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Virtual Enterprise Solid Foundation for Evolution Communication Manager 5.0/SIP Enablement Services 5.0/Call Center 5.0 and associated new products and.

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1 Virtual Enterprise Solid Foundation for Evolution Communication Manager 5.0/SIP Enablement Services 5.0/Call Center 5.0 and associated new products and enhancements Hello This presentation covers the new capabilities delivered by Communication Manager 5.0 and associated products that will be launching in early It will also detail the separation of software and hardware maintenance services and related new offers.

2 Product/Solution Details New Offers and Pricing Summary
Agenda Overview Product/Solution Details New Offers and Pricing Summary So, first we’ll present, at a high level, Avaya’s vision of the IP Telephony as the foundation for enhanced enterprise communications through application enablement and integration. We’ll also overview how the new capabilities delivered in this launch reinforce this vision. Next we’ll cover both the exciting new enhancements to existing products as well as the net new products that are being launched to market. While we’ll talk about new features and functions, we’ll focus more on customer benefits and applications. Next we’ll cover the new maintenance offers associated with the launch of Communication Manager 5.0, specifically the separation of software and hardware support. This change consistent with Avaya’s evolution to a software company and mimics changes we’ve already made in other portfolios (modular messaging, distributed office). Finally, we’ll spend a moment to review our major points….

3 Avaya Architecture Foundation Platform Evolution for Avaya, Ecosystem and Customers
Solution Avaya has platform solutions today, leverage ATAC, CSI Problem Solving business issues today, while preparing for new technologies Benefits: Solutions today to increase your communication efficiency Reduce costs Investment protection Reduce risks One of the major challenges enterprises face today is ensuring that their communications architecture not only can meet existing needs –such as connecting remote workers and integrating operations across the globe and reducing costs – but also become a platform that can provide a technological foundation for the future. Enterprises are looking to invest in communications platforms – software applications, and associated hardware and endpoints - that can be integrated with more and more of their internal systems and applications to streamline business processes. And while they may not be integrating these systems with the business processes today- they want to be sure that there is a migration path to do so in the future. Avaya IPT Architecture today addresses these challenges by supporting the evolution to end-to-end Session Initiation Protocol or SIP. SIP enhances the connectivity and openness of Communication Manager and associated end-user devices, resulting in reduced costs for trunking and connecting systems, faster deployment of new functions and enhanced options for linking communications with business processes to increase competitive advantage. The emphasize these points, the blue diagram shows the software foundation of Avaya solutions - we think of Communication Manager and SIP Enablement Services at the core, this expends to AES, voice portal and other customer service applications and much more today – these building blocks support the concept of intelligent communications. ================= Avaya has made it easy for customers to invest in our platform solutions now and migrate to SIP at their own pace…and enjoy many benefits.. You can deploy solutions today to increase your communications efficiency and reduce costs – for example, SIP trunking can reduce both hardware costs and PSTN costs. To gain even more efficiencies, you can leverage the strong ecosystem of development and alliance partners – from software/hardware companies like Microsoft and Samsung …to service providers like Verizon and AT&T – as well as internal SIP experts from ATAC and CSI. Purchasing Avaya platforms today protects investments for the future and reduce the risk of technological obsolescence Investment protection is supported from the server, applications and endpoint perspective (e.g. on our IP deskphones, firmware updates between H.323 and SIP at no extra cost, SIP services per user at no additional cost, now integrating SIP/H.323 services on same server; upgrades of gateway capabilities, etc)Businesses today are facing many challenges with their communications infrastructure

