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Setting Up Your Blogmeister Account Your Presenters: Barbara Ozminkowski, Guest Jen Phillips-Weckstein, Dublin.

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1 Setting Up Your Blogmeister Account Your Presenters: Barbara Ozminkowski, K @ Guest Jen Phillips-Weckstein, K @ Dublin

2 What is ClassBlogmeister? BlogMeister is a blogging tool developed for teachers as an authentic publishing environment to promote the development of effective communication skills in students. Teachers establish a blogging account on which they can publish their own articles. Teachers can then set up blogging accounts for their students, which the teacher maintains publishing control.

3 How It Works

4 Take a look at our Blogs Barbs Blog: _id=75364 _id=75364 Jens Blog: _id=118873 _id=118873

5 ClassBlogmeister (Homepage) structions.pdf (Directions for setting up your Blog) structions.pdf Walled Lakes School Pass Code: wdlecdss

6 What can you put on your Blog? Animated Text Boxes Pictures (individually or in a slideshow) Videos Podcasts Widgets

7 Animated Text & Text Boxes (text) (has sound features) (animated characters with customizable speech bubbles) (a blabber is a talking picture!)

8 Pictures & Slideshows

9 Videos, Podcasts, Sound and more! (you can upload your own or embed a video you like from this site on your page) (a way to talk about and share your images, documents and videos) (instant connection for live talk) (turn photos and videos into unique slideshows)

10 Widgets (countdown clocks, polls, etc.) (create slideshows, widgets, Web templates, and other tools for publishing content on webpages) (a simple widget that allows you to display weather on your site) (adopt a pet)

11 Parent Comments on blogging Barb - I love love love it ! How cool is blogging for kindergartners? Because my husband and I work full time we sometimes feel like we short change our kids in staying active in their day to day activities. But, with you blogging & teaching the kids it kind of gives us a closer connection. I just went through with Zach some of the topics and pics you've posted, so so awesome. I was impressed... he named all the kids but one girl. And told me that him and Nicholas are great drawers and that he doesn't like salad (I think he meant spinach). :) Beth

12 One more… Mrs. O. Thank you for creating your blog; it is fantastic. Kieran and I reviewed it prior to the start of the school year. I will regularly use it to stimulate conversations between Kieran and I about what was taking place in the classroom. With warm regards on a cool fall day. Jameson

13 Lets get started! Heres the long link to my blog: r _id=75364 Heres a quick link to my blog:


15 Return to Blogmeister

16 Register Teacher Account

17 Walled Lake Pass Code: wdlecdss

18 Registration Form

19 Pick a Template

20 Control Panel


















38 From Documentation in edit mode:

39 For quick answers from the head gurus If you haven't already, consider joining the new Class Blogmeister social network on Ning. As a member you will be able to interact with other Class Blogmeister teachers, participate in discussion, and run your own profile where you can share your Class Blogmeister activities. Just go to

40 gi=2J8EbiR gi=2J8EbiR.

41 Technical QuestionsForum

42 Were only an email away! Wed love to put together some sort of support group to assist you in your blogging journey. Let us know what we can do to help.

43 Happy Blogging! Barb & Jen

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