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Make up Bellwork.

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1 Make up Bellwork

2 Bellwork What are the 4 inner planets? List them in order.
One Astronomical Unit (AU) is equal to _____ million kilometers 3. _____ has the largest volcano in the solar system called _____ ____ 4. When planets in the night sky appear to move backwards we call it _______ motion 5. Retrograde motion provides evidence that the planets are closer to us than the ______ Answer Bank Olympus Mons Mercury stars Retrograde Mars Venus Earth 150

3 Bellwork _______ is approximately 1 Astronomical Unit from the Sun
2. The planets are extremely far _____ and difficult to reach by spacecraft 3. The inner planets are ____and therefore ____dense 4. The outer planets are _____ and are therefore _____dense Answer Bank more rocky gassy Earth Apart less

4 Bellwork _____ ____ is the phase of the moon that is completely lit up. As the moon goes around the earth, _____ is lit up and half is in ______ and as a result, we see _______of the moon True or False, lunar phases are caused by the earth’s shadow A solar eclipse is when the _____ is between the earth and sun. Answer Bank moon Full moon eclipses half Earth darkness phases Retrograde closer

5 Use the above diagram to answer the following questions……
Answer Bank spin Gravity bombarded Angular Planets accretion Use the above diagram to answer the following questions…… Which stage (A, B, or C) represent a collapsing nebula???? _______ is when dust grains clump together we call it Which stage (A, B, or C) represents planet formation? Which stage (A, B, or C) represents a spinning, flattening nebular cloud with a hot center? After the planets were formed, they were ______ by asteroids and meteoroids.

6 Bellwork _____ has a greenhouse effect similar to earth, but much more severe  _____has Olympus Mons & is covered with iron oxide Because Planets are _____, they move ______ than stars in the night sky  A planet that is 150 million km, or 1 AU, from the sun is _____. The inner planets have____ orbital velocities and the outer planets have ____ orbital The backwards motion of planets is called________ motion Answer Bank fast Mars faster Earth slow Venus Retrograde closer

7 Bellwork Answer Bank Methane Iron & silica Gassy faster Smaller rocky Closer Hydrogen & Helium Saturn has a very low density, this is because Saturn is a ______ planet. Compared to the outer planets, the inner planets orbit much______ and _______to the sun. Mars is more dense than the outer planets because mars is a______ planet _____ gives Uranus and Neptune its blue green color . The inner planets are made mostly of____&______ Outer Jovian planets are made mostly of ______ & ______

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