4 January 2008 Launch How CM / SES / CC 5.0 come together
Solution CM 5.0/SES 5.0 support: CC 5.0 w/Avaya Agent Deskphone 16CC, 9600 SIP Intelligent Customer Routing with Voice Portal Future applications (SIP A/S, CEBP, UC) Streamlined hardware: Co-residency on the S8300 G450 Media Gateway Juniper/IG550 additions S8730 Server New maintenance, management and upgrade offers AIM 5.0, SS+U, Intro Pricing Problem Need foundation for end-to-end SIP for enterprise and contact center Enhance workforce productivity Reduce costs today while protecting investment for the future Streamline upgrade process while integrating management What specifically is being delivered in CM5.0 Launch? To address the needs for end-to-end SIP Foundation in the contact center, new capabilities have been added to CM and SES. - Avaya now offers end-to-end SIP with the introduction of the Avaya Agent Deskphone 16CC- an agent optimized SIP deskphone. SIP trunking for CM has been enhanced to incorporate needed features for multi-site call centers, which we’ll discuss later. CM/SES also support Intelligent Customer Routing with Voice Portal; by front-ending a call center with VP , calls can be parked in self service until contact center routing replies with best avail agent, reducing network resources required to hold queued calls. 2. SIP enhancements extend to the broader enterprise as well The Avaya one-X Deskphone 9600 series SIP R2 is now available and richens the feature set to make users more productive. Co-residency of the CM and SES on the S8300 Server gives small to mid market customers a cost-effective for option of delivering end-to-end SIP AND larger enterprises improved networking options for branch locations 3. To address the needs to reduce costs today while protecting investments for future – Avaya has introduced several new enhancements to streamline the hardware required to deploy IPT solutions… In addition to the aforementioned co-residency of SES and CM on S8300, the new G450 Media Gateway is being launched. This cost-effective, modular platform is an excellent solution for small to mid sized campuses (when used with S8300 or S8500 server) or mid to large branch offices. Avaya’s is expanding the IG550 integrated gateway product family – two new gateway modules are now available that help bring Avaya IP telephony to enterprises deploying Juniper Networks J-Series routers. The S8730 is an even more resilient replacement for the S8720 Server - 4. Finally, consistent with Avaya’s transition to a software company, Avaya has unbundled software and hardware maintenance services for Communication Manager 5.0. New offers include Software Support and Software Support Plus Upgrades. We are also offering introductory pricing to ease this transition for customer upgrading to CM 5.0. ========================= SIP Contact Center (First pure end to end SIP contact center from any major vendor) Support up to 2500 SIP agents SIP agent phone – 16CC Expert Agent Selection Expanded SIP trunking options UUI & NCR Alternate routing Intelligent Enterprise Connect support (using Voice Portal in front of Call Center) SIP Enterprise/SMB support Co-residency of SES and CM on S8300C Extend call feature for SIP phones (9600 SIP) SIP visiting user, and emergency dialing from unregistered SIP phones Enhanced 9600 SIP feature set Support of future SIP-based applications New hardware support G450 gateway Additional Juniper routers/IG550 options S8730 Server G860 V2 Support of SIP Trunk enhancements Higher capacity, more interfaces Other features Survivable CDR when in ESS mode ISDN supplementary service on busy/no reply Support of 3rd party certificates (Verisign, others) Extension to Cellular 8.0 IA770 Support of IMAP4 Integrated Management 5.0 Problem Customer inquiries within self-service immediately transferred to contact center resulting in increased hardware capacity to hold queued calls Solution Deploy Voice Portal in front, “parking” calls in self-service until contact center routing replies with best available agent 4 4

5 Communication Manager Software SIP Enablement Services
Rich Virtual Enterprise Foundation Today Building Blocks, Scale/Security/Availability, Customer Evolution Communication Manager Software SIP Enablement Services Solutions Integrated Management Suite Servers Services Network Assessments SMB & Branch Solutions CM Solutions Phone Apps Nw Readiness Empirix Performance Assurance Software Support + Upgrades Proactive IP Support Remote Mgd Services IP Converged Services Software Support Plus Upgrades S8500 Server S8300 / S8400 Embedded Communication Server S8500 / MultiVantage Express® Communication Server S8720 / S8730 High Reliability Communication Server The building blocks for all communication systems Intent of slide is to show the enhancements to the portfolio associated with launch of CM5.0/SES5.0 – in addition to what we previously discussed are: the new S8730 Server and Enhancements to the Integrated Management portfolio (AIM 5.0) Lets get into the details of what’s new…. S8300 Server Media Gateways G250 Branch Gateways for very small offices IG550 Integrated Gateway for Juniper Routers G350 Branch Gateway for small offices G450 Gateway for medium offices G650 High-Density Gateway G860 High-Density Trunk Gateway Communication Devices 36xx Series – Wireless Unified Communications - Mobility Solutions Extension to Cellular, Softphones, Clients 16xx Series Value Edition / 16CC 96xx Series - H.323 / SIP

