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Topic: How Climate Affects Us

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1 Topic: How Climate Affects Us

2 How Climate affects us Climate:
Average weather in a given region over a long period of time Weather: Day to day activity… temperature and rain, etc.

3 Questions about Climate…
How hot or cold is it over a period of time? How much rain falls throughout the year? How long is the growing season?

4 Factors of Climate Atmosphere: “blanket of air” around the earth
Average temperature Average precipitation Length of the growing season - time a place is free from frost - plant after the last frost of spring and grow until the first frost of fall How does climate affect our lives?

5 Climates around the world…
What are there differences in climates around the world? Latitude - distance from the Equator Altitude - elevation or height of land Winds - dry or wet Nearness to Water - slower to heat up or cool off Ocean Currents - creates all weather




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