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HY 4 Synoptic Essays Answer the question set Write well

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1 HY 4 Synoptic Essays Answer the question set Write well
Analyse,evaluate,and come to a judgement rather than just describe what happened in the past Cover the full 100 year period Show the inter-connecting factors – PESCR Show an appreciation of the complexities of change over time

2 A common flawed approach
Para 1 – here there is a tendency to tell the examiner what they intend to do or say that although ++++ was the main reason there were other causes. Para 2 – Most candidates will usually write all they know about and by implication that only part of the question is answered. Para 3,4,5 – Tendency to devote these to other reasons – and fail to mention PESCR factors or each para is devoted to PESC Often no conclusion

3 Too many candidates fail to cover the full 100 years of the period or do so in mechanical fashion and fail to offer a judgement on the key issue set Fail to make links between factors – rather referring to PESC mechancally

4 To what extent did Britain become a democracy between 1780-1884?
Identify The topic Democracy The date range The focus of the question The move to democracy – change over time

5 Para 1 – Introduction Keep it reasonably brief and direct – related to the question set Set out the main point of your understanding of the question Possibly use a good quotation to start or some other attention grabbing method such as a trenchant and pithy comment

6 Para /6 Develop an ‘argument’ by considering the factors that would support the interpretation presented and that you have considered alternative ideas and interpretations Make sure you have covered the period of 100 years Discuss how the event or issue was affected by PESC factors Discuss how the issue changed in importance over the 100 years Break the 100 years into 2-3 sections and integrate the response in each section

7 Conclusion A good conclusion must contain reference to the main point of the argument rather than a summary of your essay. Reinforce your essay in the conclusion by reference to historical opinion or with a good quotation

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