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Working with the Internet

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1 Working with the Internet
This presentation will explore: Internet workings & uses facilities Internet security e-commerce ClassAct SRS enabled.

2 Introduction The Internet is a continually evolving,
fast-growing environment that is changing the face of communication. But how does it work, what does it do and why is it so popular? This presentation explores working with the Internet, providing an overview of: how to use the Internet facilities Internet security e-commerce Next >

3 Internet Basics The Internet is used for a growing
number of applications, both business and leisure-related. As a huge information resource, it has revolutionized the way academic research is conducted. It has changed how people interact, through: webcams videoconferencing It provides the opportunity to shop confidently and securely online, through encryption and passwords. Next >

4 Question 1 Which of the following has NOT been improved by the Internet? A) Fax B) Correct answer = A C) Videoconferencing D) Academic research

5 Customizing Browsers You can make your Internet use more efficient and effective by customizing your web browser. How you do this depends on the software you use. Using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you must alter the Internet options on the browser menu bar. There are various adjustments that can be made. For example, it is possible to: speed up the loading of web pages by choosing not to view images restrict the sites that can be visited optimize the web site browsing settings Next >

6 Question 2 Which Microsoft Internet Explorer menu selection do you use to customize your web browser? A) Edit B) Options Correct answer = C C) Internet Options D) Customize

7 E-mail E-mail was developed as an early function
of the Internet. It has become a popular communications tool, through being: quick effective inexpensive Beyond the function of sending single s, it offers more advanced features such as: Distribution lists - automated delivery of the same message to many people at one time. Mail forwarding - sending on a received message, perhaps with added comments. distribution lists mail forwarding Next >

8 Question 3 What feature of s allows a message to be sent to multiple addresses at the same time? A) Mail forwarding B) Distribution lists Correct answer = B C) Internet Options D) Text editing

9 Protocols A web address is also known as a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). When an address is typed into a web browser, it is read in sections as the browser attempts to locate the pages. The first part of the URL is the called the protocol. The protocol allows a server and browser to introduce themselves to each other. This is an agreed-upon format for data transfer between devices. There are various protocol types such as: http - for delivery of web pages ftp - for file transfers Next >

10 Domain Names The final parts of the URL locate the computer and the specific page requested. These include the: domain name path Domain Name - identifies the computer that is to be contacted. Path - identifies a particular folder within the server. File name - locates the web page within the folder on the server. file name Next >

11 Question 4 Look at this web address:
Which part is the protocol? A) /default.html B) www Correct answer = D C) D)

12 Question 5 Look at this web address.
Which part is the domain name? A) B) Correct answer = B C) default.html D) www.

13 Net Phones The Internet can be used to make
international telephone calls, for the cost of a local Internet connection. To be able to do this, both the parties communicating must be on the Internet at the time of the call. When a net telephone call is made, the sound information is: converted into segments of data sent to the recipient reassembled as speech Next >

14 Videoconferencing Videoconferencing enables people in
different places to communicate across a computer network using: video audio data Each participant has a webcam, microphone, and speakers connected to his or her computer. Point-to-point link - where two sites are connected. Multi-point link - where any number of people are connected in the network. There are two main types of videoconferencing: point-to-point link multi-point link Next >

15 Question 6 Which of the following would be needed for videoconferencing? A) Telephone B) Printer Correct answer = D C) Darkroom D) Computer

16 Internet Security To ensure that data stored in computers or
on the web cannot be intercepted, Internet security involves using: passwords encryption This security is necessary to help prevent files or details being: stolen or infected To make a private computer more secure, it is possible to change the browser security settings. deleted or changed This danger applies to credit card numbers used for on-line shopping, as well as to companies' confidential information. Next >

17 Question 7 Encryption is used to protect data being intercepted and stolen. Is this true or false? Answer True or False. Correct answer = True

18 Security Certification
Web sites, such as those of banks, deal in sensitive or personal information which they secure to protect their customers’ interests. A secure site will normally display an internationally-recognized icon in the browser status bar: padlock key Functions of browsers include: checking the safety of its secure connection to any web site being visited authenticating the web site’s security certification raising concerns regarding any certification anomaly Next >

19 Question 8 What symbol could be shown in the browser status bar for a secure site? A) A barred door B) A padlock Correct answer = B C) A security certificate D) A cross

20 Firewalls Firewalls control access to and from a
computer network or system. A firewall blocks unauthorized users’ attempts to access a network, while allowing certain other users in. A firewall resides between the network browser and the Internet. It examines all messages moving in both directions. Next >

21 Question 9 A firewall is located between the user's computer and the user. Is this true or false? Answer True or False. Correct answer = False

22 E-Commerce E-commerce is the process of purchasing
goods or services via the Internet, perhaps by using a credit or debit card. Online shopping offers significant benefits, compared with traditional shopping: purchases can be made without leaving home goods are often less expensive than from traditional high street outlets a wider range of products can often be accessed via overseas web sites Unfortunately, fear over online security can discourage online shopping. Next >

23 Shopping Carts A shopping cart is a piece of software
that allows an online store to display and sell its goods online. The customer enjoys the shopping process by navigating the pages and selecting merchandise to purchase by clicking on it. There are normally facilities available for assisting the customer to: review what they have selected from the catalog pages make necessary modifications or additions to their order purchase the merchandise by credit card in a secure environment Next >

24 Question 10 When conducting online shopping, purchasers need to provide some information to the selling company. Which of the following would NOT be essential information? A) Date of birth B) Credit card number Correct answer = A C) Credit card expiry date D) Delivery address

25 Summary The Internet is now an integral part of the everyday lives of people around the world. The transmission of information across computer networks has become a vital form of communication, relied upon the world over. This presentation explored working with the Internet, investigating: Internet workings & uses facilities Internet security e-commerce End >

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