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An innovative way to access Livelink®

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1 An innovative way to access Livelink®
LL Navigator™ An innovative way to access Livelink® SLIM Applications BV Livelink is a registered trademark of OpenText Corporation LL Navigator is a trademark of SLIM Applications BV

2 Agenda Introduction Livelink LL Navigator Demo Pros and Cons Use cases
Planned functionality Questions Technical information

3 Introduction Livelink
Advanced Document Management capabilities: - Different types of objects (e.g. documents, folders, projects, ..) - Versioning - Metadata (Categories/attributes) - Compound documents - Granular permissions Livelink has an hierarchical structure - Enterprise workspace with folders/projects/compound documents - Nesting allows for creation of deep structures

4 Introduction Livelink 2
Livelink Access: Browser (Internet Explorer®, Chrome®, FireFox®, ...) Livelink Explorer (Office 2007) Windows Explorer (requires Livelink WebDAV module) Client-side solutions (based on Livelink API) LL Navigator Internet Explorer is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries Chrome is a registered trademark of Google Inc Firefox is a registered trademark of Mozilla Foundation

5 LL Navigator Key capabilities: Access Livelink using familiar “Windows Explorer” interface in a browser Core functionality (add documents/folders, delete multiple items) Extended functionality (upload/download multiple documents, drag and drop, add versions, ... ) Support for metadata Performance (e.g. typically 60 % less network traffic, parallel uploads, caching, ...)

6 Demo Getting started Navigate Livelink Add items Delete items
Upload folders/files (and drag & drop) Download files Move / Copy (within Livelink) Edit Office files Favourites

7 Select option from Enterprise menu
Demo – Getting started Select option from Enterprise menu

8 Demo – Navigating Livelink
Display Personal Workspace, Enterprise Workspace and Favourites

9 Add new items or delete multiple items
Demo – Add items Add new items or delete multiple items

10 Select one or more items in multiple locations
Demo – Delete items Select one or more items in multiple locations

11 Demo – Upload items Choose files Drag and Drop (DnD) into drop area
Drag and Drop (DnD) into LL Navigator tree

12 Demo – Upload “choose files”
Click “Choose Files” and then select multiple files

13 Demo – Upload “choose files” 2
Click Upload to start uploading of the selected files or folders

14 Demo – Upload “choose files” 3
Progress per item and overall progress bar

15 Demo – “dnD to drop area”
Drag folders/ files for uploading

16 Demo – dnD into LL Navigator tree
Drag folders/files for direct uploading into navigation tree Drag files for uploading

17 Click “Download” to download one or more files
Demo – Download files Click “Download” to download one or more files

18 Demo – Favourites Use Add Favourite to create a new favourite
Easy access to nested content using Favourites

19 Demo – Move / copy Standard Livelink move form
Drag multiple items within Livelink

20 Demo – Move / copy Press shift, control or alt to copy instead of move

21 Demo – edit Requires Livelink Office Editor
Chrome: - IE Tab extension (free from Chrome store) - define 1 rule Only Office files

22 LL Navigator - pros User experience: - “Windows Explorer” like interface for Livelink using a browser - Minimal user training - “Ribbon” with contextual instructions - Easily switch to standard Livelink view Performance: - Faster than standard browsing - Reduces network load (typically 60 %) for common operations - Caching (e.g. Folder structure(s), favourites, ..) - Parallel processes for uploading and downloading (default 6x)

23 LL Navigator – pros 2 Functionality: - Core functionality (e.g. add document/folder/compound document) - Upload multiple documents - Download multiple documents (from different locations) - Support for metadata - Delete items (in different locations) - Drag and drop files - Drag and drop folder stuctures (only Chrome) - Move / Copy items within Livelink - Add versions to existing documents - Favourites (using existing Livelink Favourites) - Last Location - Office Integration (requires extension for Chrome)

24 LL Navigator – pros 3 Deployment: - No server-side installs - No extra load on the Livelink servers - No client-side installs - Supports multiple Livelink versions (versions 9.7.0, 9.7.1) - Single HTML file (150 kB) per Livelink instance - No dependency on Operating Systems / Office versions - Suitable for extranet users - Allows throttling (e.g. max file size 25 MB, max volume of set 200 MB, max number of concurrent threads) - Configure settings per instance

25 LL Navigator – pros 4 Security: - Adopt Livelink permissions - Supports Single Sign On and Livelink authentication - Uses browser settings for file downloads

26 LL Navigator – cons Different interface for Livelink
Current version supports Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11 Internet Explorer 8 and 9 have a reduced set of functionalities Office integration on Chrome requires Livelink Office Editor ActiveX + IE Tab extension for Chrome No direct drag and drop from Outlook to Livelink (requires intermediate step using desktop) Only 1st 1000 items within a container (e.g. Folder) are listed Permissions checked after making request (like windows explorer) Duplicate uploads when using integrated windows authentication

27 LL Navigator – Use cases
Replacement Livelink Explorer Replacement Livelink WebDAV Continue use of legacy Livelink versions with recent Operating System / Office versions (e.g. Access Livelink from a 64-bit Win 7 client) Provide rich functionality for extranet users Improve performance for users with constrained network conditions

28 Planned functionality
Download folder structures from Livelink to desktop (Chrome only) Support for Content Server 10 and 10.5 (i.e. latest version Livelink) Reporting capabilities (for Livelink content) Automatic extraction metadata (e.g. From, subject, ..) from msg files Increased thresholds for Internet Explorer (25 MB per file and 250 MB for a set of documents)

