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OPT Information.

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1 OPT Information

2 Optional Practical Training (OPT) is defined in the regulations as:
“Temporary employment for practical training directly related to the student's major area of study.” C.F.R. § 214.2(f)(10)(ii) What is OPT??

3 OPT Definition 1 year of work authorization Must be in major field of study 1 year for each higher degree level

4 OPT Eligibility 90 days 60 days
Must be in F-1 status with one year completed as a full-time student Eligible to apply 90 days prior to completion date or 60 days after 90 days 60 days

5 Packet Materials Green sheet Blue sheet
Checklist, hints, and guidelines Blue sheet OPT application & academic adviser verification I-765 and G-1145 (white sheets) Official application to USCIS Yellow sheet Basic info & FAQ (frequently asked questions)

6 Blue Sheet This form will not be sent to USCIS Fill out info on front
Use NON-Miami address Use current mailing address Completion date UG—date program requirements are met (last day of semester) Grads—date coursework is completed OR thesis/dissertation is finished

7 Requesting an OPT Start Date
It may be harder than you think!!

8 Date Requirements Start date must be within the 60 days AFTER degree completion Example: If completing on May 6: Start date can be anywhere from May – July 5

9 Start Date OPT officially starts when card is received AND start date arrives 3 months is the standard time for USCIS to process an OPT application If you want to start right after graduation, apply early Apply USCIS approves Receive OPT card Start working!

10 Keep in Mind… Possible to have a start date LATER than requested
Example: Date requested is May 9—packet is sent April 15 Application won’t be processed until after requested start date so… New start date will be the date OPT application is approved NOTE: If application is approved prior to requested start date, work authorization will begin on requested start date OPT start date = when days of unemployment begin 90 days of unemployment begin accruing immediately if not employed Only 90 days total for duration of OPT!!

11 Academic Advisor Verification
Turn the blue sheet over! Your Academic Advisor MUST complete and sign this side before you apply for OPT They are verifying when you will complete your degree requirements

12 Form I-765 Official application that is sent to USCIS
Write neatly in blue or black pen, or: Fillable PDF form on USCIS website Name—EXACTLY as appears on passport Family: ALL CAPS (HEIDEMANN) First: Molly Middle: if listed on passport Example: HEIDEMANN Molly

13 Form I-765 #2—leave blank in most cases
#3—address where USCIS will mail OPT card OIE address recommended #4-9—you can figure this out! #10—1-94 card number (11 digits) #11—previous employment authorization? OPT or work visa NOT on-campus work or CPT #12-14—most recent entry to US Date of entry Port of entry (airport) Manner of entry (usually “F-1 student”)

14 Form I-765 #15—current status is “F-1 student” (EVERYONE!)
#16– code # (green page has answer or will be filled in already) #17—leave this blank Sign correctly! Between lines or will NOT show up on OPT card Phone #--don’t worry they won’t call! Leave bottom part blank (under “Signature of Person Preparing Form…)

15 Form G-1145 OPTIONAL If you complete this form, USCIS will send you a text message and/or when your application is received You will still receive a paper receipt notice in the mail No extra fee for this service

16 Passport photos 2 passport style photos must be:
Taken within past 30 days Identical In small plastic baggy (“snack size”) Lightly print name and I-94# on back side Gaskill Hall Print Center $5 Check out this website:

17 I-20s Please bring all original I-20s
They won’t be sent in to USCIS We would like to review them You should make sure you still have them A new I-20 will be processed at your OPT intake It will have your OPT recommendation on it You will get to take the original with you that day A copy will get sent to USCIS with your application

18 Copies of documents You must bring copies of:
Your passport identity page (with name, photo, and expiration date) – include extension/renewal page if applicable Your I-94 card (front AND back) Any previous employment authorization documents (if you answered “yes” to #11 on the I-765)

19 Fee The fee for applying for OPT is $380 It is non-refundable
Bring a check or money order made payable to “US Department of Homeland Security” If using a check, make sure the account is open and there are sufficient funds in it! If the check has an old address, cross it out and write your correct address

20 Yellow Sheet READ THE YELLOW SHEET (OPT basics and FAQs)!
It contains helpful information and frequently asked questions (including information about traveling while on OPT!) If you have questions, you can ask them at your OPT intake appointment

21 Next Steps Gather all of the materials on the checklist and complete your forms (don’t forget your academic advisor’s signature!) Call OIE ( ) to schedule an OPT intake appointment Bring all of your materials to the appointment OIE will submit your application to USCIS for you If you use our address, we will notify you by when your receipt notice and OPT card arrive Keep OIE updated on your address and your employer’s name and address

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