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20.2 The Politics of Normalcy

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1 20.2 The Politics of Normalcy
The Roaring Twenties 20.2 The Politics of Normalcy

2 Election of 1920 Dem. James Cox & Franklin Roosevelt Progressives
Progressives For League of Nations For Labor & Govt. regulation Rep. Warren Harding & Calvin Coolidge Less Govt. Spending Corporate tax cuts Increased Tariffs “Republican Formula” A Return to Normalcy

3 Warren G. Harding Wins!

4 Republican Control in the 20s
Pro-Business / Anti-Labor American Plan = Employers paid workers more and gave benefits to break unions Return to Laissez-Faire Capitalism Business boomed but not all benefited Reduction of National Debt

5 President Harding 1921-23 Good Man, bad friends Corruption & Scandals
Teapot Dome Scandal Died of Heart Attack in 1923

6 President Coolidge 1923-29 “Silent Cal” Popular but inactive
Won in 1924 due to 3 way split in Democratic Party. “The business of America is business”

7 Business Prosperity Auto Industry was key!
Higher wages + New Consumer Goods! Prosperity = Expansion of Education Oil & Electric fuels revolutionize life Auto Industry was key! Henry Ford’s assembly line makes automobiles more affordable and accessible


9 Impact of the Automobile
26.5 million autos registered by 1930 Replaced railroad industry as key promoter of economic growth All other industries depended on automobile sales. Affected everything Americans do

10 Advertising & Credit Ad-men learned to manipulate people into buying unnecessary products. Ads focused on happiness, hygiene, and popularity Many began buying on credit This created a fragile economy


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