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Ravi Sankar Technology Evangelist | Microsoft

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1 Ravi Sankar Technology Evangelist | Microsoft

2 Agenda WS2008 R2 overview Performance and Scalability Failover Clustering Storage Performance Hyper-V

3 Management Web Virtualization IIS 7.5 ASP.NET on Server Core Web Management Web Publishing Hyper-V with Live Migration Hot Add/Remove VM Storage Remote Desktop Services Solid Foundation for Enterprise Workloads Power Management PowerShell 2.0 AD Administrative Center Best Practices Analyzer Better Together with Windows 7 Scalability and Reliability DirectAccess ™ BranchCache ™ Enhanced Group Policies Remote Desktop & App Connections >64 Core Support Componentization Technology Investment Areas

4 Performance and Scalability 256 Logical Cores Reduced overhead via Server Core High performance storage

5 Processor Power and Memory Capacity Improved physical processor and memory resources Runs exclusively on 64-bit processors Supports up to 256 logical processor cores Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V supports up to 32 physical processor cores Improved virtual processor resources Each virtual machine supports up to 4 logical cores Supports Second-Level Address Translation (SLAT) and CPU Core Parking

6 Failover Clustering in R2 Monitoring and Management Monitoring: clusters, nodes and applications PowerShell Provider Read-Only Access

7 Cluster Shared Volumes Disk 5 VHDVHDVHDVHDVHDVHD SAN Single Volume Concurrent access to a single file system

8 Cluster Fault Tolerances SAN VHDVHD SAN Connectivity Failure I/O Redirected via network Volume mounted on Node 1 VM running on Node 2 is unaffected Node Failure Brief queuing of I/O while volume ownership is changed Volume relocates to a healthy node VM running on Node 2 is unaffected Routed to Redundant Network Network Path Connectivity Failure

9 Storage Performance Storage Area Network Multi-path performance optimization iSCSI Performance Enhancements

10 Increasing Availability Live Migr ation Cluster Node 1 Network Storage Cluster Node 2 Configuration Data Virtual Machine Memory Content VHD Memory Sync Virtual Machine User

11 Increasing Availability Live Migration Migrate virtual machines between hosts with no interruption of service Benefits: No dropped network connections High availability for production workloads Flexible management Enables dynamic IT environment

12 Streamlining Virtualization Management Hyper-V Management Console PowerShell command-line interface System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008

13 Simplifying Deployment Boot from.vhd Enables pre-configuration of virtual and physical computers Reduces the number of managed images Simplifies test deployments Boot VHD

14 Demo

15 Windows Server Roadmap 2003200520082009 Beta RTM 2010

16 Summary Performance and scalability enhancements Increased server consolidation Greater administrative control Taking an enterprise-class foundation to the next level

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