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Telesales Lesley Aitken Les Mills Sales Training © 2006 Les Mills International Limited.

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1 Telesales Lesley Aitken Les Mills Sales Training © 2006 Les Mills International Limited

2 A successful general will have more than one strategy. A football team with the greatest number of plays and capability of carrying them out can prevail over a team with more talent. The same holds true for a salesperson. The more ways you have of communicating trust to the customer, the more successful you will be. Kerry Johnston

3 Selling Les Mills on the Telephone What would you like to learn from this work shop? What would you like to be reminded of?

4 Foundation of success Develop the necessary skills Product knowledge Inherent flexibility Daily disciplines

5 The outstanding telesales Think of the greatest Telesales Professional that ever lived, what would they look like, sound like, and how would they act when they are on the telephone. You are now going to set the standard for a Telesales Professional in your organisation professional

6 What language are we speaking? Talk their language Match & mirror – be the same Understand the elements of communication Listen up – check in Avoid auto pilot Small talk Business talk

7 Customer centric selling Pretend you are the author of your own dictionary and define the word selling:

8 The vital importance of adopting Traditional Customer Centric We need to be good at customer centric selling The Customer Centric Mindset!

9 Whose agenda is it anyway? Engage in solution conversations. Solution conversations should be usage and result orientated rather than feature orientated.

10 Who is in the driving seat? Your customers are in first class Empower you customers Employ the real human element

11 What motivates change? All human and motivation decisions come down to two major forces The need to avoid pain and gain pleasure

12 The three levels of need

13 The pain chain Pain flows through the entire club!


15 Do your homework 1. Build an account profile 2. Gather information on the company 3. Visit their web site 4. Knowledge is power!

16 Be proactive Know the number of calls/sales you can make Get going early in the day Get some success to start the day – success breeds success Avoid the drift start Plan who you are going to call the night before Make sure you know the name of the power person

17 The 7 steps of the initial call 1. Establish rapport 2. Introduce the call 3. Qualification 4. Gain agreement to move 5. Determine the decision maker(s) 6. Conclude the call neatly 7. Follow up!

18 The initial call Good morning (their name), my name is (your name) from (your company) Hinge: (Referrals name) we havent yet met but (referrers name) has asked me to contact you. Choose an appropriate hinge from the hinge menu. Do you have a moment to speak on the telephone? Step 1: Establish rapport

19 Using hinges What is a hinge?: A hinge on which to hang your approach Referral Hinge : Sarah we havent met yet but Andy Jackson asked me to contact you… Letter & Brochure Hinge: Sarah, did you receive the information I sent you on Les Mills programmes? Feedback Hinge: Sarah the reason for my call is to introduce myself and also get some feedback on how classes are going in the industry. Interest Hinge: Weve had loads of interest in your local area Introduction Hinge: Introduction Hinge: The reason for my call is to introduce you to my company The initial call

20 Step 2: Introduce the call State the call objective Good morning (their name). My name is … from… Do you have a moment to speak? (Optional) Hinge: The reason for my call is to... Or… What I would like to do during the next few minutes is… Give you a brief overview of (our company) and tell you about another (club/group) we have worked with. I would then like to learn about you and your situation. Then the two of us will be able to make a mutual decision as to whether or not we should proceed any further. The initial call

21 Step 2: Introduce the call Share a positioning statement We are in the business of helping over 7,000 health clubs and fitness facilities in more than 50 countries worldwide to (brief statement of how clubs use Les Mills)… Choose two or three key benefits from the menu below. Increase group fitness usage Attract new members Reduce cardio area congestion Improve member retention Monitor and manage group fitness Increase profit Now share a success story… The initial call

22 Step 2: Introduce the call Share a relevant success story A particular situation you might be interested in is another (health club). The (Area Director) was having difficulty achieving (full classes). He said he needed a way to (dramatically improve their group fitness programme and have higher studio attendance). We provided his clubs with a variety of Les Mills programmes and as a result, (he increased studio attendance and improved retention by 10%). The initial call

