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HP Flow CM Professional

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1 HP Flow CM Professional
Delivering enterprise-level document management in an SMB package HP Company Confidential

2 What is HP Flow CM ‘SaaS-based DMS’ Professional?
DMS = Document Management System A computer system to track and store electronic documents and images of paper documents. Storage/retrieval, search, versioning, metadata/indexing, security, etc. SaaS = Software as a service A software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud Typically accessed via a web browser What are the advantages: Low cost of entry, scalability, easy access via browser & mobile devices, regular upgrading ECM (Enterprise Content Management) CAGR 48% Other content (video/audio) Web content management Business Process Management Records Management Etc. What are the advantages: Low cost of entry and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) - elimination of capital expenditures and dramatic reduction in IT salaries Scalability: Hosted software, another term for SaaS offers you more scalability in using the software. Regular Upgrading: SaaS Vendors regularly upgrade their software, so that the users don’t have to put any effort into installing and upgrading the applications. Easy Access: A major advantage of SaaS is it can easily and quickly be accessed from anywhere with a web browser. DMS HP Company Confidential

3 Core features of most document management systems
Capture Manage Store Preserve Deliver MFP scan input multi-vendor support Collaboration and file sharing Share & retrieve files Document repository Backup Formats: PDF, PDF/A, Doc, XLS, XML, RTF, TIFF, etc Alerts & notification Archive Pull printing OCR Mobile device app available Capture electronic documents Audit trails Secure transfer and storage Versioning Document indexing Secure access control Search Horizontal workflows HP Company Confidential

4 HP Flow CM Professional provides all core features of a basic DMS
Capture Manage Store Preserve Deliver Share folders, Publish links, Lock/unlock Multiple secure physical locations, data is safe from natural disaster and intrusion. Share, publish & Retrieve files anytime from anywhere Upload from desktop data stored in multiple secure physical locations Upload from mobile File & folder Alerts & Notification Formats: Over supported Pull printing from integrated MFP Archive, no rules Automatic OCR for Searchable documents Secure transfer and storage from the leader in the IT industry Full Audit Trails Mobile Device App available – iOS & Android Full Versioning unlimited versions Document indexing HP Flow CM Professional provides all core features of a basic DMS (Document Management System). Where HP Flow CM Professional stands apart from other DMS systems: Capture -- With HP OXPd-based devices, there is direct integration into the MFP or scanner allowing for access of your content directly from the front panel of the device (bypassing the need to go to your PC or mobile device to pull or send content to the cloud repository). -- The OCR engine in the cloud creates a searchable document in your choice of formats. Manage -- Security features: provides & requires secure login to get access to any action (LDAP, NT Authentication) -- Full audit trails: Automatic recording of any document related activity (create, edit, viewed, downloaded, time, owners, …), non-repudiation = proven to be accurate Store -- Secure transfer and storage from the IT industry leader Bank-grade, 256-bit encryption to transmit data and store it in the cloud Autonomy is the world’s largest cloud provider & stores data for thousands of customers, incl. some of the largest financial institutions -- Autonomy’s IDOL Search engine Full text search capabilities Deliver -- Share, publish & retrieve files anytime from anywhere Access your files from your desktop/laptop, from your integrated HP LaserJet MFP or scanner or anywhere you go with your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Intuitive UI, provides a common experience across desktop, mobile devices and MFP/scanner control panel -- Pull printing from integrated MFP Select PDF files in HP Flow CM Professional to print right from the control panel of your integrated HP LaserJet MFP UPD Print to PDF HP MFP/Scanner Integration second to none, Plus Multi-Vendor Support HP Secure Access Control Autonomy’s IDOL Search engine Simple Workflows Sync folders HP Company Confidential

5 HP Flow CM Professional
Delivering enterprise-level content management in an SMB package Target Managed SMB Customers who need to securely capture, store, find and use digital and paper- based business content in order to: Collaborate to make faster and better business decisions Improve customer relationships and sales Optimize productivity of knowledge & mobile workers Enhance information security of company data Meet regulatory requirements HP Flow CM Professional is an cloud-based content management solution with: Collaboration features to establish alerts and notifications to create simple workflows Anywhere, anytime access to your business content And, the security features you can trust from HP HP Company Confidential

