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Ruby ADR Plan Get your products for free

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1 Ruby ADR Plan Get your products for free

2 Month 1 Be a user: Enjoy the products, notice the results, and create your “product use story.” Purchase Spa Beauty at Home Wholesale for $ ($ Tax: $ S/H: $6) Retail Value: $350 You Activate Your ADR Average ADR amount $200.00 Retail $ Treatment Gels & 180® System ADR $153.00 $ Savings 60 day money-back guarantee ADR allows you to 5% below wholesale + 20% rebate

3 Month 2 Be an Inviter/Demonstrator: You
Find 4 people to buy kit and commit to $200+/- PV average ADR and build the business. Do you know 4 people that want a Galvanic Spa right now! Ask your support partner to present to your prospects. Get your products paid for. Continue to receive benefits from your ADR. You $200PV ADR Net cost to you ($200) Fast Start Pay (4 x $50) $200.00 Sales Commission ($ x 5%) $50.00 New ADR Bonus [3 min. req.] ($20 x 4) $80.00 Your products are FREE and you pocket: $130

4 Month 3 Be a Facilitator: Assist your 4 people to find their 4 people to do 200+/-PV ADR and facilitate Anti-aging Spa Parties. You must sponsor 2 new people who sponsor 4 or who become “business builders” to capture Bonus Point Points. Continue to receive benefits from your ADR. You qualify to become an Executive, the 1st Level of Leadership, in Month 4. ($4500 GSV in 1-3 Months= Threshold – NSE Executive) You Sales Commission ($1200 x 5%) [6 x $200 ADR] $60.00 6 Bonus Pool $125 ea. $ You Earn $810.00 Your ADR net cost to You ($200.00) Net Profit to You $610.00

5 Experience Exponential Growth!
Month 4 Be a Leader: Reach down and assist your 3rd level team to find 4 people each to do $200+/- ADR. (While you’re at it why not find 4 new frontline business builders?) You are an Executive, which qualifies you for additional income. Your first 4 people now qualify as Executives. Continue to receive benefits from your ADR. Experience Exponential Growth! You 16 One time pay of: 18% (5%+13%) of $16,800 $ 20 Bonus Pool Points $ Your ADR net cost to You ($200.00) Net Profit to You $

6 *5% Extra Executive Bonus for 3000 points GSV
Month 5 Be a Leader of Leaders: Replicate Your Leadership. Work with your executives to drive their downlines. Make more executives yourself: 2 levels down You are now a Ruby Executive! Upgrade your ADR to $500/mo. The more you use, the more you earn because it replicates in your team! You have 4 x $ 16,800 = $ 67,200 organizational volume x 10%* $6,720 = monthly Residual back-end income. You 16 Dist *5% Extra Executive Bonus for 3000 points GSV 50% of all Ruby Executives reach Blue Diamond Status in Nu Skin You would need $1,612,800 in the bank earning 5% to earn $6,720 per month in income.

7 Month 6 Replicate Ruby again: You
Find 4 new people to 200+/- PV ADR. Help your executives drive their lines down and create more executives 3 levels down. You are a solid Ruby Executive! Your team is replicating the ADR model of $200+/- worth of products You now have 16 x $ 16,800 = $ 268,800 organizational volume x 5% $ 13,440 monthly Residual back-end income. You 16 Exec Ruby Executive Times 2 = Diamond

8 Would it be worth your time to build this business?
What if… … it takes one year+ to become a solid Ruby executive with $13,440 /month income. Would it be worth your time to build this business?

