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Vocabulary for "The Mixed-Up Chameleon" By Eric Carle.

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1 Vocabulary for "The Mixed-Up Chameleon" By Eric Carle

2 Eric Carle was born in the United States
Eric Carle was born in the United States. He moved to Germany when he was six years old. He always wanted to be an artist. He went to art school in Germany. Then he moved back to America to pursue his dream. Eric Carle uses tissue paper for his artwork. When he has an idea, he sketches it first. Then he cuts the tissue paper to the shapes he wants and pastes them down with rubber cement. Last, he adds the colors that he wants. "Books, like music, must be held together by a beginning, a middle, and an end." "I would like to be remembered as a picture writer." Author: Eric Carle

3 Vocabulary Author and Illustrator is Eric Carle
The author writes the stories. The illustrator draws the pictures.

4 Genre: Fantasy A Fantasy is a story that takes place in a make-believe world. Look for: A story events that could not happen in real life. Characters that may be make-believe.

5 Vocabulary for “The Mixed-Up Chameleon”
dull exciting handsome hardly sideways sparkling spotted

6 dull - not very bright or clear
Most frogs that live in our yards are dull in color, but the ones in the rainforest are very colorful.

7 exciting - lively and interesting
Being upside down on the roller coaster was very exciting.

8 handsome -good-looking
Is the monster of Frankenstein a handsome monster?

9 hardly - barely, only just You can hardly see the alligator.

10 sideways - from side to side A crab walks sideways.

11 sparkling - shiny, bright The diamond is sparkling in the light.

12 spotted - saw The boy spotted the chameleon on the limb.

13 Word Review dull - not bright or clear
exciting - lively and interesting handsome - good-looking hardly - barely, only just sideways - from side to side sparkling - shiny, bright spotted - saw

14 Vocabulary Review Say the words. Read the sentences. Fill in the blank

15 The skier came down the mountain _____________.
hardly dull exciting handsome sideways sparkling spotted

16 When the birds ________ the food, they flew to the ground.
handsome sparkling exciting hardly sideways spotted dull

17 The underside of these butterflies is very ____.
exciting dull sideways handsome sparkling hardly spotted

18 Sally ______ touched her spinach.
handsome spotted dull sideways sparkling exciting hardly

19 James Bond is a very ________ man.
exciting handsome hardly dull sideways sparkling spotted

20 The ice storm left the trees _________ in the sunlight.
sparkling dull handsome spotted hardly exciting sideways

21 The game got ________ when the score was tied in the ninth inning.
sideways exciting handsome spotted dull hardly sparkling

22 Match the Letters to the Words.
- not bright or clear - lively and interesting - good-looking - barely, only just - from side to side - shiny, bright - saw sparkling – ___ handsome- ___ hardly –___ sideways – ___ exciting –___ spotted - __ dull - __ F C D E B G A

23 What is a Chameleon? A chameleon is a kind of lizard that can change color. A chameleon can turn brown, green, blue, yellow, red, black, or white. The colors help the chameleon let other chameleons know how it is feeling. If the chameleon is happy, it may turn green. If the chameleon is mad, it may turn yellow. A chameleon also changes color because of how hot or cold it is, or how light or dark it is.

24 Types of Chameleon Fisher chameleon Flap-necked chameleon
Parson's chameleon

25 Reading Skills Rocket- Main Idea   Test Tutor- main idea   Grammar Gold- sentences   Grammar Gold- statements and questions   Grammar Gold- Exclamations and Commands   Grammar Gold- Parts of a Sentence Build a Sentence Can You Make Sense of a Sentence

26 Veiled Chameleon Printout Story Patterns: Color and Create
Questions About The Story BEAST BLENDER Create your own beast. Kids love this.

27 Happy Reading Tweak by Anne Miller

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