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The World of Moving Picture that got serious in my hand.

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1 The World of Moving Picture that got serious in my hand.
See a New World.

2 PENUROCOM CO., LTD. Main Items
1.Company Profile Company Name PENUROCOM CO., LTD. President Young Taek Lim Established Date Apr. 8, 2000 1st. Fl Nonhyun-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea Location Head Office Technology Institute The same as upper Telephone 02) Fax no. 02) Registration No. For Business Corporative Registration no. Business Type Distribution of Computer Parts, Making S/W, Manu. and development Of Moving Picture Player Home Page Address Main Items 1.Computer Equipment for Kids’ Education (KIKI-PEN) 2.WORK-PEN(Tablet) 3.Mpavio(Potable Moving Picture Player)

3 2.Important History Enlargement of profit model Establishing Period
(1996~1999) The Period of Diversifying Business (2002~ ) Jun WONYOUNG INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Feb.2002 Built “Penurocom Institute” (Korea Industrial Technology Association) Aug.2002 Award 2002’ Venture Company, “Exporting Company Funding” received by the Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation Dec.2002 Re-authentication for Venture Business by Small & Medium business Administration Apr.2003 Signed a character license contract for our Farting Pal, Mr. Poong-Poong! With EBS television network May 2003 Authentic Certificate of KSA 9001:2001/ISO 9001:2000(KMA Registration & Assessment Inc.) Oct.2003 Telecasted a commercial for selling KIKI-PEN at “LG Home shopping”- KIKI-PEN that get together with Mr. Poong-Poong of EBS. Nov.2003 Pland to launch Mpavio(model: DDP-1000) that is a Portable Moving Picture Player. The Period of Accumulating Capability (2000~2001) Apr.2000 Converted to a corporation (company name : PENUROCOM CO., LTD.) Apr.2000 Awarded “IT development Funding” Applied for a Patent related to WEB BANKING SYSTEM Apr.2000 Established a factory (Byungsang-Dong, Kangnung-Shi, Kangwon-Do) Oct.2000 Authentication for Venture Business by Small & Medium business Administration Jan.2001 Model Enterprise for Technology Development by “Industrial Bank of Korea” Apr.2001 Technology Innovation Development Business by Small & Medium business Administration Dec.2001 Established a branch office in Shanghai,China, Enlargement of profit model

4 led by mpavio!! 3.Introduction of Products
Mpavio(DDP-1000) is the portable moving picture player developed in order to satisfy the customer’s various needs related to the multimedia services of users, so it finally should be contributed to the customers’ happiness by being customers at liberty from the limitation of time and space and by giving various kinds of information and enjoy. Multimedia World with new concept should be led by mpavio!! PORTABLE MOVING PICTURE PLAYER -EMPAVIO “Mpavio” that is a portable moving picture player with applying MPEG4 technology should be played by a digital moving picture file at anytime and at any place, and offers the environment that we can enjoy MP3, MCP, JPEG Viewer in our hands.

5 3-1.Introduction of Products (Home Page)
□ URL □ CHANNEL - mpavio Introduction of mpavio - Contents Jenung Kyoyug English & Japanese Conversation - Communication Postscripts by Customers Applying Tips - Shopping Mall Accessory Package Merchants - Customer Support Introduction of A/S FAQ Resource Center

6 3-2.Characteristic of mpavio
The newest small Embedded portable player of moving picture in Korea Equipment of Large capacity of 20GB Hard disk Large-Capacity Battery with 2200mAh (The continuous playing time of Moving Picture is 2.5 hours.) Furnishing best educational contents in Korea (EBS, JENEUNG KYOYUG) The Possibility of storing 4,500 MP3 titles Equipment of 2.5” TFT COLOR LCD Output Big Screen as connecting with TV or a Monitor. Support MPEG-1, 2, WMA, DivX, MP4(Simple file),JPG Support USB 2.0, and use a remote controller Option: MCP (Mind Control Program)- brain-wave learning equipment

7 3-3.USAGE Enjoy Movies with the image of High quality and the sound of High sensitivity - Do you have a plan to go on a business trip or to travel? Because of Maximizing the facility of carrying along due to equip with big volume but small sized battery, and seeing and hearing movies, the real scene of public performances, and music videos with the feeling more vivid than the feeling in theater because Mpavio is equipped with the high-density and high quality of sounds, it should play a important role of a companion when you travel or when you go on a business trip. Enjoy the stereo music - Do you want to hear the music of various genres easily without extra work? Due to save 4,500 titles of MP3 file, you can hear the music that you want at any time and at any place. Mpavio should be solved the trouble to delete files or to save files. Learning of the Lecture with moving picture for education - Do you still study the educational lectures by PC or TV? You can use your time flexibly because of studying foreign languages, or high school courses at any time and at any place. For example, when you go to school, go to work, or go back home, you can study what you want.

8 The Brain-wave learning equipment (MCP)
3-3.USAGE Enjoy Movies and the real scenes of public performances on TV by connecting with TV. - Don’t you have DVD player although you want to see a movie? Due to transmit the screen of Mpavio to TV if you connect TV and Mpavio with AV cable, you can appreciate movies, music videos, or the real scenes of public performances with high sensitivity. Also, you can use it to connect to LCD TV of your car. Portable Storage Equipment - Do you need the portable storage equipment? Mpavio do not make you need to buy a separated storage equipment. You can save the files that you want to save, connect with computer and open the files, and save new files. The capacity is similar to the quantities of 25 CDs with700MB. The Brain-wave learning equipment (MCP) - Do you want to take a rest on the way to work or to study? MCP(Mind Control Program) that is an option makes it be twice to regain the fatigue, a deep sleep, and to improve the studying effect because of getting the delightful environment as supporting the suitable image and audio when you are tired, under the stress, needing the concentrating study, needing deep sleep, etc.

9 4. Comparative Table 20GB 3.8” Color TFT 2.5” Color TFT USB 2.0
Archos Phototaner Mpavio Storage Volume 20GB LCD 3.8” Color TFT 2.5” Color TFT USB USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible) Storage volume for Moving Picture 40hrs max. No 200hrs(29fps) Remote Controller Yes Main Function PVR Electronic Album Playback of Moving Picture with High image quality Price US$599- US$422- US$419-

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