6 Avaya Agent Deskphone 16CC SIP in the Contact Center
Low-cost, agent-optimized SIP endpoint User-Centric Design Physical characteristics optimized for Agents Context-sensitive user interface Support for Agent functions Third-party Call Control AES/ASAI can monitor and control Supports multi-channel contact center solutions (IC, CCE, CIE), Agent Performance (NICE, Witness) Avaya and third party dialers The Avaya Agent Deskphone is an affordable, purpose-built SIP telephone that provides basic Call Center agent features Combines traditional deskphone features such as LED buttons and fixed keys with traditional agent features like agent log-in/log-out and supervisor assist, with today’s latest deskphone enhancements such as softkeys, a navigation wheel and a context-sensitive agent interface. Its value is in providing a match of basic call center agent features with a value priced phone to meet customer expectations for low cost alternatives based on SIP. Both the design and user interface work better for agents than general phone. And is an evolutionary step in better intergrating SIP functions into the Contact Center Also important is SIP endpoint control via CTI – Now CTI apps like Interaction Center, Contact Center Express and Custeomr Interaction Center, Agent performance partners like NICE and Witness, Avaya and 3rd party dialers. Important because 30% of contact centers use CTI apps and until now, SIP-based endpoints had been invisible to these apps. No longer. Agent functions include: Agent Log-In / Log-Out Manual-In Auto-In Aux Work After Call Work Supervisor Assist Third-party Call Control AES/ASAI can monitor and control Supports Interaction Center (IC), Customer Interaction Express (CIE), Contact Center Express (CCE), Agent Performance (NICE, Witness); Avaya and third party dialers Low cost – presence, other SIP functions to be integrated…

7 Avaya one-X™ Deskphone SIP R2.0
More phones: 9620, 9630/G, 9640/G Enhanced user productivity Extend Call Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration Presence of users displayed in telephone contact list SIP Visiting User Increased customizability Security and enterprise integration More languages Avaya is developing a complete portfolio of SIP endpoints: hard/soft/mobile at right price The introduction of the SIP R2.0 is an important step in this direction. Avaya’s strategy is to make its SIP deskphone portfolio as robust as its H.323 portfolio in terms of voice features while leveraging SIP to add more value. More phones added to the portfolio with the 9620, 9630/G and 9640/G More user productivity features – we’ll discuss the mobility features of SIP visiting user and extend call later; in addition; we’re integrating with Microsoft Outlook calendar on the phone display to remind one of important events; leveraging SIP to display a user’s presence on the telephone contact list (as with soft client applications); More customization - Give the ability to Customize and personalize the phones via, for example, user interface color scheme on the 9640/G; button labels and positioning, Better Enterprise Integration, including Enterprise directory integration with one-touch dialing via LDAP support in the WML browser. Communication Manager based auto-dial buttons provide centrally administered and shared dialing short-cuts. Asynchronous on/off for SNMP enable SNMP with one command when necessary and turns it off to improve security. 802.1x using EAP MD5 or EAP TLS together with TLS and SRTP provides secure network communications. LLDP and LLDP-MED simplify installation, especially when voice and data are each assigned to their own VLAN. VMON support provides SRTP voice quality metrics to Avaya VMM for early warnings of network congestion and faults. CNA client provides network information to a CNA server SIP Visiting User means that a user can easily use another phone while visiting another enterprise site. Emergency calling, even if the phone is unregistered. More Languages: Russian, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean (Display only) Future plans are to both expand feature set (aggregated presence, visual voice mail, IM & Chat, video) and expand choices…. ==================== More Customizability The User Interface color scheme can be customized on the 9640 and 9640G to provide improved visibility, more user enjoyment or, combined with customized faceplates, a unique enterprise appearance. Buttons labels and positions can be customized so they are easier to understand and to speed access to the most commonly used features and numbers Phone-based Speed Dials provide one-touch dialing. Contact information from Microsoft Exchange can be linked to the telephone contact list. Customizable translations for all messages and labels. More IETF standard features Local 3-way conferencing is available to reduce or eliminate the need for centralized conferencing resources. Local Call Forwarding allows a 9600 SIP Telephone to forward a call without requiring help from a proxy. Improved integration with third party infrastructure with support for more SIP Service Examples (call forwarding – all, on no answer, on busy; call transfer – attended and unattended; call hold; call management – inbound and outbound, find me) More Communication Manager features Extend a Call to your EC500 number with a single feature button. Third party Call Control to integrate with back-end applications. Transfer and Hold Recall to alert a user when a transfer has failed or a call has been on hold too long. Busy Lamp Indicator allows one user to monitor the on/off hook state of another extension and provides one-touch dialing Integration with PC video (beta/demo) More features for all environments WML Browser provides access to internet Edit dialing allows cell-phone style on-hook dialing with edit and alphanumeric capabilities. Better Enterprise Integration

