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-An ICF produced from recycled wood fiber with a 60 year track record!

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1 -An ICF produced from recycled wood fiber with a 60 year track record!

2 made by Made from recycled wood chips and portland cement binder. Low embodied energy and designed for eliminating job site waste. All natural materials; mineral wool insulation inserts* A breathable wall-healthier indoor air quality. Will not rot or harbor mold. 4 hour fire rating! Very low sound transmission Price competitive with other wall systems Exceptional thermal performance--thermal mass is insulated into the living space. * foam insulation inserts are available

3 Ideal material to craft cozy, cottage style dwellings

4 The Kit - designed for minimal job site waste (4) standard 24 wall-forms (2) ½ size wall-forms for openings (1) AP wall-form to form corners, openings, or use in the wall. All wall-forms are interchangeable so nothing goes to waste.

5 -- lightweight for fast stacking

6 Wall-forms are dry stacked and interlock on the ends creating a stable wall section that needs minimal bracing prior to infilling.

7 Finished home with board and batten and rock facing

8 ShelterWorks Facility in the beautiful Willamette Valley of OregonTotal commitment to lowest possible embodied energy in our product.

9 Mineralized woodchips brought into computer controlled batch mixing process.

10 Wall-forms air cure for 4 weeks prior to trimming.

11 Villa style home

12 Interior wall left uncoated from the U of Colorados winning design for the Solar Decatholon provides an attractive thermal mass storage.

13 used as a stem wall below grade up from footing.

14 Window bucks can remain for window fastening or..fasten windows directly to the material.

15 Use to form gable ends, then trim to a radius or angle.

16 The finished effect

17 Beautiful Central Oregon Ranch

18 cuts easily with conventional power tools

19 Ideal for an Adobe style dwelling

20 Radius walls in Santa Fe

21 Positioning wall-forms. has excellent dimensional tolerance.

22 Northern Idaho retirement home

23 Re-bar and interlocking end detail

24 Corner Detail: note insulation insert wraps the corner

25 Infilling-minimal bracing required

26 Floor-wall intersect

27 10 Wall Section

28 Wood plate or poured cap

29 21,000 sq ft commercial building uses half the energy for heating compared to conventional construction.

30 Under construction

31 Cathedral Ceiling Design

32 Heating this home with a 32000 BTU water heater and a wood stove.

33 Testimonial letter from a Hurricane Katrina survivor

34 Builders report ease of installation with the Kit System. Builder references available.

35 Give us a call to discuss your project. We are attentive and sincere. 541.929.8010

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