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Glenn Rosen Full-Time Forex Trader

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1 Glenn Rosen Full-Time Forex Trader

2 Glenn Rosen’s Topics for Nov
Glenn Rosen’s Topics for Nov. 18th Scottsdale Traders & Investors Meet-Up 1. Review the 5 EMA Turn Methodology 2. Glenn’s Scalping Method 3. Glenn’s Trend Re-entry Method 4. Glenn’s Trend Continuation Method 5. How to know which currency pairs to trade for highest probability trade set-ups. 6. Identifying time frames that provide the best opportunity

3 7. How to minimize getting caught in a choppy mkt.
8. A candlestick pattern with an exceptional risk/reward 9. Trading for daily cash flow vs. wealth accumulation. 10. Selecting a broker. 11. How to earn while you learn Forex 12. The Importance of Having A Disciplined Approach to Trading & Money Management

4 Before Having A Disciplined Approach To Trading & Money Mgmt.

5 Brokers, PDFs & “Earn While You Learn”
Web Address: 1. Brokers: Al Sciola Tel: (617) ( consultation) 2. Download Todays’ Presention Pdfs & Currency Meter at (Pdfs) 3. Glenn’s “Earn while You Learn” Betatest On going mentoring Ability to earn as your learning and applying the trading methods To Participate: (Betatest) H) – 1289 Skype: glennrosen

6 Glenn Rosen’s Contact Information Glenn Rosen Forum: H) – 1289 Skype: glennrosen

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