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Shen Zhen Toastmaster Club Organization Chart Roles & Responsibilities.

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1 Shen Zhen Toastmaster Club Organization Chart Roles & Responsibilities

2 *Click button for R & R President James Li VP Education Laura Wu VPE Backup1 Parkman VPE Backup2 Alice Zhang VP Membership Sun Zhang VPM backup ? VP Public Relations Koby Sa VPM backup ? Treasurer Jasmine Zhai Secretary Jennifer Xiong SAA Paolo Luo

3 President Roles –Chief Executive Officer –Provide Guidance and Leadership to ensure club meet standards –Lead the club to become distinguished –Guide and Evaluate club operations, planning and visions with Toastmaster core values Responsibilities –Ensure club officers meet officer and meeting standards; –Plan to achieve Distinguished Club Program; –Schedule and Chair monthly executive committee meetings; –Maintain relationships with the district and TM international; –Search for leaders, ensure all club offices are filled –Read/display club mission at every meeting –Recognize member’s achievements –Report on the “moment of truth” Back to Org Chart

4 Vice President of Education Roles - Maintaining the Toastmaster Education Program that satisfy members and ensure continuous growth Responsibilities - Plan club meetings, complete schedule and assignments 3 weeks in advance; - Get commitment from Member to earn next level achievement and track their progress - Orient new member to the TM program within 2 meetings after join in; –Preside executive committee meeting when President is absent; –Assist President to monitor club performance quarterly –Preside over the club meeting when President is absent; Back to Org Chart

5 Vice President of Membership Role: - Building and maintaining club membership - ensuring a strong membership base by satisfying the needs of all members. Responsibilities Conduct ongoing membership building programs and efforts. Promote the goal of one new member per month Conduct a minimum of two formal club membership programs annually. Follow up and keep track of guests, new members and members not attending meetings. Explain the educational program to all prospective members, get their commitment to join and collect membership applications. Back to Org Chart

6 Vice President of Public Relations Roles –Promote our Club! –Plan, conduct, get feedback and improve the promotional activities for our club. Responsibilities –Produce and distribute a club newsletter at least monthly, and/or maintain a club Web site. –Promote membership programs. –Announce upcoming events and programs. –Greet members and guests, ask for contribution to newsletters Back to Org Chart

7 Treasurer Bookkeeping and financial reporting Responsibilities: –Prepare budget for approval by the committee; –Prepare due statement by Aug15/Feb15; –Collect and Pay due; –Submit new member applications and dues to Headquarter; –Present quarter financial report; –Submit club accounts for audit; Back to Org Chart

8 Secretary Record keeping and Correspondence Responsibilities –Maintain accurate membership roster and give it to treasurer to submit with dues –Maintain club officer list and submit to HQ –Keep club files, including the club charter, Constitution and Bylaws, minutes, resolutions and correspondence. Back to Org Chart

9 Sergeant at Arms keeper of club properties Responsibilities –Arrange meeting room, greet members and guests, arrange guest sit with members; –Maintain club equipment and ensure adequate supplies available for every meeting –Ensure meeting starts on time –Collect ballots and tally votes for awards Back to Org Chart

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