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Stream Corridors Christine Hall Natural Resources Conservation Service North Jersey RC&D Slides 1-12.

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1 Stream Corridors Christine Hall Natural Resources Conservation Service North Jersey RC&D Slides 1-12

2 What I’ll Cover What are Riparian Corridors Why should we protect these areas Ways to protect them Determining buffer width Land use limitations

3 What are Riparian Areas? Natural riparian areas are areas of trees, shrubs or grasses located adjacent to streams, lakes, ponds and wetlands

4 Riparian Areas in Hunterdon County Results of the Riparian Health Assessment Model


6 Benefits and Functions Intercepts sediment, nutrients, pesticides and other materials in surface runoff Reduces nutrients and other pollutants in shallow sub-surface water flow Provides food and cover for wildlife Lowers water temperatures by shading Slows out-of-bank flood flows

7 Benefits and Functions – con’t… Provides leaf litter and large woody debris needed by aquatic organisms Trees and shrub roots increase bank and shoreline stability

8 Why should we protect these areas Protect Drinking Water –Water Supply Intakes in Raritan and Delaware River Economics –Recreational $ spent in county (boating, fishing, etc) Quality of life for residents Control runoff and flooding

9 Ways to Protect Stream Corridors Regulatory Voluntary

10 Regulatory Approaches Proposed Stormwater Regulations –300 foot buffer on C1 waterways –100% infiltration requirement on new construction Stream Encroachment –50 foot buffer on trout associated waters –25 foot buffer on nontrout waters

11 Regulatory Approaches Freshwater Wetlands Act –150 foot buffer on Exceptional Resource Value Wetlands –50 foot buffer on Intermediate Resource Value Wetlands Municipal Ordinance –Stream Corridor, Impervious Cover, Steep Slope, Tree Protection

12 Voluntary Approaches Federal Programs –Agricultural Land: EQIP – Environmental Quality Incentives Program CRP – Conservation Reserve Program CREP - Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program –Other Private Land (Non-Federal ownership) Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

13 Voluntary Approaches State Programs –319h Nonpoint Source Pollution grants –Green Acres Local & Nonprofit Programs –North Jersey RC&D –Local Land Trusts Grant and Foundation Funding

14 Voluntary Approaches Groups who can provide assistance –Trout Unlimited –Youth Corps –Watershed Associations –Boy Scouts –State Tree Nursery

15 Regulatory VS. Voluntary Regulatory Generally Rigid More limited funding for restoration Adversarial Compliance across board Financial burden Voluntary More flexible Wide array of funding sources Builds partnerships

16 Determining Buffer Width Value of the Resource Value of the Resource Site, Buffer & Watershed Traits Site, Buffer & Watershed Traits Intensity Of Adjacent Land Use Intensity Of Adjacent Land Use Desired Buffer Functions Desired Buffer Functions Landowner Objectives/Constraints Recommended Buffer Width Recommended Buffer Width

17 Standards Available US Forest Service 3 Zone Buffer NRCS Technical Standard Chesapeake Bay Riparian Handbook

18 US Forest Service

19 NRCS Technical Standard Width of forested buffer based on width of floodplain Width of grassed buffer based on steepness of slope

20 Chesapeake Bay – Buffer Width

21 Chesapeake Bay – Buffer Value

22 Land Use Limitations Limited land area to work with in developed areas Easier to restore buffers in undeveloped areas. However removing land from agricultural productions costs $$ –Need to have financial incentives –Raritan Watershed Agricultural Committee position paper

23 Final Thoughts… Riparian Buffers provide a multitude of benefits Need to be protected and restored One size does not fit all Upland land uses and necessary BMPs must be considered Must consider economic impacts of management recommendations

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