9 Created The Most Millionaires Worldwide
Nu Skin Enterprises has made a commitment to you to pay out more money to their distributor force, that is people like you and me, than any other organization globally. Already NSE has paid out over $5 billion in commissions over the past 22 years and in 2006 NSE paid out just shy of ½ billion in global commissions. Our compensation plan is one of the most generous in the industry, rewarding distributors for hard work, long-term commitment and leadership. We've been so successful, that only two other companies, Microsoft and Google, have created more individual millionaires, and that’s 500+, than we have – and they did it with stock options. We are creating millionaires with personal income. The only question is now, how much of those commissions do you want to claim as your own? The foundation of the NSE compensation plan is based on the secret of wealth: leverage. Understanding that you can’t do it on your own and that you need a team of people to help you. NSE has created a business model that will allow you to generate large incomes through creating a team of people. Did it with stock! 550+ millionaires. Paid out more than $6 billion in commissions over the past 24 years. In 2007 NSE paid out $418 million in global commissions. NSE does it with personal income!

10 This is a Big Business Because . . .
Nu Skin has invested in patented HIGH TECHNOLOGY in all its divisions. We have exclusive products that work! Our timing in the market is impeccable. We are a solid, financially sound company. Leverage & Exponential Growth: OPT & OPM; other peoples’ time (the team you build) & other peoples’ money (NSE’s cash and infrastructure).

11 Duplicate Yourself: Leverage
Title # Execs 2006 Ave. Annual Income Executive You $4,344 Gold 1 $7,536 Lapis 2 $15,684 Ruby 4 $35,100 Emerald 6 $72,480 Diamond 8 $125,076 Blue Diamond 12 $525,024 Build Leaders – As an Executive builder, you can now qualify to earn up to 5% commission on the GSV of each of the new Executives created throughout your sales organization down six levels of Executives. Pay attention here: 95% of the people who have reached Executive level or above, and who have worked with us at least 10 years, have developed to a position where the average income in 2006 was $525,000. This is a serious six-figure income potential for the right person – some are already earning seven-figures annually as a direct result of this project's expansion. Build four leaders and the average income is about $3,000 per month. Build four more for a total of eight leaders, and the average income is $125,000 per year. This is the range where many people fire their bosses and start build his or her business full-time. Build another group of four for a total of twelve leaders and the average income is over $500,000 per year or about $40,000 per month residual income. We have over 700 business builders at this level of success. You will have a tough time finding another company, in or out of our industry, with this same depth of leadership in the field. Where do you see yourself? For a complete summary of distributor earnings/bonuses paid to distributors at all levels within the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at or see the end of this presentation. "The only required purchase to become a distributor is a $5 not for profit Business Kit. All product purchases are optional. There are no bonuses paid for recruiting. All bonuses are paid only when products are sold."

12 Now, The Question is . . .

13 Where Do You Want To Begin?
How fast do you want to go?

14 Casual Distributor or Customer
Stick your “toe” in the water… Purchase Spa Beauty at Home Kit for $265 + Products / No ADR Get wholesale prices, earn $50 Fast Start Pay per kit sold No sign up fee What to do: Hold a spa, anti-aging party Sell 1 kit and next month your gels are paid for Sell 5 kits and get $250 FSP

15 Active Distributor Commit: Get in the water…
Purchase Spa Beauty at Home Kit for $265 + Products with ADR Create $200 +/- PV ADR Use products for the first month. Find 4 people in Month 2 (or sooner) who want to play with you Get to executive status in 3-4 Months (or sooner) Save money on products with ADR prices and shipping – 20% 1st year / 30% starting month 13

16 Business Builder / Beautiful & Rich
Dive in and build a team… Purchase 5 Spa Beauty at Home Kits for $ Products and ADR Become an LOI - Qualifying Executive Create a 200PV ADR Buy 5 kits (2 for demo - 3 rotating inventory) Find 4 people to do the same Become an Executive in 1-3 months Get $1200 back in FSP and Commissions with 4 Business Builders 1) Risk Free - 90% Money Back Guarantee in 1 Year 2) Replication - $300/LOI x 4 = $1200 3) Mega Performance Bonus Pool = 1.5% 200/pt x 6 pt min = $1200 5 LOI x $300 = $1500 6 LOI x $300 = $ $1200 = $3000 4) 5%-25% GSV, NSE’s Generous Compensation Plan

17 Our Wave is Coming! Are You Prepared To Catch It?

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