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W IND B y: Andrea Goodson, Brittany Donna & David Hooper.

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2 W IND B y: Andrea Goodson, Brittany Donna & David Hooper

3 I NTRODUCTION The energy source wind, has always been here on earth. Wind is just simply air in motion Wind is caused by the uneven heating of water and land. The air over the land, warms, expands and rises, then cool air over the water moves in to take its place.

4 H ISTORY O F W IND Windmills are wind driven machines Europeans built the first windmill in the 1100s In 1888 Charles F Brush built the first large windmill in Cleveland,OH The First wind farms were built in California, Denmark & Germany

5 O BTAINING P RODUCTION Wind turbines have to face the wind to generate electricity Turbines are usually built in rows There are thousands of wind farms over 70 countries Some wind farms are located in Texas, Montana, Iowa, Minnesota and Oklahoma

6 A DVANTAGES Wind is clean, environmental friendly and free Wind is the fastest growing energy source world wide Every year, wind produces more electricity then the year before that

7 D ISADVANTAGES People think turbines make a lot of noise and affect the view of the landscape Wind turbines produce little energy our country uses Underwater construction is hard and expensive Wind farms don’t always produce electricity

8 F UTURE TECHNOLOGY Wind farms on the water are hard and expensive Turbines in the water would not disturb people and wildlife An underwater turbine will use ocean currents to make electricity

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