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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.

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1 Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.

2 Green JobsGreening of Jobs “Dark” Green (Tech) Example: Smart Grid Engineer Domain: University Example: Hybrid Mechanic, Energy Worker Domain: Technical College “Light” Green (Market) Example: Ecotourism Destination, Home Solar Panel Sales and Installation Domain: CC Example: Hybrid Auto Sales, “Green Cook,” French Fry Boat Captain, Sustainable Wines Steward Domain: CC

3 1 To produce cooks who “get” sustainability as part of their practice. Not as an add-on or “trend.” 2 To green our own practices to practice what we preach. 3 To give our graduates a competitive edge.


5 Goal 1, 2 and 3


7 Eats EATS initiative is an urban agricultural project that aims to create community-owned and operated four- season farms and food distribution systems in urban neighborhoods. Goal 1

8 Basis Foods Farm to Chef “Farm to Chef is not a typical distributor. We are a service provider that helps to bring together small and mid-size farmers with the growing number of wholesale customers (including chefs, retailers, and institutions) who want to buy the traditional, localized and 100% traceable food that they produce.” Goal 1, 2 and 3

9 Green Seal “Green Seal is a non-profit organization that uses science-based programs to empower consumers, purchasers and companies to create a more sustainable world.” Goal 1, 2 and 3


11 Incubator Goal 1, 3


13 egg Goal 1, 3

14 Goal 1, 2

15 The Green “french fry” Boat “A group of eco-minded students from Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn has converted an old diesel boat to run on recycled cooking oil from the school's cafeteria.” =dUITl15qbdI Goal 2, 3

16 Certificate in Sustainable Foodservice (revamping vanilla foodservice to include farm, Greenseal and incubator capstone option) On-Campus Farm Market (including Value Added Products) Urban Farming Certifications Integrate, Rationalize, Streamline

17 Come and visit

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