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Anglo Beef Processors Ltd

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1 Anglo Beef Processors Ltd
Case Study Operator November 2006

2 Who are ABP? R.O.I. U.K. Fresh Beef & Lamb Processor & Retail Packing
Dedicated Frozen Burger Production Fresh Beef & Lamb Processor & Retail Packing Frozen Meat / Products & Burgers Largest Own Label Burger Producer U.K. Freshlink Foods Microwaveable Hand Held Sandwiches & Snacks

3 Irish Food Processors Ltd
Europe’s Largest Beef Processor Fresh & Frozen Red Meat Processor, Manufacturer & Retail Case Ready Packer Supplying Retailers, Foodservice & Manufacturers Continual Investment Programme Largest EU Import Quota (GATT licence)

4 Irish Food Processors Ltd
Group turnover in excess €1bn Employing over 3500 colleagues at more than 30 plants throughout the British Isles 14,000 cattle per week 40,000 sheep per week Largest EU GATT quota

5 IFP Markets & Customers
Scandinavia United Kingdom Ireland Russia Germany Canada Japan China Venezuela Mexico New Zealand Africa Indonesia Australia Current Trade Previous Trade Current Sources Previous Sources

6 ABP – UK’s Leading Meat Processor
Turnover in excess of £550m Employing over 2,200 colleagues at 15 plants Processing in excess 350,000 cattle per year Average production of 2500 tonnes of primal meat and 2000 tonnes of retail ready meat per week Setting industry standards in every aspect of food processing Supplying the finest fresh & frozen meat to the UK’s leading retailers, manufacturers and caterers

7 IFP – Plant Locations Slaughtering at: Processing at: Perth Newry
Lurgan Perth York Ellesmere Shrewsbury Blackburn Processing at: Perth Ellesmere Doncaster Shrewsbury Jersey Lowestoft York Newry Lurgan Ulster Liverpool Blackburn Glasgow Ballybay

8 System Background ABP grown by acquisition and organic growth
No commonality of systems No consistency of approach Different business languages Company strategy of local responsibility Some industry specific requirements Traceability Yield analysis ‘catch weight’ Realisation of benefits of shared services Led to the Movex ‘programme’ Standardisation at an ERP level Standardisation of systems across group common processes wherever possible

9 Original Processing Systems
Movex CSV flat files Customer Orders Despatches Abattoirs Boning Halls Further Processing System Integration abattoir payment system HCS ‘Black Box’ Scanvaegt - 3 flavours Hellenic HCS System Integration Scanvaegt – 2 flavours Hellenic HCS

10 System Vision Movex Common Access Reporting Supply Chain Planning
Operator Interface Site Planning (Boning and CPM) Stock Purchase Orders Integrated Financials Movex Manufacturing Orders Customer Orders KPI Dashboard Maintenance Orders Abattoirs Boning Halls Further Processing Farmers Customers

11 Who Are Operator Acquired by Intentia as part of APP purchase (~2000)
Became independent as Operator Systems in 2004 Based in Copenhagen in the Lawson Offices 15 employees Only supply, develop, implement and support Operator Have implementation Partners mainly Scandinavia

12 Operator – Example references

13 Machine Control System
Operator – Overview ERP MES solution Orders (MO, CO, WO, PO,…) Work Instructions Job reporting Label Printing Integration with ERP SCADA Quality Systems Maintenance Movex APP Online document viewer Online machine / job monitoring T&A Alarms Interface solution Uses tools from MES solution ERP integration to SAP Movex Navision, ….. Interfaces to text files Databases (OLEDB,ODBC) RPC XML Uses internal files (jobr_generic) OPERATOR SCADA Machine Control System Other systems

14 Operator - Connections
Predefined types - import / export ERP data and orders - Items, COs, MOs, Workcenters … ERP transactions calls (API) – MHS850, MMS310, CRS620 …… Generic – MS SQL, Oracle, ODBC, OLE, flat file Others (batch scripts) Specific Connection details Where is it Userid, Passwords, tcp/ip ports …. Instances of Connections (Unique parameters) Mapping link Job service details Movex company or warehouse Job parameters Debug detail information

15 Connection Example Movex Operator Site export file (CSV)
Connection Type : ERP Connection : MVX_ABP Movex user id and password Instances : EXPORT_JOBR use job for all flat file importing Movex company Mapping table to use Operator Connection Type : flat file Connection : IMPORT_SHREWSBURY d:\Intentia\OPEIS\TEST\DATA\A22\IMPORT Instances : IMPORT_SHREWSBURY use job for all flat file importing create ‘end of load’ & ‘end of order’ transaction flag Site export file (CSV)

16 Operator - Mapping As data is moved about where does it go to?
Supports multiple files (header to lines) Functions Predefined Specific (e.g. Secondary Unit of Measure)

17 Operator - Translations
Supported different local to common central ‘language’ Two types Translations (e.g. item numbers) Cross references (e.g. Supplier codes) Can be made mandatory Plant specific or global Can be directional Example: Global translation of Site specific of CBP1234 Movex ASBFB65BR2C Shrewsbury CBP1234 Perth 406123 Newry 406123

18 Operator – Movex API By Batch (controlled in the job) Sequencing
Error control Mapping to API call

19 Operator – API Mapping

20 Operator - Jobs Variable delay time for each job
Colour coded status reporting and detail by job Jobs run in a Service ing of error conditions

21 Operator Jobs

22 Current Position 6 sites with basic CO and CO despatch CSV interface
3 sites integrated COs, POs and suppliers 1 site with full stock integration All farmers entered into SI and updated in Movex All farmers paid via Operator into Movex Crates system Item creation system Per week approx 65,000 API calls 4,500 COs (~10 lines per CO) 300 POs (~4 lines per PO)

23 Flexibility - stock load
Use CSV report of ‘stock’ Created import job Created export job calling MMS310 Created Crystal CSV report of ‘non updated’ locations Run them through same job Used as a ‘one off’ for a project start-up Will be used for all non-integrated sites No (or very little) cost Less than a days time used

24 Flexibility - Suppliers
Have 18,000 farmers in System Integration payment system Modified SI system to have a flag in MS SQL database Used as trigger for Import job set to ‘0’ by SI ‘0’s picked up by Operator then set to 1 Created export job to call CRS620, CRS624 and CRS622 Small cost at SI ( < £500) Less than 1 day

25 Where are we going Multiple servers
Spread load Failover Business Continuity Continue rollout of full stock integration New version MS SQL 2005 (database performance) Faster Better user interface

26 Questions ?

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