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Book review By Jackson. B

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1 Book review By Jackson. B
Matilda By Roald Dahl Book review By Jackson. B

2 Favorite Character In the story Matilda, my favorite character is Matilda. She is my favorite because Matilda is very young but brilliant and incredibly powerful with her mind. She is also thoughtful and thinks about everything she does. tricky so that why she’s my favorite character

3 Favorite Event My favorite event was when, Matilda finally found out she had powers. Because she was excited that she had powers but shocked at the same time and after it became a big part of the story.So that why it’s my favorite event.

4 Making Improvments I think Roald Dahl could improve Matilda’s powers’ because if her power were a little more exciting it would be perfection. Because it would want the reader to read a lot more of the book. Second thing he could improve the other characters not Matilda but her friends because they won’t stand up for themselves. I think that he should improve the description of the back round because I want to know were they are in the place they live and that stuff.

5 Fantasy vs. Realism Fantasy Realism Matilda has powers in the book.
A teacher throws a kid off the playground. Matilda can read adult. book that are extremely hard. Matilda’s Dad goes to work when Matilda goes to school. Matilda’s brother watches teleivison. Matilda goes to school and has fun learning.

6 Recomentions I would recommend this book because. For people who like fantasy it has fantasy. If you like realism it has realism so there is one reason here’s. Another it’s a really exciting book you never know what going to happen so that’s cool. So that why I recommend this book.

7 Thank you for looking at this

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