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Heads up on how the inspection process can be led by you.

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1 Heads up on how the inspection process can be led by you.

2 Be the leader Be Ready Before During After Be Rigorous Success Be Happy Be Confident

3 Before- Be ready Prepare the governors Schedule and Framework Prepare the community In advance

4 Before- School self evaluation Use the schedule headings Add Context and SMSC sections Cross reference it Know it Be sure everyone knows it

5 Cross reference examples School analysis of the most recent Harrow Vitality profiles 2009/10 shows that in the Index of Multiple deprivation the large majority of our pupils live in the wards in the bottom 15% in Harrow.( see Analysis of Harrow vitality data profiles 2009/10 in Fronter Ofsted room ( FOR)- no.1). This is a more accurate indication of the demography of the school than the census data which is detailed in RAISEonline 2011 Standards in both English and Maths at the end of KS2 attainment are broadly in line with national expectations (4.2.11 RAISEonline 2011)

6 Before- Data Most recent RAISEonline. School data Class data sheet SCR up to date Attendance data Racism and bullying data Key staff know it all

7 Before- Senior leaders Know their data and challenge Champion what they do well All stories should join up Hold mock interviews

8 Before- Easy things to do First impressions Train the children Speaker phone Food Ofsted team location Team hospitality

9 The call Tell everyone Staff meeting Check your SSE Calm

10 During- Be Confident Lead The Lead Timetable Learning Walk Never give up; be available

11 During- both days Go to team meetings Challenge Debate Support Inform staff Check observations

12 After- Be Rigorous Check Check Check the draft Write notes Check the protocol SLT in the final team meeting

13 After – final report Assembly Inform parents Relax

14 Be Happy

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