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© 2008 IBM Corporation System z10 The Cornerstone of the New Enterprise Data Center Mark Anzani VP System z Technology Deployment.

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1 © 2008 IBM Corporation System z10 The Cornerstone of the New Enterprise Data Center Mark Anzani VP System z Technology Deployment

2 © 2008 IBM Corporation IT organizations are challenged by a set of operational issues Pervasive Challenges Application Modernization and Deployment: Costly and Slow Global 24x7 demand for Information services: Always on, Always secure Rampant Server Proliferation: Costly to own, manage and power Service Delivery Business Resiliency & Security Energy consumption and cost

3 © 2008 IBM Corporation An evolutionary new model for efficient enterprise IT delivery addresses a changing landscape Virtualization

4 © 2008 IBM Corporation The new enterprise data center New economics: Virtualization breaks the lock between IT users and IT resources Rapid service delivery: Service management enables visibility, control and automation to deliver quality service at any scale Aligned with business goals: Real-time integration of transactions, information and analytics to support business growth

5 © 2008 IBM Corporation Stages of adoption

6 © 2008 IBM Corporation IBM System z: The Cornerstone of the New Enterprise Data Center Simplified: Change the Operational model to reduce cost Operational superiority through Extreme virtualization and leading management Robustness through leadership security and availability Save more by adding further virtualized applications Shared: Todays ultimate shared resource pool Processors, memory and channels can be shared across all the applications Hundreds of applications can share resources on System z simultaneously Dynamic: automating service delivery to meet new business needs Automated provisioning and management optimize for high value services Services can be added or deleted on the fly Applications can be integrated with centralized enterprise-wide real time data

7 © 2008 IBM Corporation System z clients are tackling these challenges today Enterprise modernization and SOA IT Consolidation and Virtualization Improving Energy Efficiency Delivering Business Resiliency

8 © 2008 IBM Corporation System z Workload Growth 200120042007 Specialty Engine total inventory System z total inventory Specialty engines successfully target client issues 2000 2004 2007 IFLs zIIPs zAAps 68% CAGR 149% CAGR 161% YTY

9 © 2008 IBM Corporation System z is running the worlds largest infrastructures Airline reservations 24x7 ATM deposits & withdrawals Stock exchanges & banking networks

10 © 2008 IBM Corporation Introducing… The IBM System z10 Enterprise Class The worlds most powerful enterprise computing platform

11 © 2008 IBM Corporation Enterprise Quad Core technology – 4.4 GHz Decimal Floating Point Enhanced capacity 64-way model Up to 1.5 TB Memory, 3x more Star topology reduces latency 6 GBps InfiniBand for faster I/O and Coupling Links IBM System z10 Enterprise Class Technological innovation is embedded throughout the z10 1 Planned availability 2Q08

12 © 2008 IBM Corporation Unprecedented Performance and Capacity Transforming the economics of the data center 50% more performance More Engines z9 EC z990 z900 z10 EC XML Java Linux 70% more usable capacity 50% more performance 70% more capacity More engines

13 © 2008 IBM Corporation Just in Time Capacity and Management Respond in minutes to unpredicted demand Business policy driven Fully automated or manually controlled Integrated monitoring Deploy new workloads in minutes Eliminates pre-planning requirements Reduces planned system outages

14 © 2008 IBM Corporation z10 EC IBM System Storage DS8000 IBM System Storage DS8000: The best gets better z9 System z10 and IBM Storage: The premier information service for the enterprise 4x the capacity for System z environments Automates storage failover process Up to 95% faster data resynchronization for data mirroring

15 © 2008 IBM Corporation Software Leveraging the Strengths of z10 EC Visibility, automation and control for System z and the enterprise: Optimized for z10 EC performance, quality of service and total cost of ownership Complete solutions for people, process and information: Accelerating innovation on System z: Next-generation business intelligence for System z: Cognos 8 for System z Rational Application Development and Delivery Tivoli Service Management Center for System z Smart SOA on System z

16 © 2008 IBM Corporation IBM Services for System z10: Providing premier service and support for the enterprise IT Server optimization and integration services Reduce complexity in the IT infrastructure Implementation Services for Parallel Sysplex Help move to a centralized data server while protecting data integrity Implementation Services for GDPS Industry-unique integrated and automated end-to-end recovery across multiple platforms Implementation Services for Tape Systems Tape encryption for compliance and information lifecycle management

17 © 2008 IBM Corporation A growing community Over 4,000 applications – up 600 in 2007 Over 1,200 Linux applications – up 260 in 2007 Over 1,300 ISVs Academic Initiative - Over 400 schools and more than 40,000 students

18 © 2008 IBM Corporation Collaboration for Innovation OpenSolaris for System z under z/VM SAP Business Intelligence Accelerator GameFrame with Cell Broadband Engine Cell Broadband Engine

19 © 2008 IBM Corporation The Future Runs on System z… And Your Future Begins Today

20 © 2008 IBM Corporation Thank you.

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