8 SIP Mobility SIP in the Enterprise
SIP Visiting User Allows users to log in to any SIP 96xx Telephone anywhere in the Enterprise Log out timer Extend call Extends your call to/from mobile and deskphone Benefits Increased productivity for nomadic workers Easy to use and deploy Optimal use of network resources Trying to align feature set of SIP phones with that of H.323 SIP visiting user is similar to Enterprise Mobility User feature with H.323 phones. enables users to log in to their SIP96XX phones throughout the enterprise and download their personal profiles – extension number and personalized features Intra-switch and Inter-switch User experience is the same as their personal desk phone Phones optionally log out user after extended period of inactivity Extend call - ability to extend in-progress calls to one’s mobile phone at push of button Benefits include as listed; Targeted to Executives Sales and Marketing associates Knowledge workers IT

Another advantage of SIP is that it is being used by Service providers for PSTN access. Will enable SPs to provide local and long distance VoIP calls over “data” WANs. Consolidating services over single interface rather than the “access line spaghetti” of multiple, single purpose T1/E1s that exists today. SIP trunking uses IP network interfaces from the Service provider – with the results much lower hardware cost from Avaya as there is less need to support more expensive TDM interfaces – which require more gateway cabinets and circuit packs. Fewer cabinets > less space > less power > less $ and “greener” solution. Avaya is working with several Service Providers, among them AT&T and Verizon, to ensure interoperability between their SIP trunking services and Communication Manager. H.323

10 Reduce/Eliminate Enterprise Hardware
Configuration G650 MGs Port Slots Port Cards Savings (List) 150 Agents – 225 Trunks Contact Center TDM Agents E1 Trunks 2 15 7 24-port DCP digital line circuit packs 8 E1 interface circuit packs - TDM Agents SIP Trunks 1 9 7 24-port DCP digital line circuit packs 1 CLAN circuit pack 1 IP Media Resource 320 circuit pack $25K IP Agents SIP Trunks 1 CLAN circuit pack 1 IP Media Resource 320 circuit pack $49K 3,000 Agents – 4,500 Trunks Contact Center 24 266 port DCP digital line circuit packs 141 E1 interface circuit packs 13 147 port DCP digital line circuit packs 11 CLAN circuit packs 11 IP Media Resource 320 circuit packs $474K 13 CLAN circuit packs 2 IP Media Resource 320 circuit packs $1.2M Benefits of SIP Trunking Reduce HARDWARE components Reduce FOOTPRINT requirements Reduce POWER consumption Reduce MAINTENANCE charges Hard dollar hardware savings These two examples show how much can be saved in hardware $ alone when moving to SIP trunking. These are examples based on real customers. The first is a contact center of 150 agents, the second is a contact center of 3000 agents. As can be seen – in the first case as much as $45K can be saved if SIP trunking is used. In the second, as much as $1.2M can be saved. In addition to the hardware savings, less real estate is needed, less power is required, and ongoing maintenance costs will be cheaper.

11 SIP Trunking Enhancements SIP in the Contact Center
Avaya-authored SIP extension for User-to-User Information (UUI) Missing from current SIP standards Supports Multisite Virtual Routing over SIP trunks Network Call Redirection (NCR) over SIP trunks Carrier Network redirects call from Call Center A to Call Center B over SIP trunk Frees up Communication Manager resources, reduces network bandwidth, better QoS Working with Carriers to support both Also supporting alternate routing to PSTN In the previous examples, Contact Center applications were used to show the benefits of SIP trunking. In the real world – many Contact Center applications rely of the PSTN providing certain features to ensure efficient routing of calls to the best possible agent. While these services have long been available over the PSTN through ISDN services, they are now just beginning to be supported over SIP trunking. Avaya has been instrumental is working with standards bodies to add these important capabilities to the SIP trunkiing feature set. The first important enhancement available in CM 5.0 is User-to-User Information. Avaya authored this extension to the current SIP standards to address the issue of forwarding information about the user along with the call as it is routed from one contact center to another or to trigger screen pops based on the customer information. The second capability is Network Call Redirection – which allows incoming contact center calls to be redirected to a different IVR or agent queue on a different ACD. This helps free up Communication Manager resources which in the absence of NCR, would be required for the duration of the call. One final capability is supporting alternate routing of a SIP trunk call to the PSTN – meaning that CM can sense a network problem on a SIP trunk and redirect the call over the PSTN. The first two capabilities are required for multisite contact center applications. The third feature is a business continuity feature – important for contact center but general enterprise as well. Deliver calls to the most available agent across distinct call centers

