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UFO Cults and Us …theres a little UFO cultist in everybody.

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1 UFO Cults and Us …theres a little UFO cultist in everybody.

2 [ Big Idea] >>Are people more rational or more emotional?<< >>EMOTIONAL<< ^_^ -_- >_< O_o x_x T_T

3 [Cults][Cults] >> Peoples Temple >> Leader Tim Jones convinced nine hundred followers to drink cyanide and commit suicide. >> Heavens Gate >> Thirty-eight members of this group committed suicide when they saw the Comet Hale-Bopp because they believed the comet was a spaceship and they had to release their souls through death to board it. >> UFO Cult >> Leader Marian Keech convinced followers that Guardians from the Planet Clarion had warned her that there was going to be a great flood but her followers would be saved by a UFO on December 21, 1954 at midnight.

4 [ARE you in a cult?] >> Politics << >> Religion << >> Nationalism << Do you like being right?

5 [ UFO Cults ] >> How can concrete evidence be ignored? >> …the discomfort at being confronted with evidence of error is a universal human emotion. >> Emotion vs. Logic >> Cognitive Dissonance >> …theres a little UFO cultist in everybody.

6 [ COGNITIVE DISSONANCE ] »1984 – Doublethink »War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength. »Chocolate Ration »Ministry of Truth »Extreme? »Or not?

7 [ Moonbat effect ] » – Karl Rove indicted for Perjury »No apology needed. I am glad you took the risk and you confirmed my faith in you. »Persevere, keep the faith and above all keep up the good work. »You believe, with all your heart, soul, mind and body that a story is correct. You base you belief, not on evidence, logic, or reason, but simply because you want to believe so badly, the though of it being wrong invalidates your very existence. »A barking moonbat is someone who sacrifices sanity for the sake of consistency.

8 [ Pictures in our Heads Trap ] »Psychological Trap »Stereotypes – Preconceived Notions »In a Pennsylvania election »Republican Barbara Hafer opposed abortion rights »Democrat Robert Casey favored legal right to abortion »The reverse was true »William Ayers » » »

9 [ I Know Im Right Trap ] »Langers mindlessness Experiment »Trigger/Weasel Words »Commercial Products

10 [ Root For My Side Trap ] »Emotions overcome logic »Americans Side »Chinese Side

11 [Remember: Yes we can!] »We are all guilty »The human species is not as great as it is made out to be. »Learn from ones mistakes. » Apply ones knowledge. »Its never too late to change.

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