pm It is 12:45 pm It is 9:40 am It is noon It is 6:00 am It is 1:27 pm It is 2:46 pm At midnight At 5:18 am

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