12 Communication Manager with S8300C Server SIP in Small and Mid-Market/Remote Offices
Now includes embedded SES server for complete all-in-one SIP, H.323, and TDM telephony solution Reduces cost and footprint Exact same SIP functionality as larger CM Media Servers with standalone SES server Scale with SIP networking between S8300-based remote offices Leverages centralized SIP-based apps 100 SIP user limit S8300 Co-resident CM and SES on the S8300C server Important for a couple of reasons Lower cost – no need to purchase additional server – smaller customers like this… Avaya’ first consolidated SIP/H.323/TDM platform – a harbinger of things to come from Avaya – gives you the ability to respond positively on RFPs that require end-to-end SIP solution Can be networked together using SIP trunks Can leverage SIP-based apps like modular messaging and meeting exchange Note that there is a 100 user limit on the SIP app… Finally, the S8300C works in our H.248 media gateway platforms G250 G350 G450

13 G450 Media Gateway H.248 Gateway for: Deployment Options Benefits
Mid to large Branch offices Small to mid Campuses Deployment Options Pure subtending gateway w/S8300 as standalone or LSP (up to 450 users) w/S8500 and Processor Ethernet (up to 2400 users) Scalable, modular platform Communication Manager 5.0+ Benefits Lower cost, higher capacity Cost-effective, simple solution for mid-sized campus Enhanced reliability and survivability Important new product – ultimately a replacement for the G700. Lots of interest from field and customers… Targeted to mid to larger branch offices and small to mid sized branches. Like all H.248 gateways, it can be a configured pure subtending gateway – meaning call control is delivered by a centralized server running CM. It can also work as standalone with an S8300 “blade” server to serve up to 450 users or with an S8500 server with processor ethernet for up to 2400 users. And of course both the S8300 and S8500 can be configured as local survivable processors for extra resiliency for branch offices. More scalable, higher capacity that G700 – Much more resilient – dual power, hot swap mods, SLS + LSP (e.g., dual power supplies, hot swappable fan trays, supervisor, media modules) Great for Small to Mid campuses using S8500 and processor Ethernet Also good for branch offices currently using G650s – no sensitive IPSI cards Price competitive (in most cases cheaper) than G700 Note that the G450 requires CM 5.0 or higher. For this reason we will keep the G700 around for legacy customers.

14 S8730 Server and IG550 Enhancements
Next Generation of S87XX Server Family Same capacities as S8720XL Higher Resiliency RAID + Dual Power Supplies Same Price as S8720 IG550 Integrated Gateway New gateway and interface modules for Juniper J-series routers Benefits cost-effective, single-box voice/data solution for small to mid-sized branch (10-40 users) high-density analog trunks+lines S8730 is a follow-on to the S8720 server – which is being phased out by its manufacturer So – like all S87XX Servers, it is Duplicated for extreme resiliency Transparent fail-over Hardened Linux OS Unlike the S8720 Server that it replaces – there is no “separate” XL configuration required for the highest capacities: It supports these “out of the box”. Defaults to larger configuration Up to 600,000 BHCC (w/hardware duplication & general call mix) Up to 36K stations, 12K trunks Does have RAID for additional HDDs if desired as well as Dual Power supplies IG550 Integrated Gateway The IG550 is effectively a GX50 gateway on “blades” for Juniper J-series branch routers. The IG550 differs from the other GX50 gateways in that it only works in subtending mode; it does not support an S8300 server either in standalone mode or as a Local Survivable Processor. And it only works with Juniper J2320, 2350, 4350 or 6350 routers. The primary opportunity is with those enterprises that are going through a “router refresh” cycle and are looking for alternatives to Cisco. Juniper Networks is more than happy to work with us on any major opps. Important – while the IG550 was originally available in March 2007, this new release will enhance this product immensely as the new gateway blades better suit the capabilities of the product. New TGM have 20 VoIP channels; TGM has 10 VoIP channels vs current TGM550 which has 80. So the new modules are sized better for the smaller branch office.Note that there is are 2 analog trunks and 2 analog lines with every TGM mod. New Analog mods are in configs of 0 trunks/8 lines; 8 trunks/8 lines; 0 trunks/16 lines.

