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Hany El Habibi Chairman Sahara Group Egypt Always Open for Business November 4 th, 2010 Norwich, UK.

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1 Hany El Habibi Chairman Sahara Group Egypt Always Open for Business November 4 th, 2010 Norwich, UK


3 Overview on the Egyptian Economy - Economic Activity, y/y % chg. - Monetary Indicators - Egyptian Economy Indicators - External Sector Performance - Financial Sector Performance - Fiscal Performance - External Debt



6 A quick overview on the Egyptian Textile & Apparel Industry Account for 25% Egypts total industrial work force 29 public & 2500 private textile enterprises Value of output estimated at US$ 12 BN US$ 8 BN Investment 10% of total exports Comprised 25% of all manufactured exports EUROMED - EU-Egypt FTA QIZ – USA-Egypt FTA COMESA- Egypt-African Countries FTA Egypt - Arab Countries Regional FTA Aghadir – Jordan, Egypt, Tunis, Morocco Industry Size Importance to the Egyptian Economy Free Trade Agreements applying in Egypt:

7 Egyptian Cotton Fiber Spinning & Weaving Dyeing & Finishing RMG & Home Textiles Vertically Integrated Industry

8 The Egyptian Cotton -Egyptian Cotton History starts since 1818 -Egyptian cottons are recognized world-wide as being of higher quality than all other world cottons. -The Egyptian Cotton is hand-picked cotton. -Main importers are India, Pakistan and China

9 Egyptian cotton in the last 58 years

10 Local consumption of cotton in the past 30 years

11 Production of ELS Cotton Worldwide

12 Main Importers of Egyptian and Pima Cotton 2007/2010

13 Comparison of Egyptian Cotton and US Pima Cotton Exports in the period of 2003 - 2010

14 Comparison of Egyptian - U.S Pima Cotton Prices from Dec. 08 - Oct. 10 C/LB

15 Egyptian Cotton Trademark 1 23 654

16 THIS IS The Egyptian Cotton Trademark

17 Main Yarn Exporters to EU during 2004-2009

18 Comparison of Egypt cotton yarn exports to the EU by yarn count ranges in the period 2003 - 2009

19 Comparison of China and Mediterranean Countries Apparel export growth to the EU in the period 2003 – 2008


21 Egyptian T&C Exports to EU Exports of Knitted Apparel to EU Egyptian Home Textile Exports to the EU Exports of Cotton Yarn and Fabrics to EU Exports of Woven Apparel to EU

22 Egypts Exports of Textile and Apparel to EU during 2003 - 2009

23 Egypts Exports of Textile and Apparel to U.S during 2003 - 2009 Egypts Exports of Knitted Apparel to USA Egypts Exports of Woven Apparel to USAEgypts Exports of Home Textiles to USA Egypts Exports of Cotton, Yarns and fabrics to USA

24 Egypts Exports of Textile and Apparel to USA during 2003 - 2009

25 Egypts Exports of Woven Fabrics to UK during 2003 - 2009

26 Egypts Exports of Textile and Apparel to UK during 2003 - 2009

27 Labor Cost Comparison 2009

28 Egyptian Power & Energy Cost Egypts Water, Sewage & Natural Gas Tariffs Source: Egypt: Prime Minister Decree No. 1914/2007, Fiscal Year: Starts first of July and Ends 31 of June

29 About Sahara Group


31 ConsultationEGYTEX Trade Fair Marketing Promotion NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY FASHION INSTITUTE – NEW YORK Information Technology Networking International BUYERS E-commerce Training Strategy Services Marketing Intelligence Sourcing Brand & Retail Management Information Management WERNER INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY SOURCE NEWS INDUSTRY REPORTS JOBS RESEARCHES NEWSLETTER INDUSTRIAL Export Promotion SECTORIAL Export Promotion B2B Services In-ward Matchmaking Missions Technical Assistance Innovation Quality Management Production Out-ward Matchmaking Missions NETWORKING Sahara Group CEDITH/ETDA/EJB Textile Institute – Manchester, UK

32 Conferences Workshops EGYTEX Exhibition Institutional Support Networking

33 Egytex1997 – the 1 st International Apparel and Home Textile Sourcing Trade Fair in Egypt Initiation of Sahara Group Sourcing 1997 Egyptian Cotton Trade Mark – Market Research, Development & Launching 1998 - 2000 Awakening the Sleeping Giant Conference 2000 Egyptian Cotton & Farmer Future of Egyptian Textile Industry - Developing the Strategy for the Egyptian Textile Industry, in order to gradually take it out of the collapse and improve, modernize and open for Exports of Textile Products. – Egypts Official Textile Web Portal 2001 Through the Eye of a needle – Advances in Fibre, Fashion and Fabric - Textile Institute 82 nd World Conference 2002 Investing opportunities in the Egyptian Textile Industry - A detailed study on the production, consumption, imports and exports performance of each sector in the Egyptian Textile Industry, with the aim of setting goals for Investments needs and opportunities within a time frame from 2004 – 2010. 2003 Sahara Group – Projects Highlights

34 Spinning and Weaving Industry Sector Study - Commissioned from the EU in order to assist the Government of Egypt in analysing and taking appropriate steps towards the intended restructuring activities on the sectoral situation of primarily the Egyptian public spinning and weaving industry. 2003 Promotion of British Investments towards the Egyptian Textile Industry. It was presented in 3 seminars organized in 3 UK cities with more than 120 participants. The seminars included comparisons of Egypt advantages compared to Tunisia, Morocco, and Jordan 2004 The 1 st Euro-Mediterranean Textile & Clothing Supply Chain Integration Conference 2005 Development of a marketing strategy and plans for Misr Spinning and Weaving company which is a vertically integrated complex 2007 Textile and Clothing Developments and Future Cooperation – AGADIR Forum 2008 EGYTEX2009 – The 9 th International Apparel and Textile Sourcing Trade Fair In Egypt. 2009

35 Highlight on Egytex2011 inner activities Invitation to - Egytex2011 The 10 th International Apparel & Textile Sourcing Trade Fair B2B Meetings Service During the Egytex2011 opening hours Factory Tours Interactive Forums discussing the challenges in exports Fashion Show On the Gala Farewell Evening URL:

36 Thank You! Sahara Group Tel: 202 26708995 202 22755958 E-mail: Block H - Zone No. 6 Public Free Zone, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt



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