29 Summary Browser based tool to access Livelink content using “Windows Explorer” like interface Core and extended functionality Designed for performance Easy to deploy “An innovative way to access Livelink”

30 Questions ...

31 Miscellaneous Select range of items
Delete multiple items using keyboard “Delete” button Special characters in downloaded files automatically removed Focus on display area LL Navigator or standard Livelink Upload s to Livelink: 1. drag (s) from Outlook to desktop 2. drag (s) from desktop to LL Navigator

32 Technical information
Technology used Browser dependency Network characteristics XMLExport limit Livelink Explorer / Livelink WebDAV / LL Navigator Software requirements Hardware requirements Livelink / Livelink Explorer Support Lifecycle Office integration through Livelink Office Editor ActiveX

33 Technology used AJAX (JavaScript, XMLHTTP, XSLT, ..) HTML5
XML Export interface of Livelink Works transparent with: Network optimisation techniques (e.g. Riverbed WAN appliances) Load balancers Authentication protocols (NTLM, Kerberos, Livelink authentication)

34 Browser dependency Functionality Chrome IE10/IE11 IE8/IE9
LL Navigator tree Core functionality (e.g. Add Document / folder, delete items, ...) Drag and Drop files Drag and Drop folders (incl. files) Move / Copy items within Livelink Upload multiple files Download multiple files Metadata (Categories and Attributes) Switch to standard Livelink view Favourites Add versions Microsoft Office integration through Livelink Office Editor (ActiveX) Last Location (in Livelink)

35 Network Characteristics
kB received Activity Livelink 9.7.0 Livelink Explorer LL Navigator (reduction to LL970) Create new folder 111 kB 82 kB 60 kB (46 %) Add 100 kB document 113 kB 35 kB 53 kB (53 %) Delete document 114 kB 19 kB 19 kB (83 %) Browse folder 2 items 52 kB 4 kB 3 kB (94 %) Browse folder 10 items 85 kB 9 kB 11 kB (87 %)

36 Network Characteristics 2
Folder structure with: -18 files - 4 folders - size 10MB Tested on same client, same network conditions against a vanilla Livelink instance (configured with NTLM) with no other users Activity Elapse time in s # requests LL Navigator 16 81x Livelink Explorer 40 75x Livelink WebDAV 66 165x

37 1000 item XML Export limit A B C D E 1 2 3 1000 1001 a b c d e
Items in red are skipped due to the 1000 item XML Export limit x y Warning is shown when a container contains 1000 or more items Mitigate by increasing the limit (per server) or by splitting content across multiple containers

38 Functionality matrix Functionality Livelink Explorer Livelink WebDAV
LL Navigator Client-install Yes  No  Server-install Drag and drop files Yes  Drag and drop folder structures Yes  (Chrome only) Copy / Move within Livelink Document versions No  Compound Documents Custom objects (e.g. folder) Microsoft Office integration Yes  for IE10 and IE11, Partial  for Chrome (free extension) Microsoft Outlook integration Partial  requires 2 steps Metadata Partial  (only via browser) Implementation Complex  Simple  Security risks Moderate  None  Limits on uploads None  Performance High  x64 clients

39 software requirements
Browser (version) Client OS Comments Chrome (26+) Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 IE11 Win 7 SP1+ / Win 8.1 / Win 8.1 RT IE10 Win 7 SP1+ / Win 8 IE9 Vista SP2+ / Win 7 Strongly reduced functionality IE8 XP SP2+SP3 / Vista / Win 7 Note: FireFox 25 and Safari 7 also support HTML5 but have not been tested. Mac and Linux requirements have not been tested

40 Hardware requirements
Component Chrome (26+) IE10 Processor Intel Pentium 4 or later 1 GHz x86 or x64 Disk space N/A RAM (for LL Navigator) 768 MB Note: Mac and Linux clients have not been tested

41 Livelink Support Lifecycle
Product Version Release Date Sustaining Maintenance* Livelink September 2010 N/A Livelink 9.7.1 December 2007 September 2013 Livelink 9.7.0 December 2006 April 2012 Livelink 9.6.x May 2006 July 2008 * Sustaining Maintenance: the core development team is redirected to other work and no new services packs and patches are released for general use.  Product defects and enhancement requests may still be reported, but work by the core development team on these issues will be discontinued.  Migration to a Current Maintenance version may be required

42 Livelink Explorer Support Lifecycle
Product Version Release Date Sustaining Maintenance OpenText Explorer 10 December 2010 - Livelink Explorer 4.8.6 December 2009 June 2012 Livelink Explorer 4.8.5 January 2009 June 2011 Livelink Explorer 4.8.3 May 2008 July 2010 Livelink Explorer 4.8.2 December 2007 November 2009 Livelink Explorer 4.8.1 May 2007 June 2009

43 Office integration Requirements:
IE Tab extention is a free extension and can be installed on locked down machines Chrome IE Livelink Office Editor ActiveX Yes Install IE Tab extension N/A Create rule in IE Tab

44 Office integration 2 How does it work on Chrome:
LL Navigator checks if the extension is present. If so, it displays the edit link for Office documents User clicks on edit link and a separate tab is opened Office application starts with the selected file

45 Office integration 3 How does it work:
User modifies Office file and closes Office tool LL Navigator checks if the document is still reserved. If so, it allows the user to unreserve the document

46 SLIM Applications

47 Categories with required fields
Apply a category with required attributes to a folder Upload one or more documents An error is reported to inform the user that a field is required. Instructions are provided to remediate the problem.

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