15 Integrated Management 5.0 Enhancements
Applications support Communication Manager 4.0/5.0 program including New Avaya hardware and endpoints Authentication with AAA/LDAP Alliance Partner products New Application enhancements Security enhancements to MSA Continued utility of SUM New platforms and OS support New Linux and Microsoft platforms Nothing much to add – emphasize that many these tools are included in CM and CMEE licenses. CM/SES Co-Residency G450/S8730/IG550/S8300C Supports new endpoints 16XX Series 9630/G, 9640/ Authentication with AAA/LDAP Support alliance partner products – Samsung iBG, Juniper J-Series Routers, Extreme Summit and Black Diamond switches, Polycom videoconferencing solutions New enhancements to MSA the ability for MSA to handle more customized permissions This procedure describes how to create custom privilege profiles that you can assign to users/ LDAP groups. With a custom privilege profile, you can specify which tasks users can perform and restrict users/groups from accessing certain objects within the MultiSite Administration System Manager. You can also specify ranges for many features (for example, stations) and the range of ports that a user/group can access. “roles based access control” New platforms and OS support RH5 and 64 bit x86 Version of RHEL AMD processors MS Vista VMWare IE7 Reminder that the enterprise applications (Net Mgt Console, Config Manager, Provisioning and Installation Manager and Software Update Manager) are all available in Comm Mgr Enterprise Edition license.

16 Other Communication Manager 5.0+ Capabilities
Survivable CDR when in ESS mode ISDN supplementary service on busy/no reply Support of 3rd party certificates (Verisign, others) Extension to Cellular 8.0 IA770 Support of IMAP4 G860 Media Gateway R2 support Video Telephony Solution – R4 Basic QSIG/DCS networking added to Standard license Point is that there is a lot of stuff included in Communication Manager 5.0 – here are some highlights Survivable CDR for call record details when call is under control of ESS. Use trusted 3rd party certs for TLS link for SIP Signaling ISDN supplemental service on busy/no reply – enables automatic callback feature provided by carriers in EMEA Ext to Cellular 8.0 – will talk about this later IA770 Support of IMAP4 – for S8300C and S8400 Will support next release of G860 high density trunk gateway – when available Video Telephony Solution R4 with Polycom – talk about this later In an effort to increase the value of Comm Mgr license – adding basic QSIG/DCS networking features to Standard CM license

17 Extension to Cellular R8.0 – New Features
Cellular Phone Voic Avoidance/Confirmed Answer If user doesn’t answer or if cell phone turned off or is out-of-coverage, call is pulled back to Coverage (e.g., voic , hunt group, etc.) Self Administration of Extension to Cellular User can direct incoming calls to international phone #s Users can change cell phone numbering mapping remotely Multi-Location Features: Admin of single Communication Manager with multiple Gateways to provide local numbers for feature access There have been several new enhancements to Extension to Cellular that will be available with E2C 8.0/CM 5.0. Most notably is cellular phone voic avoidance via the Confirmed Answer feature. This is a failsafe way to pull a call back into the Communication Manager-based call coverage hierarchy if the “extended” call isnt answered. The Self Administered Feature Extensions (SAFE) capabilities include users being able to direct calls to international numbers and change their mapped cell phone number without help from the Communication Manager system administrator. There are addiitonal features added to SAFE that help admins black out the mapped cell phone number from so that user cannot change the cell number to be mapped to as well as ability to make it easier forr third-party applications to alert multiple devices via one phone call. Finally – local numbers can now be given for feature access in Flatten Consolidated and Extended Communication Manager network with a single CM –based server and multiple gateways. This reduces carrier service costs for multi-location usage of Extension to Cellular.

