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Mathew Thompson Adding Value through the Supply Chain: The Missing Link?

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1 Mathew Thompson Adding Value through the Supply Chain: The Missing Link?

2 Content Globalisation and Traceability Importance of Effective Supply Effective Technology

3 The times are a changing - and the pace of that change is very fast, so unless you are growing with it, it is unlikely you will survive

4 Globalisation & Traceability … is giving inter-dependence and inter-connectiveness

5 Market Potential Perishable Products - cost of production remains consistent - opportunity to supply is variable Therefore failure to supply results in lost revenue

6 Failure of Effective Supply - Dioxin Incident - Sudan I Dye - Foot & Mouth - BSE Importance of Effective Supply

7 Analysis of the Existing Supply Chain Missing Link Importance of Effective Supply



10 Market Surveillance Assess QA Product on the Market Feedback Reports to Source Specific Product and Supply Chain Trials Run Same Day Response Problems Identified Quick and Accurate Supported the Diary System Laboratory Test Confirmation

11 Typical Problems Identified Market Surveillance

12 Flowers on the Island Growers storage Flowers transported to UK depot Flowers are transported to market Flowers are sorted against invoice (and conveyed to Wholesaler) Collate Orders Product Displayed Stock take of Product Additional Product Storage Retailer / Customer 20 Days Shelf Life 17 Days Shelf Life 15 Days Shelf Life 13 Days Shelf Life Factors Time Temperature Handling Pest & Disease Water Quality Stem Quality Score Modelling ATP Work Market Information Feedback Loop Importance of Effective Supply

13 Success of Effective Supply - Market Economics - Supply & Demand Matched - Improved Quality - Increased Knowledge - Use of Feedback Information - Ability to Trace Importance of Effective Supply

14 Business Impact Example of Supply and Demand Information Importance of Effective Supply

15 Supply Relationships between Various Types of Food Businesses Food processor / manufacturer Source Auction Hall CustomerSeller Importance of Effective Supply

16 Reducing the Risk Risk Management & HACCP Raw Material Monitoring Process Improvement In-process Automatic Inspection Product Innovation Process Innovation To Leap-Frog Risks How Technology May Help

17 Benefits - Information Service Design P recise A ccurate R eliable T imely I nformation Audit System Telesales Diary Design Decision How Technology May Help

18 The Philosophy …have we done all we can… If something goes wrong, are we sure that we can identify all affected product? …to become price makers rather than price takers.

19 Ensure business opportunities are market led Strategically Drive Up Sale Price Promote the Identity of Quality Assured Product Improve Product Returns for the Chain Improve Strategy for Supply and Demand Picture Market Knowledge Prove you have controlled it Conclusions

20 Provide: Consultancy support Industry Specific Training Foundation Degree To support Industry Research and Development This Project is part financed by the European Social Fund Mathew Thompson Tel: 01472 500220 E-mail:

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