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AreYouSafe How Its Made State of Crime Data Transparency in

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1 AreYouSafe How Its Made State of Crime Data Transparency in US @sobelito

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5 Census Groups Sacramento Boundary Polygon 843 Sexual Abuse 10,062 Theft 719 Homicide 305 Arson 8369 Assault 4780 Drugs 5719 Stolen Auto 9826 Burglary 27,554 Misc 138 Prostitution 316 Theft from Auto 3227 Vandalism 1 Forgery & Counterfeit 1191 Robbery


7 AcquireStandardizeGeocodeApply GridCalc Raw Score Reported Crime Heat Map Murder Homicide Shoplifting Theft Address Lat/Long

8 Create/QA Safety Heat Map Lay Census Groups Calc Score Per Capita Apply CurveMobilizeRelease # ppl / sq mi. * raw score

9 Population: 8.3 Million Population: 460,000 Population: 2.9 Million Sacramento…huh?

10 vs. Incident Data: Addresses, Crime Types

11 = =

12 Chicago2.8 M--- None / Fax Request Form New York City8.3 MPrecinctWeekly Philadelphia1.4 MBlockDaily Max 500 Records Dallas1.2 MAddressDaily Washington, DC588,000AddressDaily Data GranularityData Format(s) Update Frequency Population Restrictions

13 Standardization Crime Type Attributes Cities



16 Washington, DC588,000 Milwaukee602,000 Atlanta519,000 Sacramento460,000 Dallas1.2 M Indianapolis795,000 Houston2.2 M Seattle594,000 Philadelphia1.4 M Chicago2.8 M San Francisco764,000 New York City8.3 M Los Angeles3.8 M Detroit917,000 Boston599,000 Grade Data GranularityData for DownloadOnline Crime MapsGIS Department Live 911 Feeds PoorExcellent *Ratings as of August 9 th, 2009 **Population Source: U.S. Census Bureau A B B B B Population C C C C D D D D D D

17 Indianapolis Houston Seattle Philadelphia Milwaukee Atlanta Sacramento Dallas Washington, DCChicago San Francisco New York City Los Angeles Detroit Boston Photo: Human evolution by Tkgd2007 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Generic license.Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Generic

18 Data Availability Innovators / Solution Providers 1 0 1 1 1 1 DataCrowdGov

19 Five Finger Discount Anyone? There was a theft 41 ft. from here on 10/9/2008. The exact location was 800 Mt. Vernon Place NW…an unknown suspect stole the listed property from Hall-C.


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