18 What’s New with Video Avaya Video Telephony Solution R4 January 2008
H.323 support for Polycom High Definition (HDX) systems and Polycom RMX (video bridges) SIP to desktop; SIP – H.323 interoperability Ad-hoc conferencing (H.323) on RMX, MGC bridges Availability of Polycom RPX immersive room system (Avaya reselling) Requires CM 5.0 Avaya Video Telephony Solution launches with Communication Manager 5.0 and requires CM5.0 to work. Avaya’s Video Telephony Solution leverages Communication Manager’s ability to make video telephony as simple as a telephone call. There are now more options available to integrate Polycom’s industry-leading video collaboration systems such as the HDX, RMX and RPX. The Polycom High Definition HDX is the industry’s only complete HD video collaboration offering HD provides sharpest, clearest images in vivid, natural color & full motion HD Voice allows you to distinctly hear only the sounds you need to hear HD Content allows you to share multimedia content in true high definition Polycom HDX offers competitive features and a cost-effective alternative to a large Telepresence solution (like Cisco) The Polycom RPX offers a solution for Executive Video Communications that delivers: Better quality experience Truly immersive environment, all surrounding, finely tuned, HD quality video Includes everything required for a stand-alone, exec. conference room Value Proposition Highest quality tools specifically designed for executives Lower cost of ownership Sweet-spot pricing for product and services; mobile configuration Standards based video technology HDX 9000 interoperable w/ legacy & competitive standards-based systems

19 Avaya’s NEW Support Strategy Improved Quality and Flexibility for Customers
Upgrade Subscription Hardware support options 24x7 Support of Applications Software Support Plus Upgrades New Web-based tools Comprehensive Technical Tools & Guides In support of Avaya's enablement of a "Software driven business model" Avaya Global Services has been developing a set of new service offers that separate our Software Support from Hardware Support. These new offers and the manner to which they support the Software driven business model will change how we provide services in the future. While this services support strategy has been in place for some time within Avaya, it is being applied to Communication Manager/SES in Release 5.0. The new offers include Software Support Offer: Software Support (SS) or Software Support Plus Upgrades (SS+U) - Long Term Policy is to offer only SS+U Hardware Support Offers: Remote Hardware Support Remote Hardware Support with Advanced Parts Replacement (APR) and On-Site HW Maintenance - Parts and Labor Strengthening the Software Support Plus Upgrades flagship offer are: 24X7 Support - Holistic support, access to updates, local in-language support from 6,000 experts Web-based Tools - Ticketing, online ticket status, access to diagnostic tools used by Avaya engineers Service Pack Strategy - Bi-monthly Service Packs, easy to track and implement, higher quality & security Comprehensive tools - Newly improved search engine, improved technical guide resources Hardware support options - Proactive support via EXPERT Systems; Spectrum of options for coverage Upgrade Subscription - Saves customers 55% on average in upgrade costs alone These offer will be truly Global and Channel neutral. In Aug 2005, target was for 1/106 In Jan 2006, target was for 7/1/06 Since the project was broken into phases, we may find that as we work to develop and implement phase 2, we break or will have to modify policies and processes/procedures developed to support the initial phase. Show what we have now and what’s coming ADD THE HARDWARE PIECE Product and services changes are complementary and coming together What is Avaya doing to solve problems – by changing policies and support New Service Pack Strategy

20 Software Support Plus Upgrades Special Introductory Pricing
For a limited time, lower upgrade prices for Communication Manager and Call Center Upgrades from 4.0 to 5.0 are 50% off the list price Upgrades from 3.X or prior releases to 5.0 receive: 25% off the list price on Communication Manager 14% off the upgrade price for Call Center Customers on Software Support plus Upgrades receive All the benefits of Software Support plus… Service packs Major / minor releases as they become available To be eligible, customers must: Upgrade to CM or CM+CC Release 5.0 Purchase SS+U with the upgrade order Self expanatory In an effort to ease the transition to the new Software Support Policy – there will be special introductory software pricing for those Avaya CM customers that upgrade to CM5.0 AND purchase SS+U So - Upgrade offer is also available on sales of Joint Service Delivery SS+U through business partners (where BPs provide tier 1 and tier 2 support and purchase SS+U for resale at a reduced price)

21 In Sum, Communication Manager 5.0+
Strengthens IPT Foundation by expanding SIP capabilities Improves TCO through new hardware Unbundles Software and Hardware Maintenance Support Offers upgrade price incentive for installed base

22 Thank You For more info – access sales portal product pages, launch pages

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