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Welcome To The 31 th HPC User Forum Meeting October 16, 2008.

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1 Welcome To The 31 th HPC User Forum Meeting October 16, 2008

2 Special Thanks To: Imperial College London Simon Burbidge Sue Pritchett

3 Thank You To Our Sponsors: Altair Fujitsu HP IBM Panasas

4 Steve Finn And Steve Conway HPC User Forum Update

5 Introduction: HPC User Forum Mission Assist HPC users in solving their ongoing computing, technical and business problems A forum for exchanging information, identifying areas of common interest, and developing unified positions on requirements Provide members with a continual supply of information on: Uses of high end computers, high end best practices, market dynamics, computer systems and tools, vendor activities and strategies Provide members with a channel to present their achievements and requirements to outside interested parties

6 Introduction: HPC User Forum Mission European Meeting Goal: Maintain a dialogue between US and European HPC users/buyers Recognizing that European market dynamics are not identical to U.S. market dynamics And that dynamics in Europe vary from country to country and region to region

7 Introduction: HPC User Forum Steering Committee Steve Finn BAE Systems Chairman Sharan Kalwani General Motors Corporation Vice Chairman Earl Joseph IDC, Executive Director Vijay Agarwala Penn State University Alex Akkerman Ford Motor Company Doug Ball The Boeing Company Paul Buerger Ohio Supercomputer Center Steve Conway IDC Research Vice President Jack Collins National Cancer Institute James Kasdorf Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Doug Kothe Oak Ridge National Laboratory Paul Muzio City University of New York Michael Resch HRLS, University of Stuttgart Vince Scarafino Industry Expert Suresh Shukla The Boeing Company Robert Singleterry NASA/Langley Allan Snavely San Diego Supercomputer Center

8 Important Dates For Your Calendar HPC User Forum Meetings: October 13 and 14, 2008 –HLRS/University of Stuttgart October 16, 2008 –Imperial College London April 20 to 22, 2009 –The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, Roanoke, VA September 8 to 10, 2009 –Omni Interlocken Resort, Broomfield, CO SC08 in Austin, Texas, November 15 to 21, 2008 ISC08, Hamburg, June 23 to 26, 2009

9 IDC HPC Market Update

10 IDCs HPC Team Earl Joseph IDC HPC research studies, HPC User Forum, and strategic consulting Steve Conway HPC User Forum, consulting, primary user research and events Richard Walsh In-depth technical analysis, special studies, processor trends, and data center issues Jie Wu HPC research specialist, census and forecasts, China research, interconnects and grids Lloyd Cohen Director Worldwide Market Analysis, data analysis, workstations Beth Throckmorton Government account support, special projects Charlie Hayes Government HPC issues, DOE, and special studies Mary Rolph Conference planning and logistics ©2007 IDC 10

11 Top Trends in HPC HPC continues to show strong growth 10% this Q 19% yearly growth over the last 4 years We are forecasting 9.2% growth for the next 5 years Blades are making inroads into all segments Major challenges for datacenters: Power, cooling, real estate, system management Storage and data management continue to grow in importance Software hurdles will rise to the top for most users Driven heavily by multi-core processors and hybrid systems

12 Why Has Technical Computing Grown So Quickly? 1.Price and price/peak performance of clusters has redefined the cost of technical computing –>6x better than RISC, >70x better than vectors 2.At the same time, live science and live engineering costs have escalated –Plus time-to-solution is months faster with simulations 3.Global competitiveness is driving R&D and better product designs 4.At the same time, x86 performance on technical applications is weak –Driving buyers to purchase a much larger number of processors 5.New materials and approaches require rewriting the books and tables which takes years – making simulations a faster solution

13 2007 HPC Market Size By Competitive Segments Departmental ($250K - $100K) $3.4B Divisional ($250K - $500K) $1.6B Supercomputers (Over $500K) $2.7B Workgroup (under $100K) $2.4B HPC Servers $10B

