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Travelport Hotels.

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1 Travelport Hotels

2 2009 – Travelport Hotel Performance Summary
Bookings: Million Room Nights: Million Average Daily Rate: $125 Room Revenue: $5.78 Billion Average Length of Stay: Nights Top Performing Hotel Markets – (Bookings by source): US UK Australia Canada South Africa Italy Netherlands Japan Switzerland Singapore Hong Kong Ireland India New Zealand

3 Overview – Galileo & Worldspan
Over 90,000 hotels, 270 chain codes, and 430 brands providing millions of live rates Competitive Advantage with Best Available Rate (BAR) and Next Generation Seamless functionality Choice of User Interface to make hotel bookings

4 Why Book Worldspan Hotel Content?
Convenience Provides one-stop convenience for travel agents by integrating air, car and hotel segments in the same PNR Real-time Availability Allows for instant modification, cancellation and confirmation of your hotel bookings 24X7 Better control Ensures all hotel segments are captured in agents back-office system for billing and invoice printing purposes Cost effective Reduces your search time for the best available hotel rates for your customers Revenue Stream Earn commissions of up to 10% on bookings (on average $35 USD per booking). Travelport has an automated process with Pegasus Commission Processing

5 Searching and booking a hotel in Worldspan is fast and easy...
See how it works!

6 Search for a Hotel in Worldspan
Additional options to search for a hotel

7 Your Search Results Different hotels are shown on the screen enabling comparison. The distance from the reference points is shown in buckets The availability status and the price range for the hotel is displayed Worldspan Hotel Default Record allows you to establish your own system defaults such as distance and direction, preferred suppliers and negotiated rates

8 Hotel Descriptions Worldspan (HD)
Access comprehensive hotel descriptions for every hotel in Worldspan

9 Hotel Images Worldspan
Providing high quality images for over 80,000 hotels via the agency desktop No need to browse the internet for Rich Media content!

10 Real-time Rates and Last Room Availability

11 Bookings confirmed real-time
Select a hotel and rate and receive instant confirmation of your booking through the Hotel’s own Reservation System Booking is automatically stored in hotel chains Central Reservation System, in your PNR, and printed on the itinerary Benefit Improved productivity and customer experience Instant Booking Confirmation Reservation Delivery Travel Agent CRS Hotel Room Master/ Hotel Select Database

12 Worldspan Features and Benefits
Worldspan – Integrated Source Worldspan – Tax, Fees & Surcharge Worldspan – SecuRates

13 Features of Galileo Inside Shopper/ Worldspan Integrated Source
Identify the availability of a hotel already on the shopping screen Availability indicators: A – the rate type requested is Available O – the rate requested is not available but Other public rates are available C – No rates of any type are available i.e. The hotel is Closed out Rate Range received directly from Hotel Supplier’s own Reservation System – Guaranteeing real-time accurateness of information Now 279 chains participating – representing 98.9% of our total hotel inventory 13

14 Worldspan – Integrated Source HA, HR& HD Display
HA Display – Hotel Availability HR Display – Hotel Rate Rules HD Display– Hotel Description 14

15 Benefits of Integrated Source
Accurate availability and rate information with real-time reservation capability No discrepancies between shopping screen and sell screen Enhanced hotel shopping experience through streamlined booking process Quicker Access to your negotiated rates – see on the shopping screen whether the requested rate is available or unavailable or if other rates can be booked Time is Money! Book a hotel up to 60% faster than through other channels!

16 Complete Pricing/ Tax, Fees & Surcharge
Total Price for Stay including Tax and Surcharge

17 Galileo Multi-Level Rates/ Worldspan SecuRates
Worldspan SecuRates can be accessed using code /PC- XXX and the applicable Rate Access Code Great flexibility on defining Rate Viewership: by individual PCC or IATA, by Group PCC (number of PCCs grouped together – e.g. H4R for all HRG locations etc.), by geographic location (country, state, city), by combination of Group POS and geographic location... 42% of all Worldspan bookings globally are Multilevel/ SecuRate bookings (2006), 51% in International Markets


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