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Apache Maven: J2EE Front to Back Jesse McConnell -

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1 Apache Maven: J2EE Front to Back Jesse McConnell -

2 J2EE Application Development by Convention No laughing matter People cry everyday because of j2ee Maven can help keep crying to a minimum –hopefully

3 Who Am I? On Maven PMC Active in Continuum Some maven plugins Some mojo plugins @ codehaus Axistools-maven-plugin - dont hold that against me…pls Redback @ codehaus

4 Components of J2ee EJBs –Maven-ejb-plugin Web Services –Axistools-maven-plugin –Xfire-maven-plugin –others Web Archives (Wars) –Maven-war-plugin Enterprise Archives (Ears) –Maven-ear-plugin

5 Maven Lifecycle Supported since the beginning with maven 2 J2EE artifact lifecycle is managed through dependencies Artifact construction dictated by

6 Understanding Structure in Maven Follow Conventions Archiva and Continuum are good example Web Applications Redback is security overlay packaged as a Web Application and overlaid

7 Library Code Understanding the final goal and scoping dependencies appropriately. That means…understand J2EE classloaders Understand your Container –Like to think they are all interchangeable –Can be harder in practice

8 EJB Structure and Management ejb Directory Layout |-- pom.xml `-- src `-- main `-- resources `-- META-INF `-- ejb-jar.xml

9 EJB Structure and Management Plugin Example maven-ejb-plugin true

10 Linking into Build Validates ejb-jar.xml file existence Unless you specify ejbVersion 3.0

11 Testing EJB Code Best bet is testing modularly like with normal junit testing.

12 Web Service Structures and Management No strict lifecycle phase No strict directory layout Depends on web service architecture in use Xfire -> CXF, Axis, etc

13 Linking into Build Consider services, clients, resource libraries Common project layout Annotations of services –All kinda implementation specific –Real deal is testing them

14 Testing Web Services Can be hard to test directly Client testing against established servers begs irreproducibility Test by deploying services to embedded jetty and running client code

15 War Structure and Management war Directory Layout |-- pom.xml `-- src `-- main |-- java | `-- com | `-- example | `-- projects | `-- |-- resources | |-- images | | `-- sampleimage.jpg | `-- sampleresource `-- webapp |-- WEB-INF | `-- web.xml |-- index.jsp `-- jsp `-- websource.jsp

16 War Structure and Management Plugin Example org.apache.maven.plugins maven-war-plugin 2.0 /sample/servlet/container/deploy/directory

17 War Overlay Often handy to build component oriented wars. Overlay multiple war files to create actual war file. –Continuum and Archiva do this is redback for common security and user management

18 Linking into Build Dependency management scoping is key Dig into your war file and see what is in there provided can be your friend

19 Three different usages War:war - standard war creation War:exploded - builds out war in exploded format in target dir War:inplace - builds out webapp in src/main/webapp Dependency Management scoping key for war usability

20 Testing Wars Deploy via Jetty-maven-plugin during development Selenium-maven-plugin for automated testing

21 Scoping War Dependencies Two Approaches, different scoping –Deploying Wars –Integrating into Ears

22 Ear Structure and Management Directory Layout –No specific directories required –Dependencies are key to ear files Automatic application.xml creation MANIFEST.MF Creation

23 Ear Structure and Management Plugin Example maven-ear-plugin true

24 Linking into Build Just do it… Then triage. Primary recommendation, keep your project modular Test your modules Use ear module as simply the aggregation of the project packaging

25 Testing Ears No easy peasy way Have to deploy somewhere Have to start something Have to access it Non-trivial task Best off testing your stuff modularly before you get to this point.

26 Scoping Ear Dependencies Learn Dependency Management in parent poms –Love it Plan for ear deployement, scope things that are used by multiple war and ejbs as provided or test in those poms Scope for inclusion in ear, leave versioning to the dependencyManagement, its why it is there

27 Application Deployment Options Cargo-maven-plugin Largely area untargeted by maven conventions Hard to standardize in real world

28 Tips and Tricks 300M Ear file Check the Scoping Pull apart the artifacts and look for jar duplication Understand those classloaders

29 Using Archetypes Example of Quick Project Startup

30 Questions? Jesse McConnell - Better Builds with Maven, blog at

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