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Scanning and Imaging Your Vault

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1 Scanning and Imaging Your Vault
Presented by: Eric Nejedly US Imaging, Inc.

2 3 Goals for Digital Documents
Preservation Access Security

3 Preservation How do I preserve the highest quality document?
Grayscaling Use Originals when Available Specific Area Enhancement Compare Like Samples

4 Gray Scaling What is the difference?

5 Gray Scaling Images used to only be able to be scanned in a bi-tonal format 256 Grays v. 2 The LDS church required a gray scale image to achieve archival quality images Grayscales are archival quality images As of 2 years ago all media types can now be scanned to yield a gray scale image

6 Originals when available

7 Image Enhancements Many Enhancements available
Know what you are getting!

8 Standard Microfilm Scan

9 Auto Crop & Auto Deskew

10 Excess Border Removal

11 Specific Area Image Enhancement

12 Before

13 After

14 B & W TIFF

15 Enhanced TIFF

16 Compare Like Samples Get your worst film/book and have every Vendor scan it

17 Access Industry Standard Formats Documents Grouping and Indexing
Loaded into your current system

18 Industry Formats JPEG, TIFF, PDF, etc.
Watch out for proprietary image formats!

19 Indexing Can index any of the fields you index today
Grantor, Grantee, Instrument Date, Instrument Number, Legal Description, etc. What will Oil & Gas want? Title Companies?

20 Keep it simple Images can be formatted and loaded into your current Recording software

21 Security Make sure they remain your documents
An eye to the future – redaction

22 Your Documents Your documents should remain YOUR documents
Some vendors will resell them, check your contract

23 Redaction Sorry, it is coming Capture Highest Quality Images Possible
Leads to less expensive redaction process 300 dpi minimum, 400 dpi for older docs OCR technology craves works best with high quality images

24 Thank You Questions????

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