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The Struggle Against Discrimination

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1 The Struggle Against Discrimination
Chapter 17 Section 3

2 Americanization The belief that assimilating immigrants into American society would make them more loyal citizens They taught immigrants English and advised them how to dress like white middle class Americans Pushed them to replace the foods and customs of their homelands with Protestant practices and values

3 Told African Americans to move slowly toward racial progress
Booker T. Washington Told African Americans to move slowly toward racial progress

4 W.E.B. Dubois Urged African Americans to demand rights guaranteed by the constitution immediately

5 NAACP Interracial organization founded in 1909 to abolish segregation and discrimination and to achieve political and civil rights for African Americans

6 Anti-Defamation League
It’s goal was to defend Jews and others against physical and verbal attacks, false statements, and “to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens”

7 Carlos Montezuma Native American who helped establish the Society of American Indians in 1911

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