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1960s: Lots of Angry People. Kennedy Nixon Debate.

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1 1960s: Lots of Angry People

2 Kennedy Nixon Debate


4 John Kennedy was a breath of fresh air and controversy wrapped up into one big ball. Kennedy won by the smallest of margins over Nixon His youth and religion were at the forefront of the campaign. Roman Catholics are to follow the law of the church and Pope without question.

5 Kennedy won the hearts of many and the anger of others Kennedy was a pro civil rights man He was for the working class, building society from the bottom up, against the escalation of soldiers in Vietnam, and a strong cold war President.

6 Kennedy was for the space program : Ich Bin ein Berliner Speech


8 JFK is shot on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas The Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone After his assassination, other great men were shot: Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X Combined and standing alone many people believe the government is more involved than they let on.

9 The Counter-Culture Inevitably, society swings back and forth; in the 50s everybody conformed, in the late 60s people questioned the norm All parts of society was yearning for new freedoms and rights: Civil Rights, Womens rights, Minority rights, etc. Combine these people, the governments escalation in Vietnam, the assassinations, and the quicker use of technology, people will rebel

10 The Counter-Culture

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