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VF™ Series Boiler.

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1 VF™ Series Boiler

2 Introducing the 88% Efficient
Modulating VF Boilers The Art Of Flexibility

3 The VF Series is designed with one thing in mind: to provide the best value to the customer
The most system-forgiving copper boiler ever to carry the A. O. Smith name - thanks to the unit’s ability to modulate its burner and control BTU output

4 VF Series Boilers – Features
Up to 88% efficiency with fully modulating burner 4:1 turndown for lower operating costs and efficient system operation

5 VF Series Boilers – Features
Inputs from 500,000 to 1,000,000 BTU to meet a wide range of water heating or hydronic applications Available Models: Hot Water Supply VW 500 VW 750 VW 1000 Hydronic Heating VB 500 VB 750 VB 1000

6 VF Series Boilers – Features
Advanced Digital Control System for accurate temperature control and easy diagnostics Displays current boiler status Boiler fault read-out Help screens if needed Controls every electrical boiler function from ignition to pump operation

7 VF Series Boilers – Features
Compact design and venting flexibility for installation versatility

8 VF Series Boilers – Features
Heavy duty copper finned tube heat exchanger for superior performance and reliability

9 VF Series Boilers – Features
Venturi-mixing gas/air ratio system precisely mixes air and gas for optimum performance

10 VF Boilers – Standard Features
Professional start-up service included Meets ASME CSD-1 standard Meets ASHRAE/IESNA Low-NOx Operation Meets or exceeds Texas and California SCAQMD Rule quality standards

11 VF Boilers – Standard Features
ASME Pressure Relief Valve Factory-Mounted Flow Switch Low Gas Pressure Switch All bronze factory mounted pump Standard on VW models, optional on VB models Digital Inlet/Outlet Temperature Readout Manual Reset Hi-Limit

12 VF Boilers – Warranties
5-Year Limited Heat Exchanger Warranty on VW Models 10-Year Limited Heat Exchanger Warranty on VB Models

13 Let’s Take A Closer Look…

14 High Efficiency up to 88% Marked improvement in overall system efficiency due to reduced energy-wasting short cycling Smoother overall system operation due to reduced wide temperature swings

15 Modulating Burner Capable of firing from 100% to 25% or a 4:1 turndown ratio of rated input based on the current heating demand Virtually limitless modulating capability Output based strictly on the current system demand and required BTUs needed to maintain the desired system set point temperature

16 Modulating Burner Prevents energy-stealing short cycling
Provides smoother system operation and higher overall system efficiencies Modular systems with multiple VF units will see even larger turndowns 2 boilers = 8:1 turndown 3 boilers = 12:1 turndown 4 boilers = 16:1 turndown 4,000,000 BTUs Total footprint: 10’ x 6’

17 Advanced EMC-5000 Modulating Control
Helps you control every boiler function: Prevents energy-stealing short cycling Starting the blower Igniting and modulation of the main burner Controlling boiler temperature Boiler pump operation

18 Advanced EMC-5000 Modulating Control
Comprehensive LED displays temperature and current boiler status in easy-to-read text Precise temperature management of ±1ºF Self-diagnostics eliminate guesswork, pinpoint problems for troubleshooting. Help screens assist with initial boiler set-up and troubleshooting if needed

19 Heat Exchanger The entire heat exchanger is ASME code approved and inspected with a maximum pressure rating of 160 PSI

20 Heat Exchanger Unique AL29-4C stainless steel corrosion proof combustion chamber/flue collection system assures only copper fin tubing is exposed to the products of combustion Vertical straight tube multi-pass heat exchanger design encircles the burner with a combustion chamber that is a 360º wall copper fin tubes Maximum heat transfer is achieved as all hot flue gases are forced through this near solid wall of copper fin tubing

21 Heat Exchanger All key and serviceable heat exchanger components are outside the combustion chamber and flue collection system– a distinct advantage over the competition This design feature allows components to be: Protected from the flame and harsh flue gas More readily accessible for service Provides additional years of worry-free operation with reduced service requirements

22 Combustion System Uses state of the art venturi-mixing gas/air ratio system with variable speed blower Advanced combustion system design precisely mixes air and gas prior to ignition for optimum performance Meets SCAQMD Rule approved for California and Texas

23 Combustion System The VF’s venturi-mixing system combined with its 360º metal fiber burner provides: Smooth burner light off Consistent heat distribution and reliable performance under all conditions Quiet burner operation Low NOx ratings– meets or exceeds the most stringent air quality standards Clean air and Green building friendly

24 Small Footprint The VF’s vertical straight tube design:
Allows for a large heat transfer area to maximize efficiency Maintains a small footprint of 30˝ X 30˝ – ideal for retrofit applications and multiple boiler installations Fits easily into an elevator for non-ground-floor boiler room applications Can be easily handled with a standard appliance dolly

25 Small Footprint Certified with 0˝ clearance to both right and left sides, allowing multiple units to sit side by side while using as little floor space as possible Provides the power needed to meet the most demanding commercial hydronic heating needs or commercial domestic hot water heating requirements–all within a space that other types of boilers would never fit

26 Flexible Venting & Direct Vent Options
Note: All modes use 4˝ PVC combustion air intake piping and 6˝ AL29-4C venting material

27 Four Direct-Vent Configurations
Gives the Specifier and Installer optimum venting flexibility Safe, two-vent system allows clean, uncontaminated air to be drawn directly into the unit Can save substantial installation costs when standard venting configurations are not practical Note: All modes use 4˝ PVC combustion air intake piping and 6˝ AL29-4C venting material

28 Sidewall or Vertical Vent Configurations
Using boiler room air for combustion and venting either vertical or horizontal is ideal for retrofit and cost-saving installations Note: All modes use 4˝ PVC combustion air intake piping and 6˝ AL29-4C venting material

29 Service Easy access for servicing the new VF unit was a major design concern All serviceable parts are accessible from the front of the boiler Service access panels or doors provide ample room to get the job done

30 Ac-U-Temp Systems A Total Hot Water Supply System Using VF Series Boilers
Install a complete packaged hot water supply system, combining 88% efficient VF Series Boilers with A. O. Smith storage tanks. Systems available: Up to 1,000 gallons Built to order Factory engineered and pre-assembled to your specifications Fully assembled, pre-piped and pre-wired–all the installer has to do is make the flue, gas, electrical and water connections

31 Ac-U-Temp Systems A Total Hot Water Supply System Using VF Series Boilers
Standard boiler and tank configurations using tanks up to 1,000 gallons OR… We can CUSTOM DESIGN an Ac-U-Temp System with tanks up to 10,000 gallons

32 Modulating Fire 4:1 Turndown
Up to 88% Efficient with Modulating Fire 4:1 Turndown The Art Of Flexibility


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