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Unit 5 Theme parks Have you ever been to parks? If you have, why do you go there?

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2 Unit 5 Theme parks

3 Have you ever been to parks? If you have, why do you go there?

4 What is a park? What is a park for? What do people do in the park?


6 Where are these pictures taken?


8 Where are these pictures taken?

9 Where are these pictures taken?

10 What is a theme park? Do you know the difference between traditional parks and theme parks?

11 A theme park is a kind of amusement park which has a certain theme. For example, flowers and other plants, animals, sport and recreation, cultural activities, films and entertainment, a famous person or group of people, a particular country or culture and many other themes.

12 Traditional parks are places for people to experience nature in a peaceful environment. In China, traditional parks usually contain four elements: water, rocks, bridges and pavilions.


14 What activities can we take in a theme park? amusement park Bumper car Merry-go-round Ferris wheel Pirate ship slide roller coasters bungee jumping Free-fall rides Horror films

15 1.Have you ever tried any activity mentioned above? Why or why not? 2. Which activity do you prefer in an amusement park? Why?

16 Theme Parks – Fun and More Than Fun

17 It means that theme parks are fun to visit, but that they can also be educational and can offer useful information. What does the title mean?

18 What theme parks are mentioned in the passage? Fast reading Disneyland Dollywood Camelot

19 1.What do parks provide people with? Parks provide people with a place to amuse themselves and to escape their busy lives for a while. Careful reading

20 2. What is the purpose of Dollywood? What kind of people do you think will visit this theme park? To show and celebrate Americas traditional southeastern culture. Probably a lot of Americans will visit this theme park.

21 Choose the best answers. 1.Which of the following was considered a magical world according to the text? A. Disneyland Park. B. Camelot Park. C. Dollywood Park. D. The Smoky Mountains. 2. In Disneyland, you can do the following EXCEPT ___________. A. visiting a pirate ship B. meeting cartoon characters C. experiencing exciting rides D. seeing carpenters make objects in an old- fashioned way A D

22 3. The main attraction in Dollywood is its ___________. A. rides B. culture C. music D. animals 4. In Camelot Park, you can do the following EXCEPT ____________. A. seeing the performance of knights and ladies B. watching magic shows C. visiting the farm area D. travelling through space D B

23 Complete the table. Park Name ThemeExample of Activities Disneyland Dollywood Camelot fairy tale stories Culture of the southeastern USA ancient English history and stories Travel through space, visit a pirate ship, meet fairy tale characters, ride a swinging ship, go on a free-fall drop. Listen to America country music, see traditional crafesmen and their work, try some traditional candy, ride on an old stream stream engine, see bald eagles, ride on Thunderhead and other rides. Watch magic shows, see fighting with swords or on horseback, visit farm section, learn about farms in ancient England.

24 Find the topic sentence of each paragraph. 1.The first paragraph 2. The second paragraph There are all kind of theme parks in the world and different theme parks have different themes. In Disneyland, visitors can go into a magical world and make their dreams come true.

25 In Dollywood, visitors can enjoy all kinds of Americas traditional southeastern culture. 3. The third paragraph 4. The fourth paragraph In Camelot Park, visitors can experience the ancient days and great deeds of English knights and ladies.

26 several different types of the main subject of a talk, book, film or something else to keep something as it is; an area of land made available for a special group of people or animals to live in to or at any place, position or situation something that is pleasant to think about but is not real various theme preserve wherever fantasy Find the word and phrase from the text.

27 action, usually a very great one or a very bad one the measurement of something from one end to the other being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else in the middle of an area or an object without doubt deed length unique central no wonder

28 Purposes for building theme parks purposeExplanation 1 2 3 to entertain Visitors can learn about history, cultures and science. to make profits charge for admission, rides and shows; sell souvenirs and advertise them on TV many rides to go on and shows to see to educate

29 1. Disneyland can be found everywhere. 2. You can meet any cartoon character you like at Disneyland. 3. Tourism develops where a Disneyland is built. 4. Dollywood is in the mountains in the southeastern USA. 5. Country music singers perform in Dollywood throughout the whole year. F F T T T Decide the following statements are true or false. in several parts of the world fairy tale or Disney cartoon

30 6. Dollywood has the only electric train still working in the USA. 7. Visitors to Camelot Park can taste candy like the candy made in ancient England. 8. Camelot Park has the oldest roller coaster in the world. 9. Camelot Park has an ancient English farm. 10. Camelot Park has places for visitors to watch and maybe take part in sword fighting. F F F T T steam-engine the American South 150 years ago Dollywood does not have

31 What is the name of your theme park? What is its theme? Any attractions? What do you want to show and educate visitors? Design a theme park.

32 Homework Surf the Internet or go to the library to search for more information about theme parks. Review the text and make sentences with the words and phrases.

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