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KORSCH Tablet Compression Technology

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1 KORSCH Tablet Compression Technology

2 KORSCH XP 1 Research Tablet Press
State of the Art Technology for Product Development and Clinical Production XP 1 Tablet Press

3 XP 1 Presentation Outline
Design Features Control System Features Technical Advantages XP 1 Tablet Press

4 XP 1 Design Features XP 1 Tablet Press

5 Table-Top Configuration
Table-Top Mounting Execution Extremely Space Efficient Ideal for Laboratory Settings XP 1 Tablet Press

6 Complete Accessibility
XP 1 Tablet Press

7 Ergonomic Design GMP Compression Zone Fully Automatic Operation
Simple Adjustments Press Speed Filling Depth Tablet Thickness Extremely Fast Changeover Rugged and Robust Design Fully Portable XP 1 Tablet Press

8 Robust Design 50 kN Compression Force Capability
25 mm Maximum Tablet Diameter 20 mm Maximum Fill Depth 60 Strokes / Min Maximum Press Speed XP 1 Tablet Press

9 Ease of Set-Up Manual Hand Wheel for Tablet Set-Up
Permits Tablet Weight and Thickness to be Optimized Prior to Automatic Operation XP 1 Tablet Press

10 Press Tool Flexibility
Adaptor for TSM B EURO B Tools Adaptor for TSM or EURO D Tools Adaptor for KORSCH EK-0 Tools Quick Change Capability XP 1 Tablet Press

11 Clean Compression Zone
Stainless Steel Construction Quick Disconnect Design Smooth Surfaces for Easy Cleaning XP 1 Tablet Press

12 Modular Design Clean Compression Zone Fully Isolated from Mechanical Zone Rear Cabinet with Main Components Main Drive Electrical Components XP 1 Tablet Press

13 XP 1 Control System Features
XP 1 Tablet Press

14 XP 1 Instrumentation Upper Punch Force (Standard)
Lower Punch Force (Standard) Ejection Force (Standard) Scrape-Off Force (Optional) Upper Punch Displacement (Optional) Lower Punch Displacement (Optional) XP 1 Tablet Press

15 Touch Screen Control Touch Screen Control Calibrated Adjustments
Machine Adjustments Equipment Faults Calibrated Adjustments Dosing Height Upper Punch Penetration XP 1 Tablet Press

16 Touch Screen Control Real Time Display Upper Force Lower Force
Ejection Force Press Speed Tablet Count XP 1 Tablet Press

17 Touch Screen Control Entry of Press Force Limits Upper Force
Lower Force Ejection Force Max Tip Pressure XP 1 Tablet Press

18 Technical Support Services
Equipment Validation Support Formal Training Certification PM and Calibration Service Service HOTLINE Complete Spare Parts Inventory XP 1 Tablet Press

19 XP 1 Advantages XP 1 Tablet Press

20 XP 1 Advantages Robust Design Standard Press Tools Flexible Options
50 kN Compression Force 25 mm Tablet Diameter Standard Press Tools TSM or EURO B TSM or EURO D Flexible Options Table-Top Design Fully Portable Option XP 1 Tablet Press

21 XP 1 Advantages Full Instrumentation Fast Change Touch Screen Control
Compression Force Ejection Force Punch Displacement Fast Change Open Design Smooth Surfaces for Cleaning Touch Screen Control Real Time Display Adjustments and Faults XP 1 Tablet Press

22 Thank you!

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