6 HP Flow CM Professional at-a-glance
Anywhere, anytime access PC Any MFP/Scanner HP Flow CM Professional solution Tablet HP Flow MFP* Smart phone Replace your filing cabinets Use the HP HP Flow CM Professional cloud repository to securely store your business information for anywhere, anytime access. With any network scanner or MFP, PC or mobile device, you can scan/send documents into cloud storage. Documents are sent securely, transformed via OCR into a searchable file with automatic or user defined tagging and metadata. You establish security controls and then your approved users can access your content from a range of devices while working within or outside of your firewall. It is easy to find content with the built-in powerful search feature. Manage content in your cloud storage with version controls, check-in and check-out features, set alerts and notifications. Retrieve content in the format you want to work in, share it, or print it - all from the cloud. * You can scan to or pull content directly from the cloud with HP Flow MFPs and select HP MFPs with a FutureSmart firmware upgrade. HP Company Confidential

7 HP Flow CM Professional
Proven enterprise document management – now available to SMBs in the cloud Based on Worksite –Autonomy’s proven document management platform (formerly Interwoven) Standard document management system functionality: store, index, search, retrieve, versioning, check-in/out, etc. Introduction (NA only) November 1, 2012 Pricing HP Flow CM Professional – $19.95/user/mo. Unlimited user Site Rate Plan – starting at $500/mo Key differentiators Improve collaboration Anytime, anywhere access Security you can trust from HP File sharing Centralize paper and digital documents in a wide range of file formats Simple workflows Use alerts and notifications to create simple workflows Advanced search Full text search capabilities with Autonomy’s IDOL Search engine Desktop Full secure access and functionality via Web browser & desktop app Tablet, smart phones iOS & Android smart phones & tablets MFP/scanner integration Control panel with HP OXPd Integration with any scanner/MFP Secure Transmission & Storage: 128/256-bit SSL Encrypted Access control & identity mgmt: LDAP, NT authentication, Active Directory, SSO Audit Trail Automatic, Non-repudiation HP Company Confidential

8 Image enhancement technology
Capture This… …Get This HP Flow CM mobile app technology for capturing pages from books, magazines, receipts, and other paper documents. After user presses the shutter button, Image Enhancement technology does 3 things: Automatically detects the page corners, then crops and straightens the page. Sharpens text, filters noise, evens illumination, and brightens image Creates multi-page PDF. HP Company Confidential

9 Basic use case: Electronic filing cabinet with anywhere access
User Folders User to create custom folder structure in HP Flow CM Professional, similar to Win file system Unlimited levels of folders (only limited by storage) Upload (=copy) any files directly into any folder Upload/OCR from any scanners or MFP device Folders & files only visible by user at this point Upload folder for files loaded from a specific folder on the desktop Upload folder Briefcase folder Project A Briefcase folder to synchronize files with desktop for offline access Access to all files from mobile devices Project B HP Company Confidential

10 Use case: Sales tool distribution for sales force
Marketing Folders 1. Access with mobile Sales Rep gets alert and downloads new file with phone or tablet while on-the-road. Project A ! Marketing Tools 2. Print from integrated MFP Sales Rep gets alert and prints new file with integrated MFP in the office, at his hotel or at the airport (web access) NewPriceSheet.pdf Marketing tools developer Creates a folder for Marketing tools, shares it with all members and sets notification to be sent to all sales people when a new file is loaded or updated Marketing tools developer updates pricing sheet in Marketing tools folder alerts sent to all sales people HP Company Confidential

11 Use case: Invoice processing workflow using alerts & audit trail
Company Folders Invoices for approval Tom David Company Folders Invoices for approval ! ! Tom David Approved Admin scans invoices to folders of appropriate approver Approvers gets notified through alert Approvers review and move files to ‘approved’ folder Accountant gets notified and pays bills Audit trail ensures traceability of approvals HP Company Confidential

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