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Planning a Sports Activity Session

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1 Planning a Sports Activity Session
BTEC Level 2 Planning a Sports Activity Session

2 Lesson Outcomes To identify the factors to consider when planning a sports activity To review a sports activity session plan

3 Definitions to help with today's planning session

4 Factors to Consider When Planning a Session
Participants Medical Needs Resources Target Setting Expected Outcomes Sequence

5 Participants

6 Expected Outcomes The expected outcomes of the session will include our aims and objectives. Remember, that our AIM is the overall goal that we want to achieve by the end of the session. For example, ‘I want everyone able to throw a ball by the end of the session’. Our OBJECTIVES are the steps that are outlined to achieve the AIM. For example, ‘In order to everyone to be able to throw a ball I must demonstrate and explain the correct technique and give them practices to help them develop this skill’.

7 Resources Equipment – Sport sessions can be restricted by the amount and type of equipment available. Time – The sports leader should plan to make the best use of the time available. Facilities – The session plan will also be based on what facilities are available for the session.

8 Physical Activity readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)
Medical Needs Physical Activity readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) (click on the above link to see a PAR-Q Form) It is important to assess the medical needs of our participants. This is important in order to ensure that all participants are able to complete the activities involved in the session. It is important to check for things such as: Current Injury Previous Injury Previous Operations Asthma Pregnancy Previous experience of chest or joint pains


10 This refers to the structure of the sport activity session.
Sequence This refers to the structure of the sport activity session. The session usually follows a specific sequence: Warm Up Skill Introduction Main Body (consisting of) Development Exercise Conditioned Games Cool Down/Evaluation

11 Sequence of a Sport Activity Session

12 Session Planner Click the link below to see an example of a session plan for football. Example of a Session Plan for Football ò

13 Your Session Planner Now complete a session plan of your own for a sport and skill of your choice… Make sure that you complete ALL sections of the Session Planner. Click on the link below for your blank Session Planner Session Plan Sheet ò

14 Planning Quiz

15 Evaluation There are a number of factors that the sports leader should consider when planning a sports activity session. These include the participants, the session sequence, the facilities/equipment/time available, and the expected outcomes of the session. A sports activity session will follow a specific sequence. This follows introduction, skill development activity, conditioned game, competition, cool down/evaluation. Next session we will look at how to review and evaluate our sports activities sessions.

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