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Tracing (Group Activity)

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1 A Simple Equation: Tablets + Interactive Design = Better Biology Learning

2 Tracing (Group Activity)

3 How can Harry find Sally? Mark Harry’s path in the following slides.

4 Where was Harry born and how does he travel?

5 How can Harry find Sally?

6 Male Reproductive System

7 Male Reproductive System
1. Testes (2) Ascend/Descend Produce sperm and sex hormones Seminiferous tubules (250 m) 2. Epididymides (2) Maturation and some storage of sperm

8 3. Vas Deferens (2) 4. Seminal Vesicles (2)
Some storage of matured sperm and propulsion by muscle contractions 4. Seminal Vesicles (2) Gland Join vas deferens Nutrients

9 6. Bulbourethral Glands (2)
5. Prostate Gland Milky alkaline solution (Basic - OH) – neutralization and mobility 6. Bulbourethral Glands (2) Mucus secretion – lubricating effect

10 7. Urethra Carries semen Carries urine
Opens to the outside environment

11 Harry the Sperm * Harry Leaving Home (Group Activities)

12 epididymis vas deferens seminal vesicles prostate gland bulbourethra gland semen vas deferens urethra reproductive system semen urethra penis


14 Drag and Drop Activity (Individual Activity)

15 Female Reproductive System

16 Female Reproductive System
1. Ovaries (2) Produce egg and sex hormones Follicles 2. Fallopian Tubes (2) Oviducts Tubular fertilization

17 3. Uterus Endometrium (inside lining) 4. Cervix Pap smear Hysterectomy

18 5. Vagina Muscular tube Produces substances that are metabolized into acids Opens to the outside environment

19 Looking for Sally (Individual Activity)

20 Looking for Sally Once released, Harry swam into the ____________. The alkaline fluid from the ____________ helps neutralize the acidic environment of the ____________ long enough so that Harry and his siblings can swim through the ____________, into the ____________, and find the entrance into one of the ____________. Harry swam as fast as he could because that is the place he might have a chance to meet Sally. This will only be possible if Sally the ____________ (female reproductive cell) is released from the ____________, made/makes her way into the ____________, and can be found and fertilized by a ____________. Then the fertilized ____________ will continue down the ____________ and embed herself in the ____________ lining of the ____________. If Harry can not find or fertilize Sally in the ____________, Sally will continue down the ____________ and into the ____________, exit through the ____________, and out the ____________. In that case, the ____________ lining is not needed, and it will be released through the ____________ during menstruation. Let’s wish Harry and Sally good luck! reproductive system seminal vesicles egg scrotal sac semen cervix prostate gland scrotum uterus sperm(s) bulbourethral glands epididymis vagina seminiferous tubules urethra penis fallopian tube(s) testicles vas deferens ovary vagina vagina prostate gland cervix uterus fallopian tubes egg ovary fallopian tubes fallopian tubes sperm egg endometrium uterus fallopian tubes fallopian tubes uterus cervix vagina endometrium vagina



23 External Genitals Vulva- collectively Mons Pubis- fatty tissue
Labia Majora- extend backward Labia Minora- extend forward Clitoris- organ homologous to the penis

24 Labeling (Individual Activity)

25 Label the female reproductive system
Fallopian tube (oviduct) Ovary Uterus Urinary bladder Urethra Clitoris Labium minora Labium majora Cervix Rectum Vagina Anus Vagina orifice

26 Tracing Activity (Individual Activity)

27 Where was Harry born and how does he travel?

28 How can Harry find Sally?

29 Matching (Homework / Review)

30 Contribute nutrients and fluid to semen
Testes Maturation and some storage of sperm Seminiferous tubules Matured sperm are stored and propelled by muscle contractions Epididymides Produces sperm and sex hormones Vasa Deferentia Suspended within the scrotal sacs of the scrotum Seminal vesicles

31 Made up of a head with a nucleus and acrosome, a middle with a high concentration of mitochondria, and a flagella Prostate Gland Used for both the urinary and reproductive systems in male (but only urinary systems in female ) Bulbourethral glands Made of spongy erectile tissue containing blood spaces Urethra Contribute a milky alkaline fluid believed to activate or increase the mobility of sperm Penis Provide mucous secretions with a lubricating effect Mature sperm

32 Concluding Remarks

33 A Simple Equation: Tablets + Interactive Design = Better Biology Learning

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