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Welcome to American #2 Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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1 Welcome to American #2 Wastewater Treatment Plant

2 Jeff Mathew, Superintendent

3 Tom Lucas and Jim Burr, Plant Operators

4 Wastewater Plant Overview

5 The Diesel Generator supplies emergency power to maintain treatment. Diesel Generator

6 Influent The Influent, or raw wastewater screening device.

7 Blowers The Blowers provide air for the biological treatment in the contact and stabilization tanks.

8 Plant Process Control Lab The Plant Process Control Lab provides testing for basic operational control information.

9 Motor Control Center The Motor Control Center controls all electrical motors and pumps for the treatment process.

10 Primary Settling Basin The Primary Settling Basin removes floating debris and settled sludge.

11 Contact and Stabilization Basins The Contact and Stabilization Basins provide aeration for the treatment process.

12 Final Clarifier The Final Clarifier provides a settling basin to remove solids.

13 Micro-Strainers The Micro-Strainers provide effluent polishing after the final settling clarifiers.

14 Chlorine Contact Tank The Chlorine Contact Tank provides a detention time for chlorination and de-chlorination before being discharged to the stream.

15 Final Effluent The Final Effluent meters final effluent flow to the river after chlorination and de-chlorination.

16 Plant Effluent The Plant Effluent discharges into Dug Run.

17 Boiler The Boiler for the Anaerobic Digester provides heat for anaerobic digestion.

18 Anaerobic Digester and Sludge Storage The Anaerobic Digester and Sludge Storage digests sewage sludge and provides storage for sludge prior to transportation to the field.

19 Sludge is removed from storage and transported to the field for application. Preparation for Land Application

20 Land Application Sludge is applied to the field for fertilization.

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