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Essential Learnings Framework (ELFs)

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1 Essential Learnings Framework (ELFs)
The ‘new’ Tasmanian Education Department Curriculum Framework

2 What is ELF? a construct to help schools focus on the values and purposes of education, curriculum planning, content, pedagogy and assessment ELFs (Essential Learnings) describe deep understandings that students need to develop now and draw upon in the future as active, responsible citizens and life-long learners

3 What is the Framework designed to do?
Reduce problems of a crowded curriculum Engage learners more deeply in their learning Make learning more relevant Improve learning across all areas Develop higher order thinking Support the transfer of learning

4 Framework Overview VALUES & PURPOSES
We are guided by this set of core values: Connectedness Resilience Achievement Creativity Integrity Responsibility Equity (p. 9 for definitions) We share the purposes of ensuring our children & students are: Learning to relate, participate & care Learning to live full, healthy lives Learning to create purposeful futures Learning to act ethically Learning to learn Learning to think, know & understand (p. 10 for explanations)

5 ESSENTIAL LEARNINGS Thinking (p. 13-18) Communicating (p. 19-23)
Personal Futures (p ) Social Responsibility (p ) World Futures (p )

Humans want to learn Learning is an innate & lifelong process Learners are unique & they determine their own learning Learning depends on being able to connect prior knowledge, perceptions or patterns of experience to new experience or new information and contexts Learning is profoundly influenced by social relationships (p ) Learning is significantly affected by emotions Learning is more effective when information is embedded in purposeful and meaningful experiences Learning occurs all the time & part of what is learned is understanding about context Learning is demonstrated when learners can apply their understandings in new situations in flexible & thought-provoking ways

7 CULMINATING OUTCOMES These describe a small set of valued learning performances linked to each of the ELFs. They represent the teaching & learning goals toward which education is working. Inquiring & reflective thinkers Effective communicators Self-directed & ethical people Responsible citizens World contributors

8 ELFs activity In your table group, with the EL you have been given, I want you to present a synopsis of what this area is all about Name the key elements & a brief description of what they mean Name a few key questions that are involved in this EL as examples Choose 1 key question from 1 element & answer it

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