23 Step 3: Qualification: Get pain admitted Transition to the pain Anyway enough about how we have helped… Tell me about you and your situation. (Listen up!) The four possible outcomes 1. Im having the same problem – ask questions 2. Im having a different problem – ask questions 3. No pain, no problem (friendly or unfriendly) – ask questions 4. I have the same problem and already working on it –ask questions The initial call

24 Questions to use: What sort of studio programmes are you running? Which ones are doing well? Why do you think they are doing well? Which two classes are not doing well? Why do you think that is? The initial call Step 3: Qualification: Get pain admitted

25 What sort of numbers are attending classes? What is your studio capacity? How do you feel about the low numbers? Do you mind me asking what sort of things you are doing to try and fix problems? How would you feel if the numbers didnt improve? What effect would this have on your members? Your instructors? Your revenue? The initial call Step 3: Qualification: Get pain admitted

26 Outcome: No pain, no problems: The top three difficulties we are hearing from clubs are...(choose three from the menu below). 1. Generating quality leads 2. Motivating instructors 3. Increasing class attendance 4. Cardio area congestion at peak periods 5. Monitoring and managing group fitness effectively 6. Increasing retention i) Are you facing any of these issues today? ii) Are you curious about how we have helped our customers with these issues? The initial call Step 3: Qualification: Get pain admitted

27 Outcome: I have the same problems and already working on it 1. Make yourself equal before you make yourself different Seek to understand their vision (What, Where, Why, When, Who & How) 2. Reengineer a vision Are you also looking for a way to… Would it help if you also had a way to… 3. Confirm You mentioned you were looking at (original vision) Today you also said you needed… If you had… could you (pain)? The initial call Step 3: Qualification: Get pain admitted

28 Step 4: Gain agreement to move Im glad I called you today (their name). Im confident we can provide you with easy solutions to your challenges. I would like the opportunity to prove it to you. Would you give me that opportunity? The initial call forward

29 Outcome: Meeting scheduled The best thing for us to do is arrange a time in the next few days. Now let me see, I would be able to meet with you on (day) at (time) or would (day) at (time) suit you better? Great! What Ill do now is confirm our meeting and my contact details by e-mail. Can I just confirm your details please? CONFIRM ADDRESS, DIRECT LINE, MOBILE NUMBER & E-MAIL The initial call Step 4: Gain agreement to move forward

30 Outcome: No meeting scheduled Would you be interested in me sending you some information? Yes… Also with your permission I would like to call you next week to find out if you have any questions about the information. Would that be alright with you? Great! Is it best to call you on Monday at 2.15pm or Wednesday at 3.15pm? The initial call forward Step 4: Gain agreement to move

31 Step 5: Determine the decision maker(s) Lets say you become convinced that it really is possible to (repeat buying vision) and you want to go forward, what do you do then?… who else is involved? The meeting will take some of my companys resources and I may be premature at this stage, however I would like to propose that (name(s)) also attends the meeting. Is that fair? The initial call

32 And professionally Thank you for taking time out to talk to me today. Im looking forward to (meeting or talking) to you on (date & time). Step 6: Conclude the call neatly The initial call

33 Step 7: Follow up Stay in touch fairly often. A no today – a YES tomorrow. Avoid harassing! Gauge your nuisance factor! Ask each person how they would like to hear from you. The initial call

34 Avoid… How often shall I contact you? Say… With your permission I would like to follow up with you in about 7 days to find out if you have any questions. Would that be alright with you? Be sure to keep notes on all your follow ups. The initial call Step 7: Follow up

35 Summary People buy from people they TRUST Pain flows through the entire organisation No pain, no change Diagnose before you prescribe Power buys from power

36 Recommended resources Selling with NLP: Kerry L. Johnson Selling for Dummies: Tom Hopkins Customer Centric Selling: Michael T. Bosworth Power Sales Presentations: Stephan Schiffman

37 ACTION PLAN According to Pareto's Law, 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. Only one in five of the things you do have a significant impact on your success. What are your big rocks?

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