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©2009 HP Confidential1 ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Speaker name.

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1 ©2009 HP Confidential1 ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Speaker name Job title, Organization Date, 2010 Building an IP SAN with HP

2 Agenda The need for a converged infrastructure How HP IP SANs address today’s virtualization challenges Storage for the virtual infrastructure High availability and fault tolerant designs Disaster recovery HP solution overview Summary and next step

3 IT sprawl has business at the breaking point Rigid & aging infrastructure Application & information complexity Inflexible business processes Business innovation throttled to 30% Time to revenue Cost of lost time, effort, opportunity Unpredictable business cycles 70% captive in operations and maintenance

4 Tomorrow’s business will be built on a converged infrastructure Power & cooling Management software Network Servers Storage

5 HP Data Center Smart Grid  Reduce power footprint and gain management control over ever larger storage systems HP Virtual Resource Pools  Maximize utilization while enabling storage and compute mobility and resiliency HP FlexFabric  Reduce the cost and complexity of storage networking with a dynamic protocol stack HP Infrastructure Operating Environment  Optimize performance and efficiency - simplify deployment of servers, storage, and networking for business applications HP Converged Infrastructure architecture

6 6 Virtual IP SANs for a Converged Infrastructure Modular Scalable Highly available Efficient Standards based All inclusive software Virtualized Storage Pool HP StorageWorks P4000 G2 SAN Microsoft Exchange

7 7 What is an IP SAN? –iSCSI block-level storage over an Ethernet network Ethernet links are typically dedicated between application servers and iSCSI storage devices using the TCP/IP protocol –IP SAN Advantages: Ideal for virtualized server environments to centralize server boot images −Help facilitate server workload mobility & improved resiliency −VMWare ESX 4.0 now supports Storage VMotion Cost effective block-storage solution −60% less than Fibre Channel Simple to deploy and manage −Less need for highly specialized FiberChannel administrators

8 ProLiant Servers: HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure HP ProLiant BL460c G6 Servers HP ProLiant DL380 G6 Servers Remote / DRMain Leverage the HP Converged Infrastructure HP Networking Switches: HP Networking 8200/5400 Modular Switches HP Networking 6600/2910 Fixed Switches StorageWorks Storage: HP P4500 G2 Virtualization SAN HP P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance HP D2D4000/4100 Data Protector Replication path for P4000 and D2D Backup/restore path Restore path

9 9 Problem: Virtualization puts new requirements on servers, storage, and networking –Virtual machine sprawl pushes infrastructure limits: Unpredictable VM growth can cause erratic storage and networking capacity constraints SANs may bottleneck performance as they grow in capacity –Essential SAN features can be an additional charge –Some vendors take a one size fits all approach to SAN design

10 10 Solution: HP fully featured, scalable IP SANs Performance Storage System Storage Cluster –All inclusive, robust feature-set optimized for server virtualization –Scale capacity and performance together, online –Thin provisioning for superior capacity utilization –Support for NFS and CIFS HP P4000 Unified NAS Gateway –Simple to install and manage Best Practice Analyzer Capacity Centralized Management Console Capacity Performance Redundancy SAN/iQ Storage Software NFS & CIFS Support Converged Infrastructure P4000 G2 SAN Solutions

11 ©2009 HP Confidential11 ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. HP Networking for IP SANs

12 12 1.Shared LAN infrastructure – Cost effective – Some security risks – Performance risks 2.Dedicated VLAN on a shared LAN – Cost effective – Better security – Performance risks 3.Dedicated LAN – Cost effective with HP Networking – Minimal security risks – Guaranteed performance IP SAN Possible Architectures

13 13 IP SAN Ideal Ethernet Switch Attributes High performance −Gigabit Ethernet support −Line rate −> 512KB of buffer cache per port Fault tolerant −Redundant power supplies, fans −Link aggregation (LACP) support −Spanning tree / rapid spanning tree Flexible −Individual port speed and duplex setting −Basic IP routing −Flow control support

14 14 IP SAN Dedicated LAN Design

15 15 IP SAN iSCSI Optimized HP Networking Switches 2910al-series6600-24G5400/8200 RecommendSmallMedium/Large Max. Backplane speed 176 Gbps345 Gbps645 Gbps Redundant Power Supply Yes with external PSYes Redundant, hot- swappable fans NoYes Max. Gigabit-ports (for server and storage) 48 288 Max 10Gbit CX44048 Max 10Gbit SFP+42448 Port Buffer6 MB pooled buffering750 KB/port LACP(802.3ad) Distributed Trunking for active/active server connections NoYes AirflowSide to sideFront-to-back (reversible)Side to side

16 16 HP Networking Switches Ideal for IP SAN –High performance switches – buffers, non blocking, density, airflow –Very competitive TCO –High quality proven by industry-leading Lifetime warranty –Based on open standards –Embedded security –Easy to deploy and manage

17 17 Why HP Networking? –Superior technologies with market leading TCO –End to end portfolio: edge to core –#2 Enterprise Networking Vendor with 21% port market share –300 million ports delivered –Fastest growing vendor over last 8 years

18 18 HP is changing networking with innovation that produces the right business outcomes… Return on IT Investment Choice & Flexibility Proven Reliability Security & Trust Established Technology

19 19 HP brings proven solutions today with customers that span a variety of industries

20 20 Additional Resources http://www.HP http://www.HP

21 21 Selection Tool for iSCSI Optimized Switches Filtering criteria

22 22 Customer Reference – Bluecube “Our HP P4000 SAN helps us deliver on our promise to our clients of removing the complexities caused by business technology. We already expanded the SAN a couple of times, and it’s no big headache. The ease of management, the ease of backups – everything about the HP P4000 SAN is just brilliant.” James Hawker, Chief Executive Bluecube Technology Solutions

23 23 Bluecube Technology Solutions ObjectiveApproachResults Flexible, scalable high- performance storage to meet constantly changing client needs HP P4000 SAN IT improvements Highly available & flexible storage “Grow-as-necessary” scalability Ease of management Business benefits “Performance on demand” meets changing client requirements Scalability enables fast response to client demands Cost savings from reduced hardware footprint & energy & cooling consumption can be passed on to clients Industry: Technology service provider

24 24 –One-stop shop –One number for support –Best in class solution: #1 in server #2 in storage #2 in networking –Proven success –Open standards, high performance HP Converged Infrastructure benefits HP Servers/Storage/Networking

25 ©2009 HP Confidential25©2009 HP Confidential25 Thank You!

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