14 Vendor HPC Market Shares In 2Q08: All HPC Segments

15 Total HPC Revenue by Processor Type

16 Why Is Commodity Hot?.. Price! HPC All Servers Processor Summary, 2007

17 HPC Cluster Update

18 HPC Cluster Revenue Growth Rates Growth Has Averaged Over 74%/yr Since 2002

19 Growth In HPC Clusters 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Q103 Q203 Q303 Q403 Q104Q204 Q304Q404 Q105 Q205 Q305 Q405 Q106 Q206 Q306 Q406 Q107 Q207Q307 Q407 Cluster Non-Cluster

20 Cluster Revenue Share by Processor

21 HPC Cluster Processor Shipments HPC cluster processors are now shipping at a rate of over 2.8 million a year Average yearly growth has been 44%

22 HPC Market Forecasts

23 HPC Forecast: Strong Growth Over Next Five Years ($ Millions) Source: IDC, 2008

24 HPC Application Forecast, 2007 - 2012

25 Summary Thoughts

26 Major Customer Pain Points Clusters are still hard to use and manage System management & growing cluster complexity Power, cooling and floor space are major issues Third party software costs Weak interconnect performance at all levels Applications & programming Hard to scale beyond a node RAS is a growing issue Storage and data management are becoming new bottle necks Lack of support for heterogeneous environment and accelerators

27 Major Customer Pain Points Software is becoming the #1 roadblock Better management software is needed –HPC clusters are hard to setup and operate –New buyers – require ease-of-everything Parallel software is lacking for most users –Many applications will need a major redesign –Multi-core will cause many issues to hit-the-wall

28 Software – ISV Scaling Limitations TABLE 20 Typical Number of Processors the ISV Applications Use for Single Jobs CPU Range Number of Applications Percent 1 19 24.4% 2-8 25 32.1% 9-32 20 25.6% 33-128 9 11.5% 129-1024 4 5.1% Unlimited 1 1.3% Total: 78 100.0%

29 New Challenges Affecting IT Datacenters The increase in CPUs and server units is creating significant IT challenges in: Managing complexity –How to best manage a complex cluster –How to install/setup a new cluster without having to buy a large number of separate pieces Power/cooling and Space Application scaling and hardware utilization –How to deliver strong performance to users on YOUR applications –How to make optimal use of new processor and system designs

30 Please email: Or check out: Questions?

31 Agenda: Thursday Morning 9:00Imperial College Welcome 9:15HPC User Forum Welcome/Introductions, Steve Finn and Steve Conway 9:30Jamil Appa, BAE Systems, HPC in Aerospace 10:00Doug Ball, Boeing, HPC Trends in Aerospace 10:30IBM Technology Update 10:45Isabella Weger, ECMWF, HPC and Weather Prediction 11:15Break 11:30Gerard Gorman, Imperial College, Software Engineering & Support 12:00Dr. Frank Baetke, HP, HP's Scalable Computing Strategy 12:15Lunch

32 Lunch Logistics

33 Welcome To The 31th HPC User Forum Meeting

34 Agenda: Thursday Afternoon 13:15Panasas Technology Update 13:30Terry Hewitt, EDS, Automotive Work for Rolls-Royce 14:00Fujitsu R&D Technology Update, Motoi Okuda 14:30Andrew Jones, NAG, HPC Trends and Issues 14:45Peter Haynes, Imperial College, Materials and Physics 15:15Vince Scarafino, HPC User Forum HPC Technology Panel Results 15:45Irene Qualters, SGI, Industrial Strength Linux 16:15Break 16:30Mark Parsons, EPCC Site Update and HECToR Program 17:00Bill Butcher, Altair Engineering, Update 17:15HPC trends at NASA, Robert Singleterry 17:45Wrap up and plans for future HPC User Forum meetings, Steve Conway and Steve Finn 18:00Guided Tour of Imperial College

35 Important Dates For Your Calendar HPC User Forum Meetings: October 13 and 14 –In Stuttgart, Germany October 16 –At the Imperial College, London April 20 to 22, 2009 –The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, Roanoke, VA September 8 to 10, 2009 –Omni Interlocken Resort, Broomfield, CO Supercomputing08 in Austin, Texas, November 17 to 21, 2007 ISC08, Hamburg, June 23 to 26, 2009

36 Thank You For Attending The 31 th HPC User Forum Meeting

37 Please email: Or check out: Questions?

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