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CP11 The Three Little “Modes of Writing”

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1 CP11 The Three Little “Modes of Writing”

2 Expressive Writing (to express)
“Expressive writing is personal writing. It expresses and explores the personal feelings of the writer. The piece may attempt to answer a question, state an opinion or recount the writer’s personal experiences. Many times, expressive writing does all of these.”

3 Types/Forms of Expressive Writing
Narrative Journal Memoir Autobiography

4 Expository Writing (to expose)
Expository writing gives information, explains, clarifies, or defines something. Critical support and key facts demonstrate the writers understanding of the topic.

5 Types/Forms of Expository Writing
Expository/Explanatory essay Argumentative Analytical Compare/Contrast essay How-to essay News Article Interview Informative Research

6 Persuasive Writing (to persuade)
Persuasive writing takes a stand on a debatable topic. Unlike its brother, expository writing, expressive writing does much more than simply explain a topic. Persuasive writing explains a topic AND it persuades the reader to take a specific stand in regards to the topic. This type of writing uses logical evidence, plays off of the readers emotions and morals/beliefs in order to prove its point.

7 Types/Forms of Persuasive Writing
Position Paper Speech Advertisement Editorial Letter Recommendation

8 Organizational Structures:
Think of organizational structures as the “bones” or framework of your writing. Without it your writing would not be able to “stand” on its own. There are numerous organizational structures and each structure is designed to be utilized within different modes of writing (based upon the purpose of the writing).

9 Types of Organizational Structures:
Narration Description Process Cause and Effect Classification and Division Definition Comparison and Contrast Argumentative Problem/Solution Exemplification

10 Now it’s time to practice!
Sit down Read Write out your brilliant thoughts!

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