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Phrasal Verbs Unit 6 María Camacho Carlota Moreno.

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1 Phrasal Verbs Unit 6 María Camacho Carlota Moreno

2 What are phrasal verbs? Verb Preposition / adverb Phrasal Verb

3 Function O Change the meaning e.g : - Give up: stop doing something. - Take up: tart a new hobby, pastime - Make up: Invent a story


5 Restrictions Objects before or after particle. When the object is a pronoun, it goes between the two parts. Object after the particle.

6 O Objects before or after the particle. We did our bathroom up last year. We did up our bathroom last. O If it´s a pronoun, must go between the two parts of the verb. We did it up by ourselves. O Object after the particle She has fallen for the boy who lives next door.

7 Examples To fall in love To eat into To get round To fall over

8 To knock down To walk away

9 To walk away To knock down


11 DO UP O To repair or renovate something. O Eg: It took them six months to DO UP the house before they could actually move in.

12 DO UP

13 TURN DOWN O Decrease the volume or refuse something. O Eg: Please turn the TV down while the guests are here. I turned the job down because I don't want to move.


15 KNOCK DOWN O Demolish O Hit and injure someone O Eg. - The car KNOCKED her DOWN and she broke her arm. - They KNOCKED DOWN the old church and built a block of flats in its place.

16 GROW APART O Become distant, stop having a close relationship O Eg: We used to be good friends at school but we have GROWN APART.


18 The End María Camacho Carlota Moreno

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