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The Political System in the UK

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1 The Political System in the UK

2 After this week you should
Be able to explain the basic characteristics of the British system of government. Know some differences between the political system in Norway and Britain. Know some important terms related to this topic.

3 Important terms Parliamentary Democracy House of Lords
House of Commons Monarch Prime Minister MP (Member of Parliament) Constituency ’First past the post’ Single majority elections

4 The Monarch The monarch only has symbolic power in the United Kingdom today. The monarch’s power was reduced as a result of Magna Carta in 1215. Elizabeth II is the Queen of England today.

5 Parliament The British Parliament consists of two seperate houses: The House of Commons and The House of Lords. The House of Commons is the most important of these two, and this house has most real power.

6 House of Commons Who sits in the House of Commons?
646 MPs (Members of Parliament) One person from each constituency (valgkrets)

7 How are the Members of Parliament elected?
They are elected from the 646 constituencies in the UK. Many people can try to become MP in each constituency, but only the candidate who gets most votes wins. This system is often called ’First Past the Post’ and is also referred to as ’The Winner Takes it All’ How is this different from Norway?

8 The House of Commons Tasks: Make laws Grant money Levy taxes
Monitor the Government.

9 The House of Lords Has lost much of its power.
Is made up of Lords Temporal (appointed members) and Lords Spiritual (representatives from the Church of England). Their most important function is to review legislation suggested by the House of Commons.

10 Goverment Same as ’regjering’ in Norway.
Is made up by members of Parliament. Led by the Prime Minister.

11 Test Tomorrow you will get a small test where you need to know some of the things we have worked with today. Practice on Lokus  Tracks  British Government  Quiz.

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